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Math Final

Chris Davidson

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Hello all,

I tried building a foundation for everyone to follow in my previous "Math Made Easy" topic. I guess I should have called it "Math Made Harder"

I'm sorry if I lost most of you along the way.

No worries though, I hope this will simplify it for those not too interested in too many numbers.

It's hard to change long held belief's but they are not always correct.

I stated previously it's easier to hide numbers in small sets when wrapped inside the overall scenario.

Supplied is one more graphic from Dale Myer's multiple film sync study.

This graphic shows JFK within the limo, aligned with the corner of the TSBD.

If you will look to the right side there is a time of 13.95 seconds underneath the "Time To 313", which is the timespan til the 313 headshot, this is Myer's running time clock for all films syncing throughout the entire Zfilm.

Now for some math:

335frames/24fps=13.95 seconds.

If you did not understand any of my previous topic, just keep this thought in mind:

At some point in Myer's multi-sync study, he changed the measuring point from "JFK in the limo" to "the front end of the limo" which is a 15ft difference.

Why did I list frame 335 for my calculation?

Because that 15ft difference would be approx 22frames ahead of where JFK was at frame 313 at the overall speed we get for frames161-313 which is 152 frames for 136.1ft @18.3fps=11.15mph


1.09x 15ft=16.36ft


Testimony included about that 334 area.

If you are interested in trying to figure out exactly what they did with frame/timing adjustments, I'll give you a hint in what I'm thinking:

Think in terms of squares!!!!!


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Back in the last week of Nov, 1963 , Life Mag Nov29 edition, Paul Mandel wrote an article about the Zfilm he had previewed.

I don't know if he knew, but he was actually viewing a 24FPS version of the film.

He might have been led to believe it was an 18.3fps version, which would have been enough time for 1 shooter.

The distance between the last two shots is 48 frames. At 24fps, that is 2 seconds apart.

Here is the testimony again from Ford/Shaneyfelt, about the timespan needed to fire successive shots.


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If you take the numbers from the article and plug them into the extant Zfilm, a correlation might arise like this:

Zframe133 +74=207 splice + 48=Frame255=Altgen's Photo


Zframe133+24=157splice +50=207splice+48=Frame255=Altgen's Photo. This scenario has the 74 frames split into 24fps(1sec) and 50 frames to the 207 splice.

If you start with Frame 100(indicative of Drommer 99.5, Position A and elev 428.94) you get:


Frame 222 is the approx location (+/- 1) frame determined by the FBI and SS as shot #1. Of course, depending on what you were using as your measuring stick (JFK position in limo) or (front of Limo) a 15ft difference, the distance and frame # might be different.

Referring back to the article, Mandel describes the first shot as 170ft away.

The FBI survey Plat of 2-7-1964 for shot #1 has a distance of 184ft with an attached line indicating 171ft also.

Checking WC CE884 figures, the difference between frame 207 and 222 is 14.8ft.

It would appear they were keeping the "measuring stick" distance in mind when determining the first shot or possibly making a measuring switch at this time.

Tom Purvis has also written that it appears Specter, Shaneyfelt, Eisenberg and Company had made an attempt to move the first shot "back" up Elm St. in order to acquire more distance and time between the "fairytale" impact location for the second shot.

Was the reporter correct in his film analysis or was this info fed to him to support/fit the 18.3fps scenario?

The extant film would appear to be taking the 74-48 combo into consideration.


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