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Garrard Williams on the Escape of Adolf Hitler

Douglas Caddy

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Interesting theory but it sounds like BS to me, based Amazon reviews of the book it is rather thin on documentation. I don't know what relation, if any, the authors have with the site you linked to but its promotion of Holocaust denial is not a good sign.

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Interesting theory but it sounds like BS to me, based Amazon reviews of the book it is rather thin on documentation. I don't know what relation, if any, the authors have with the site you linked to but its promotion of Holocaust denial is not a good sign.

The many reviews by readers of the book are mixed. Some praise it and others tear into it.

Here are the Editorial Reviews of the book as reported by Amazon:

Editorial Reviews


“Remarkable detail.”--Sir David Frost, Frost Over the World

“Stunning Account of the Last Days of the Reich”--Parapolitical.com

“Describes a ghastly pantomime played out in the names of the Fuhrer and the woman who had been his mistress.”--The Sun

“Laid out in lavish detail.”--Daily Mail

“Stunning saga of intrigue.”--Pravda

“I thought the book was hugely thought-provoking and explores some of the untold, murky loose ends of World War Two.”--Dan Snow, broadcaster and historian, The One Show BBC 1

About the Author

A well-established author, filmmaker, and photographer, Simon Dunstan has written more than 50 books on military history, particularly on World War II and Vietnam. They include Fort Eben Emael: The Key to Hitler's Victory in the West (Osprey) and Centurion Universal Tank 1943-2003 (Osprey). He has also written and directed numerous military history documentaries for the History Channel.

An international television journalist for 30 years, Gerrard Williams became duty editor at Reuters Television. He has also worked as foreign duty editor at the BBC, Sky News, and APTN. In 1983, he directed his first documentary, Strength to Cry, on the famine in Sudan; it received international critical acclaim and was broadcast in 30 countries.

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I am suspicious of such short snippets from reviews because I expect they are taken out of context. For example the Daily Mail did say the book was “Laid out in lavish detail”, but also said “The sensational claims have already been ridiculed by historians, including Mr Walters, who has studied Nazi Germany extensively and written a series of books about the war. - He labelled the idea that Hitler lived in South America until the 1960s as the ‘worst sort of junk history’ that relied on ‘dubious secondary sources.’…”


I was not able to find the supposed Sun review but Google News searches found two mentions of the book in the paper. One was short and neutral the other long and quite negative.



Sergio Widder, 43, Latin America director of Nazi hunters the Simon Wiesenthal Center, last night insisted: "Argentina was the main haven for Nazi war criminals. Men like Mengele and Eichmann were protected by the Argentine state.

"But there is no serious evidence Hitler survived the war, let alone came to Argentina. These stories should be for novels, not history."

Author and historian Guy Walters — who wrote Hunting Evil on the escape of Nazi war criminals — last year labelled the Hitler in Bariloche theory as the "Worst sort of junk history".

Eye witnesses testify to Hitler dying in the bunker. In 2009 I interviewed Rochus Misch, Hitler's personal bodyguard, who was in the fortification with the Fuhrer as the Russians closed in.

He told me that on April 30, 1945, Hitler left his final followers and entered a private room with Braun. Misch said they waited around 45 minutes "for the shot".

Rochus said: "I saw Hitler slumped by the table. I did not see any blood on his head. And I saw Eva lying next to him on the sofa, with her knees drawn up. Hitler was taken outside to be burnt. It was over."


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Well other than "official" history Colby, what strong evidence do you have considering the writer of this book may have unearthed evidence contrary to "official" history? (keep in mind history is written by the "winners"). I think the wise thing to consider in this situation is that Williams may have given us more rational reason to conclude what many have already sensed given the very shady "official" history of WW2 involving Germany and the US (you are aware that the CIA/Dulles/McCloy/Rockefellers/Wall St were instrumental in the progression of Germany's war effort correct?). You conclude that Williams' writing is BS based on reviews on Amazon lol? Do me a favor, when (and if) you do read the book, don't go into the book trying to disprove its claims, in the end, you'll only "disprove" them.

Williams' mentions in his book that he has eyewitness testimony and scientific findings (you are always asking for evidence to support one's conclusions, etc)

I would think you'd be interested in Williams' evidence but it doesn't seem so. Ultimately its best to take a good read of the book first. I am inclined to believe his conclusion in any event based on my own research into this over the years and the other grandiose conspiracies regarding the US and abroad, it simply never ends with those in power.

After taking a look at this video:


and then calling him a "kook" just wouldn't be rational. Williams' has obviously done his homework, even though his findings and the questions he raises (why, etc) have sinister implications. Many powerful individuals were involved in the Germany/Nazi war effort and most of them were from the West. This is a find that will challenge the "official" account to its core and I can't wait for the fireworks. The US, Britain, and those complicit with them are liars and murderers and now we've got one more good chunk of evidence to lean on.

Edited by B. A. Copeland
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