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Clay Shaw Trial Transcripts Uploaded

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As you know, the Clay Shaw trial transcripts have long been available on the Internet, but I have never been able to find all of the transcripts in one large file. That being the case, I decided to create one myself.

I uploaded the file to my archive at:


You will notice that this is a large file, over 150 megabytes. There is, however, one really big difference between this file and the ones which are accessible on the Internet. This document has an embedded index. As you will see, it is extraordinarily convenient!

Here is how you access the index. You will need to have a version of Adobe Acrobat reader version X. if you do not have that, download it and install.

Now, open the Clay Shaw file after you have downloaded it to your computer. Type CTRL + SHIFT + F on the PC, and I think CMD on the Macintosh. Now, type some search terms like "Finck". Voila!! You can now go to any page which has the word Finck.

Well, almost any page. Because the OCR is unreliable, this will probably only pick up 90-95% of the occurrences. Still, you will agree, it's extremely valuable.

That said, I'm still looking for some virtual jurors to read the chapter in my Oswald book. So far, I've not yet received any feedback in terms of someone reading the chapter and giving me a 200-500 word analysis. If you're interested, please let me know.

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Guest Robert Morrow

Barry, keep doing this; it is very valuable all the stuff you are uploading to the internet. I really wish more folks would send you rare JFK books so you can scan them and make them available for the world.

It is how we got the Fidel Castro speech up on the internet. There is so much stuff that deserves a much broader audience.

Ok, I will be one of your jurors for your Oswald chapter. Send me info and instructions to Morrow321@aol.com

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