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Peter Bergman Has Died A Founder of Firesign Theater

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

Believe it, or not, I came upon the news of Peter Bergman's recent death in the course of doing research related to the assassination of JFK. You will probably be as surprised as I am when I post about it later in this thread. The players of Firesign Theater were well known and entertaining to people of my generation and I am sure this includes many of you. Peter and his partners had a gift for writing and performing. He will be sadly missed by many of us.


~ The Firesign Theatre ~

Chronology Site

~ From the Beginning to 1959 ~

.... ~ In the Beginning ~ ...


Porgy and Mudhead in High School Madness

from Don't Crush the Dwarf Hand Me the Pliers

by The Firesign Theater

Announcer 1: This is U.T.V. - for you, the viewer

Announcer 2: The Howl of the Wolf movie

Woo.. Woo... Wooooof

Announcer 2: Presenting honest stories of working people as told by rich Hollywood


Woo.. Woo... Wooooof

Announcer 3: This morning's wacky feature - Porgy and Mudhead in High School

Madness with Dave Casman as Porgy and Joe Bergman as Mudhead


Porgy Tirebiter!

He's a spy and a girl delighter,

Orgie Firefighter!

He's just a student like you.....


Sad News

Friday, March 9th, 2012

We are very sad to report that Peter Bergman, a founding member of the Firesign Theatre and the driving force behind Radio Free Oz in all its incarnations, passed away in the early morning hours of Friday, March 9, 2012 due to complications from leukemia.

Pete’s Last Words

(From the Tuesday March 6 RFO podcast:)

“Take heart, dear friends. We are passing through the darkening of the light. We’re gonna make it and we’re going to make it together. Don’t get ground down by cynicism.

Don’t let depression darken the glass through which you look. This is a garden we live in. A garden seeded with unconditional love. And the tears of the oppressed, and the tears of the frustrated, and the tears of the good will spring those seeds. The flag has been waived. It says occupy. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy the banks. Occupy the nursing homes. Occupy Congress.

Occupy the big law offices. Occupy the lobbyists. Occupy…yourself. Because that’s were it all comes together. I pledge to you, from this moment on, whatever it means, I’m going to occupy myself. I love you. See ya tomorrow.”



Peter Bergman, founding member of the Firesign Theatre comedy troupe, dies at 72

By T. Rees Shapiro, Published: March 10 ....

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Those of us reared in ages of popular entertainment will witness and endure the passing of all those whom we loved and who shaped us, and whom we never met. We will never close our hand upon them, however nearly we held them.

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Guest Tom Scully

Yet another thread that has nothing to do with JFK, let alone his assassination.

Further down the page, at a link I posted in the opening post on this thread:


~ The Firesign Theatre ~

Chronology Site

~ From the Beginning to 1959 ~

.... ~ In the Beginning ~ ...


7 / 28 / 1940 - 1950s (CHILDHOOD) - Proctor was born in Goshen, Indiana a town in the northeastern corner of the state, and was raised in NYC. He received his initial education there attending Allen Stevenson elementary and high school at Riverdale Country School where he graduated....

....c. 9 / 1958 - 6 / 1962 (YALE UNIVERSITY) - Proctor attends this prestigious university in New Haven, CT, where he befriends Peter Bergman in the drama department....


15 Feb 1883 Elkhart, Indiana, USA

ROBERT EMMETT PROCTOR. While not numbered among the senior men of the law in Elkhart County, Robert E. Proctor has in less than ten years accomplished a great deal of splendid service and has advanced himself to recognition as one of the able lawyers, and has done much as a public leader. ....

....He is a member of the Elkhart County Bar Association, of the City Bar Association and the Indiana State Bar Association.

Well known in social circles, Mr. Proctor is affiliated with Elkhart Lodge No. 425, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, Lodge No. 395 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Tent No. 599, Local Order of Moose, and Elkhart Council No. 1043 of tne Knights of Columbus. He also belongs to the German Workingmen's Association, to the Democratic Club and the Wilson Club of St. Joseph County. Other clubs in which he has membership are the Atherton Club and the Century Club of Elkhart. In politics he is a democrat.

October 11, 1905, Mr. Proctor married Miss Evelyn A. Smith, who was born in Huntington, Indiana, daughter of Michael and Catherine (Young) Smith, who were both natives of Indiana and are now deceased. Mrs. Proctor was the oldest of their four children, all of whom are still living. Her father was a railway man in the employ of the Chicago & Indiana Railway Company. To this marriage have been born four children, two sons and two daughters, namely : Eleanor Catherine, Patricia Elizabeth, Robert Emmett, Jr., and Thomas Grattan.


Oct. 2, 1914 - Feb. 19, 2002

GOSHEN -- Audre J. Proctor, 87, of 1300 Greencroft Drive, died at 1:23 a.m. Tuesday (Feb. 19, 2002) at Goshen General Hospital. She was born in New Paris on Oct. 2, 1914, to George and Hazel (Stiver) Yoder. She married Thomas Proctor in St. Johnsburg, Vt., on Sept. 7, 1939. He is deceased. Mrs. Proctor is survived by one son, Philip of Beverly Hills, Calif; one grandchild; and one sister, Bonnie Muir of Goshen. One sister, Betty Main; and one brother, Phillip D. Yoder, are deceased. Mrs. Proctor worked for American Heritage Publishing Co. in New York City. ....

Photo posted in the opening post came from here:



I was born on Sunday, July 28, 1940, to Audre Jane Yoder of Goshen, Indiana, and Thomas

Gratten Proctor of Elkhart. Mom told me that she held the birth off at Goshen General Hospital until

after midnight so that I would be born on an auspicious day according to the poem...

....My Mom and Dad met through the theatre, being actors at Stephen College and Notre Dame,

respectively, so it's fitting that I ended up pursuing a career on stage, screen and other media platforms

yet to be created!


Marilyn Chambers, the former Marilyn Ann Briggs` was the first to bare it all, and I mean everything, in “Behind ... in NY, as he was a client of my lawyer father, Thomas. Never met her. ... 1982. ~ Phil's Phunny Phacts. TO YOU ...


Phil Proctor

July 28, 1940 in Goshen, Indiana, USA


University of Notre Dame Law School, class of 1938: Thomas G. Proctor

Martindale-Hubbell law directory: Volume 2

books.google.com James Boyd Martindale, John Henry Hubbell - 1961

Proctor, Thos. G '13 '38 C&L.602 AB, LL_B. 84 Wm.

The Martindale-Hubbell law directory: Volume 2

books.google.com Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, Inc, Martindale-Hubbell, Inc, Martindale-Hubbell (Firm) - 1953 - Snippet view

A McNutt, Paul V. '91 '14 av C.347 ABL309 LL.B. [McNutt & N.] O McNutt & Nash, av 84 William St. (38) Paul V. McNutt; J. Newton Nash; Barent Ten Eyck; Andre Maximov; James E. Freehill; Edwin Longcope; Thomas G. Proctor; Eli Ellis.


Thomas Grattan Proctor

Birth: Sep. 7, 1913 Death: Jul. 29, 1969


Saint Vincent de Paul Cemetery


Elkhart County

Indiana, USA

Hmmm... between December, 1963 and sometime in 1978, no one in he FBI, WC, or HSCA could manage to lay hands on

Martindale-Hubbell, Inc Directory of NYC Attorneys.....

Page 214

HSCA Volume IX: V. Possible Associations Between Jack Ruby and ...


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

Proctor's address : Hotel Iroquois, 99 West 44th Street,. New York . (763). The committee was unable to locate Proctor. (775) It was also reported in this telegram

The Iroquois was at 49 W. 44th and was probably Proctor's residence:


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Guest Robert Morrow

I request that this thread be moved somewhere else.

It has nothing to do with the JFK assassination.


Edited by Robert Morrow
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Guest Tom Scully

Robert, you're quite mistaken, but I've updated the thread's subtitle to make it even more clear that the thread is relevant. I am simply trying to determine if anyone benefited from first the withholding by the WC of almost all references to Mr. Davis, and secondly the presented inability of the HSCA to find anything...anything at all related to this, from their own final report.



I see a parallel here of "lone nut" Oswald, making a kind of statement by asking for attorney John Abt, and Thomas Eli Davis and his missing handwritten letter described as intended for NYC attorney Thomas G. Proctor, at least so far.

Here are some reasons, but bear in mind that this is the result of research being presented in this thread almost in real time, as it is discovered. I work this way in the slim hope other members will join in and add something in collaboration. It seems Thomas G. Proctor was Paul V. Mcnutt's law partner at 84 Williams ST., ny, NY. The firm may have been McNutt and Nash.


Paul Vories McNutt (July 19, 1891 - March 24, 1955) was an American politician who served as the 34th Governor of Indiana during the Great Depression, high commissioner to the Philippines, administrator of the Federal Security Agency, chairman of the War Manpower Commission and ambassador to the Philippines....

....Federal positions

....By 1938 the press speculated that McNutt would, despite opposition from Roosevelt supporters, "have to be reckoned with" for the 1940 Democratic nomination for president because of his military and American Legion service, gubernatorial record, and "astonishingly good looks."[12] He left the Philippines in 1939 to become head of Roosevelt's new Federal Security Agency, an umbrella office that managed an array of New Deal programs that ranged from the Civilian Conservation Corps to Social Security. It also served as a cover agency from 1942 to 1944 for the War Research Service, a secret program to develop chemical and biological weapons. The FSA job gave McNutt high visibility, but his presidential hopes ended because Roosevelt decided to seek a third term. Although McNutt's name was floated as a possible vice-presidential running mate, Roosevelt apparently did not seriously consider the possibility,....

....Final years

....Despite the rejection, McNutt campaigned strongly for Roosevelt's reelection as president. Roosevelt made him High Commissioner to the Philippines in 1937, a post that McNutt thought would help him in a presidential bid in 1940 and which Roosevelt, contemplating a third term for himself, thought would effectively sideline McNutt.[10]....

....In 1942, Roosevelt appointed him chairman of the War Manpower Commission, which was charged with planning to balance the labor needs of agriculture, industry and the armed forces, but the position carried little real power. While in this capacity, McNutt publicly urged "the extermination of the Japanese in toto." When asked for clarification, McNutt indicated that he was referring to the Japanese people as a whole—not just the Japanese military--"for I know the Japanese people." In a further qualification one week after the original statement, McNutt stated that the comments reflected his personal views and not official U.S. government policy.[13]

After Japan's surrender in 1945, President Harry S. Truman sent McNutt back to the Philippines for a second tour as high commissioner. Following Philippine independence on July 4, 1946, McNutt served as America's first ambassador to the islands, a post he left in 1947 to take up law practice in New York and Washington, D.C. After serving as ambassador, he also chaired the Philippine-American Trade Council, a business organization, and was a director of several firms in Manila. McNutt's prominence was demonstrated by his appearance on the covers of Life and Time magazines in 1939 when he returned from the Philippines, and on a Time cover in 1942 when he took the chair of the War Manpower Commission.

In 1950, McNutt became chairman of the board of United Artists Corporation.[14] His involvement with the company was short-lived, as he and his management team stepped aside in favor of Arthur B. Krim and Robert Benjamin within less than a year.[15]

McNutt fell ill in 1955 and decided to travel on a cruise to the Philippines to recover in the warm climate after a surgery. His condition only worsened and after arriving in Manila he flew to New York for better care. He died March 24, 1955 in New York City, aged 63, and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.[16]..

North eastern reporter. second series: Volume 141

books.google.com 1957 - Snippet view

Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin & Krim, New York City, for defendants-respondents United Artists Corp. Thomas G. Proctor, New York City, for defendants-respondents Scoll and Executors of McNutt. Louis Nizer, New York City, Walter S. Beck, ...


Launching a Political Career

Paul V. McNutt and the American Legion, 1919–1932


Paul Vories McNutt was both a towering figure in Hoosier politics during the 1930s and a "substantial political figure in the Roosevelt Era."1 As governor of Indiana from 1933 to 1937, McNutt backed the New Deal while he revamped his state's government, emerging as the nation's strongest and best-known governor in the mid-1930s. He later served under Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman as federal security administrator (1939–1945), high commissioner to the Philippines (1937–1939 and 1945–1946), chair of the War Manpower Commission (1942–1945), and ambassador to the Philippines (1946–1947). McNutt saw himself as a successor to FDR, until the president decided to run for a third term in 1940. He then sought the Democratic nomination for vice president, until Roosevelt declared his preference for Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace. A possible candidate for president and a viable candidate for vice president, McNutt showed what was and what might have been in American politics in the mid-twentieth century.2 Yet, he still lacks a scholarly biography.3....



Robert E. Proctor. Thomas G. Proctor .... V. Moss. Millard C. Morrison. Wm. Robison. Robert K. Ryan. HARTFORD CITY. Robert W. ..... Paul V. McNutt. John E.

URANIUM CONCERN TO OFFER SHARES; Development Company Owns...

New York Times - Sep 6, 1950

... on behalf of the company, which is headed by Paul V. McI Nutt; former. ... Mr. McNutt Became president of the company= upon its organization a year ago:

...McNutt, Marvel sad Lee also--are members of the board, which also includes Thomas M. Mungovan of Toronto, Thomas G. Proctor of New Yotfk and John R. Maher ...


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OK so the dad of one of the other 3 guys in the group was vaguely associated with the assassination, thus demonstrating that with enough degrees of separation, anyone or anything is relevant here.

Edited by Len Colby
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Guest Tom Scully

Len or Tommy, since this thread has received less views than Scott Kaiser's thread, titled, "Help!!! I can't stop myself from giving away for free the information I am attempting to package and sell, ..." I'll leave it to anyone who shows enough interest to post a question, related to the info in my posts on this thread, to please do so, and I will be happy to explain. For now, the things that stick out are Thomas Proctor's son, Philip, recalling that his father, Thomas, had Chuck Traynor as a law client long before Traynor's "girls'. Lovelace or Chambers, had ever become known, because Thomas G. Proctor died in 1969.

We have the coincidences of Thomas Eli Davis linking himself at the time of his arrest in Morocco in December, 1963, to Thomas G. Proctor, in some way, and the observation that both Davis and Traynor have been linked to porno film making.

Thomas Proctor was close to fellow Indianian, Paul V. McNutt, a controversial man on record saying all Japanese should be exterminated. McNutt had ties to Gen. MacArthur and to William H. Quasha.

Each reader must decide how significant it is that the WC buried all reference to Davis except his last name, and the HSCA claimed it could find nothing on Thomas G. Proctor, although Proctor's surviving son was somewhat of a known entertainment industry personality.

It should also be noted that Thomas Eli Davis was sentenced in July, 1958, and that later the FBI stated that his probation period had been reduced from 5 years to 2-1/2 years, so his probation ended by Jnauary, 1961, assuming he had not violated probation.

Yale '62 - A Conversation with Phil Proctor -


Recorded February 28, 2005

...AC: You mentioned the power of the Internet. What about your web site, "Planet Proctor." How does that fit and what does that do for you?

PP: Basically, I decided about ten years ago that I wanted to write on a regular basis as an outlet for my comedic ideas and to keep my talents sharp. So I started writing "Planet Proctor" and sending it out to a bunch of people....

....AC: I know you were back in New Haven in February. What was that about?

PP: I was performing an evening of comedy at my senior society, Scroll & Key. I entered Scroll & Key in my senior year primarily on the advise of fellow actor Austin Pendleton, who was in the group a year ahead of me. I was attracted to the artistic nature of that society as opposed to what I knew about some of the other groups. Otherwise, I don't think I would have pursued senior society activities, because I wasn't involved in the fraternities or any other organizations. I was surprised to find that it was such a deeply satisfying and supportive experience during my senior year....

....It was a great experiment. It was fun also to visit the hall. I hadn't been there in a long time. These tombs are just beautiful inside and filled with great art of the 19th century. I don't know how all the others look but ours is just gorgeous....




Marilyn Chambers, the former Marilyn Ann Briggs` was the first to bare it all, and I mean

everything, in “Behind the Green Door,” and she died last week unexpectedly at her Canyon Country

home at only 56.

Her all-American good looks and hot bod made her every good boy’s .... for years, and her

face on the box of Procter & Gamble’s (no relation) Ivory Snow made a travesty of their motto: “99

44/100% Pure.”

In 1975, Artie Mitchell produced a semi-documentary called “Inside Marilyn Chambers.” .... She was married to Chuck Traynor, who later wed Linda “Deep Throat” Lovelace. I met him

once in NY, as he was a client of my lawyer father, Thomas. Never met her. But I knew her – intimately....



Deputy Finds Lovelace Marriage Certificate.

Albany Herald - Oct 9, 1987

He found that Miss Lovelace was married under her real name, Linda Susan Boreman, to Charles Everett Traynor on Sept. 4, 1971 The cere mony was ...


Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Charles Everett Traynor, 64, died Monday in Williston, Fla.

He was born in Mount Vernon, N.Y. A rancher, he was a former resident of Las Vegas, the previous owner of The Survival Store, and a member of the Williston Shooters Club and Holy Family Catholic Church, also in Williston.

There are no local immediate family survivors.



Former manager (and husband) of porn stars Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Chambers.


Charles Everett Traynor

August 21, 1937

Died: July 22, 2002 (age 64) in Chatsworth, California, USA



Warren (as Howard Dale)

1969 The Layout

Robb (as Howard Dale)

1968 I Am for Sale

1968 Desire Under the Palms

Walter Williams (as Howard Muniz)

1968 Odd Triangle

Harry Zahn (as Howard Muniz)

FBI Report of 28 June, 1963, of June, 1958 Thomas Eli Davis arrest in Detroit :

http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=129703&relPageId=4 ....{/quote]

(On page 6 of

the FBI report at the link in the quote box above, is displayed this:

...Davis was transferred from the probation office, Detroit, Michigan, on OCtober 7, 1958, to the ...Probation Office, Northern District of Texas, at Ft. Worth.

Records of the ...Probation Office, Detroit, further revealed that Davis was further transferred, on September 20, 1960, from the Northern District of Texas, to the ...Probation Office, Eastern District of Texas, at Beaumont, Texas....\

...and here, from Ventura, CA, FBI interview of Thomas Eli Davis on5 June, 1963:


...Prior Employment: Claims he operated Republic of Texas Film Productions, Ft. Worth, Texas - 1959 )

Page 14, Galveston Daily News, July 12, 1958 ...


Man Who Couldn't Rob on Probation

DETROIT A young iman who started to rob a bank J but changed his mind has been placed on probation for five years Thomas E Davis Jr 21 who attending the of Michigan walked into a branch iOf the National Bank of Detroit on June IS and drew n revolver A i teller handed him but he changed his mind the money and walking cut the door Davis arrested nearby told lice the to settle j debts at Ann Arbor before to home at Jacksboro Tex Federal Judge Thomas P Thornton placed Davis on tion after receiving many letters and telegrams from the young man's neighbors in Texas ing for his character...

The Ruby Cover-Up

books.google.com Seth Kantor - 1992 - 450 pages

Federal District Judge Thomas P. Thornton of Detroit chose to put Davis on probation, partly because the young man had decided at the last moment to escape from the bank without taking the $1000 he'd received when he'd displayed a note and a gun to a teller. It also was partly because of an outpouring of letters and

telegrams from civic leaders and others in Davis's home town of Jacksboro, Texas, telling Judge Thornton what a fine family Davis came from and the good stuff he was made

And it was partly because Davis convinced the judge he would spend his probation hard at work in Texas, probably on his daddy's land.

Davis never went near the ranch country. He got into salvage work in Beaumont and then the gun- running business in league with Cuban exiles, using a boat he helped operate on the Neches River and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Davis first met Ruby when he walked into Ruby's club in Dallas with an idea to produce a porno movie with Ruby's girls in the cast. While still a convict on federal probation, Davis became

involved in CIA-associated anti- Castro operations,16 and was issued a US passport at a time when the director of the State Department's passport office, Frances G. Knight,

had access to a private phone line to the CIA.17 Whether he simply was looking for a way to make a buck,

or seeking information that he could pass along to inflate his own importance, Jack Ruby frequently seemed to be dealing with a McKeown or a Davis once Castro took power in 1959.

In 1961 Ruby was involved in a plan to sell British Enfield rifles obtained in Mexico to anti- Castro Cubans, according to Warren Commission testimony from a self -described ex-prostitute, Nancy Perrin Rich, who had worked for Ruby that ...

Coincidentally, Linda Minor has recently posted much about the Uranium "industry" of this same period and about

the fact that the "business" was more about the manipulation of stock prices than it was about Uranium production:


Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Back on Track

A little update is in order, just so you don't think the windmills that Quixotic Joust has been chasing, besides flapping their arms, are jumping around as well. There is, in fact, some method to our madness.

The phase of research now being pursued began with the intention of determining who the Morris D. Jaffe connected to LBJ really was and what he was up to. During that initial effort, QJ found that Jaffe owned a uranium company with headquarters in Dallas. While investigating that tidbit, QJ discovered that D. Harold Byrd also owned a uranium company operating in Utah, which was sold to Canadians with strong ties to Israel at a time when Israel was building its own nuclear weapon. That fact led to connections between one of the associates of the Byrd uranium company's buyers, Bryan Newkirk, and Permindex associate and Bobby Kennedy nemesis Roy Cohn.

Since Roy Cohn was mentioned significantly in the Torbitt Document, QJ then determined to learn more about its author, David Copeland, writing under the alias of Torbitt. That research was interesting but seemingly a dead end, requiring QJ to backtrack a few steps and pick up a new trail. That brings us up to date and explains the reason for this new tack.

Hopefully, that at least partially explains the reason for QJ's fascination with the fictional book by Chinle Miller shown below, recently read by this writer on Kindle. Uranium Daughter was recently featured and proved to be an excellent read, as well as providing insight into the American lands within the uranium boom of the 1950's. But more history is in order and available, thanks to Raye C. Ringholz:...

From the article displayed in my earlier post on this thread:

URANIUM CONCERN TO OFFER SHARES; Development Company Owns...

New York Times - Sep 6, 1950

Tn 'addition to Mr. McNutt, officers' of the American-Canadian Company ... which also includes Thomas M. Mungovan of Toronto, Thomas G. Proctor of New Yotfk .

NY Probes McNutt's Mining Firm

Chicago Tribune - Nov 27, 1950

Nathaniel L. Goldstein has started an investigation of operations of a company of which Paul V. McNutt, former Indiana governor and former ambassador to the . The company is the American- Canadian Uranium Co., Ltd., in- corporated in Delaware for the purpose of locating and developing uranium mines in Canada. The in- vestigation is under the Martin act, which provides for regulation and supervision of the sale of stocks, bonds, and other securities in this state, for the protection of the public, Goldstein said today in a statement.

T1he attorney general said that Josiah Marvel Jr., former ambas- sador to Denmark and nominated for the international claims com- mission by President Truman last Aug. 2, is listed as vice president.

Contends Two Were Convicted

Goldstein named two of the pro- moters as Maurice E. Young and Joseph B. Hlirschhorn. lie said Young "has a record for convic- tion and jail sentence in Canada for fraud and conspiracy in con- nection with stock manipulations. Hirschhorn, according to Gold- stein, "has a record of two convic- tions for violating the foreign ex- change laws of Canada." Goldstein said that Young holds 454050 shares of.stock in the Pax Athabasca Uranium Mines, Ltd., owns 1800000 shares in American-Canadian Uranium. lie said II irsch I orn holds 58000 shares in MecNutt's company. McNutt, who former I y was of the war man power commission, reached by telephone in Indianapolis, said the character of those associated with the enter- prise could not be questioned and that the vital need for basic ma- terials for national defense re- quired tile development of the sources of uranium supply in this hemisphere.' He added that lie did not wish to comment on the assertions in detail until he had seen them. Ile said that Gold- stein had not seen fit to take legal steps against the company or those associated with it. Goldstein said the stock issue being offered to the public totals 500000 shares of capital stock listed at 10 cents par value and offered at $3.50 a shale. " Insiders have taken 2400000 shares of capital stock for themselves," he added. The public is being invited to put up 1VX million dollars," he charged, " but will only get at best a 17 per cent interest in the com- pany. rhe insiders have put up $190098 and control at least 83 per cent of the stock."

Tramp: The Life of Charlie Chaplin: The Life Of Charlie Chaplin - Google Books Result

books.google.com/books?isbn=1937624498... Joyce Milton - 1996 - Biography & Autobiography - 578 pages

Still, it was true that McNutt was a former commander of the American Legion, which Chaplin believed was engaged in a fascist conspiracy to destroy him.

IHB: Indiana Governor Paul Vories McNutt (1891 - 1955)

www.in.gov ›... › Governors' Portraits › List of Governors

PAUL MCNUTT was born in Franklin, Indiana, and was educated in the ... McNutt was a bold, strong leader (described as a "Hoosier Hitler" by his critics) and a ..

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Guest Tom Scully

Despite all the information I've unearthed about a person of interest, Thomas G. Proctor, the HSCA stated it could find no trace of in NYC, or anywhere, has been shared by me on this thread, I noticed on another thread that Len Colby persists:

Thanks, Ray, for clearing this up. You've started this thread because you believe this story is a political conspiracy story. It follows, then, that this thread will fit in well in the section of the Education Forum devoted to political conspiracy.

I agree that this thread was off topic on the JFK assassination forum, but it wasn’t anymore off topic than Scully’s thread on the death of the associate of the son of a man vaguely connected to the JFK assassination or his ‘Obama the tyrant’ thread. It’s bad enough that we have an administrator who violates a forum when he sees fit but now he has the chutzpah to enforce that very same rule against another member.

Well, Len, in what category in the Ed Forum do you believe this thread would ideally be moved to? If not in JFK Debate, where would the most detailed compilation in existence, of the Proctor dimension contained in the Thomas Eli Davis, "rambling letter" be better placed than here in JFK Debate? Let's examine alternative "homes" for this thread; in Watergate, In Jack the Ripper, in Chapquiddick?

Or is this about something other than off topic threads, Len, something entirely different?

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