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Larry Hancock Talks Nexus: CIA and Political Assassinations

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Tonight Larry Hancock is scheduled to talk about his new Book Nexus on Black Op Radio.

We should post the BOR link everywhere, especially where young people are and also where those who are not already knowledgeable about this period.

Recently I was censored off a big newspaper site for posting the Ray McGovern article Are Presidents Afraid of the CIA. I am convinced that the gov is most concerned about when we spread truth to THOSE WHO ARE NOT ALREADY INTERESTED IN THE ASSASSINATIONS. They are less threatened by Facebook et al because it keeps the knowledge niched, and collectively sladerable using psy op techniques such as those found in the bs, baby and bathwater books on ""Conspiracy Theory"" which have been spreading faster than Schirmer in Shinnola of late.

Spread curiosity wide. Spread it full spectrum. If you don't nobody else will. This is not the 1970s when stuff could reach lots of eyeballs. Only you can prevent truth-moating.

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