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Did The CIA, FBI, State Department, & the Warren Commission Shield Two of the Wealthiest In the U.S. from JFK Assassination Investigation ?

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

I posted on this topic two days ago, with slightly less information than I've added to the article I've now completed and put up off site.: http://www.moviereview.net

There was no response from other members. I am very surprised. I think discoveries such as this one have some impact. They help make the government and the establishment look even more ridiculous in their posture and in their claims of "fact."

The question I have now is what would it take, would I have to put these wealthy and politically activist and connected suspects in bed with this guy to draw a response from our "community"?

If my hunch is correct, Thomas Eli Davis was "cooked up" as another methodically groomed, lone nut to be pulled off the shelf and put into action as conditions indicated. Complete with ridiculous reputation and positioned just far enough away from wealthy and powerful interests to be explained away as coincidence in a pinch.

The pinch never came. Case closed... who was that guy?

These "folks" do not broadcast their secrets, only their propaganda. I've presented links it is now incumbent upon U.S. government agencies and major corporations and wealthy individuals to now explain, or to ignore at their own peril. What more can any of us do, during the most "open" presidential administration in history? Yeah....ahem...cough...cough!

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Guest Tom Scully

FBI Report of 28 June, 1963, of June, 1958 Thomas Eli Davis arrest in Detroit :


News Service distributed reports printed in newspapers in AL and CT :

6/19/58 Robbery report, Florence, AL newspaper:


6/20/58 Meriden Record :



Compare the information above to the details in this FBI report dated 7 June, 1963,

and to the details related, according to the American Consul in Morocco, by Carolyn Hawley Davis, dated 10 December, 1963, especially the duration of military service and army deployment details.:



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