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Don Fulsom, author of "Nixon's Darkest Secrets" interview

Douglas Caddy

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Don Fulsom, author of the new book, "Nixon's Darkest Secrets", was interviewed on Coasttocoastam on Sunday night, February 12, 2012. Below is a summary from the show's website of the interview and also a link to Amazon of his book that has favorable reviews by some prominent individuals. My own view of the interview was that it was terribly unbalanced and almost an overkill with hardly a single word of anything good that Nixon accomplished while president being uttered by either the author or the interviewer.

------------------------------------- [summary from Website]-------------

In the second half, former White House correspondent, Don Fulsom, discussed Richard Nixon's connections to organized crime as well as the former president's demons, deceptions, paranoia, prejudices, and hatreds. He traced Nixon's mob connections all the way back to his first Congressional bid in 1946 which Fulsom claimed was backed by "the top hoodlum in Los Angeles, Mickey Cohen." This underworld relationship culminated, Fulsom said, when Nixon accepted $300,000 from the Teamster's Union and, subsequently, granted clemency to Jimmy Hoffa, which released the union leader from prison five years early. "He certainly did a lot of favors for the mob all the way through his political career," Fulsom contended.

Fulsom also detailed how Nixon had a number of personality quirks which ranged from sinister to bizarre. Some of the traits ascribed that Fulsom ascribed to the former president included a cold distance from his family, fits of rage where ashtrays would be throw at walls, and a lifelong penchant for breaking and entering that preceded the infamous Watergate incident. On Nixon's apparent inability to make small talk or connect with average people, Fulsom shared the story of how a member of the president's motorcade was in an accident and was lying on the ground in pain. Encouraged by his staff to talk to the injured officer, Nixon walked over to the man and simply asked "how do you like the work?"



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