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Vietnam War and Australia

Brent Doolan

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I am afraid none of the panel members are from Australia (any volunteers?) I am sure several of us would be willing to contribute information on the impact of the mass media on the USA.

One website that does include information on this is:


A similar question was asked here:


These articles are also worth reading:



I would also suggest you take a good look around P.L. Duffy Resource Centre on Vietnam: Australia's Involvement.


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Brent wrote:


For example, we have a assignment on Vietnam, and I was given the question:

Vietnam was the first "televised" war. How did the war affect Australia's society - Politically, Culturally and Socially?



A friend of mine from Australia lost a family member [who was highly decorated] in the Vietnam War. Currently he teaches Grammar School in Brisbane, I'll ask if he's interested in commenting. I believe he's a member of this forum, also...

David Healy

USArmy MAAG [Military Assistance Advisory Group] Vietnam

02/1963 thru 02/1964

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I'm afraid I'm a little late in this topic, but if anyone else wishes some input I'm more than happy to oblige.

My brother did three tours of Vietnam with the Australian Army, so I have him as one reference source.

I was about 10 when Australia withdrew it's troops from Vietnam, so I can't really add much from a personal perspective. I can, however, give some details of the events that took place in Australia which were related to Vietnam.

If the original question still stands, I'd like to clarify if you would like to know what effect the televising of the conflict had on culture, politics, etc, or simply the reactions and events that took place because of the conflict (with no specific reference to the television impact).

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