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How does a "backyard" photo end up in the possession of a Dallas Police Officer ?

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How did Roscoe White end up with a "backyard" photo ?

In the HSCA the footnote for

(368) (2) A photograph designated as 133C-Dees, obtained from

the Dees' widow ; (156)

(156) See ref. 150.

(150) Staff summary of interview with Mrs. G. Dees, Jan. 5, 1977, House

Select Committee on Assassinations (J .F .K . Document 004030)

2. The Dees (White) Photo

HSCA VI, p 141

The committee obtained an 8 X 10 print of an additional view of Oswald holding the rifle in a pose different from CE 133-A or generation print, * was given to the committee on December 30, 1976 by Mrs. Geneya Dees of Paris, Tex,

According to Mrs. Dees, it had been acquired by her former husband, Roscoe White, now deceased, while employed with the Dallas Police at the time of the assassination. The panel designated this recently discovered photograph as 133-C.

Gil - can you dig up this document? J .F .K . Document 004030

This is related to the 133C prints - yet we NEVER had an original negative for either A or C prints....

Both are enlargements from the original negative.*

*Dallas police officer R. L. Studebaker testified to the House Select Committee

on Assassinations that in 1963, while working in the Dallas Police Department

Photography Laboratory, he made numerous copies of the Kennedy photographic

evidence for fellow Dallas police officers ; included in the pictures distributed

were prints of CE 133-A and CE 133-B as well as of the third pose not

seen by the Warren Commission. Testimony of R. L. Studebaker, supra note 127.

Mr. BALL. Have you had some experience in operating a camera?


Mr. BALL. How much?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Well, on this certain camera?

Mr. BALL. Yes.

Mr. STUDEBAKER. About 2 months.

Mr. BALL. But you have had photography in your crime lab work?


Mr. BALL. For how long?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Was about 2 months.

Mr. BALL. How long have you done photography altogether?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. In my lifetime?

Mr. BALL. No, as one of the assistants in the crime lab, what period of years?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. 2 months. I went to the crime lab in October, the 1st of October.

Mr. BALL. You did - had you done any photography before that?

Mr. STUDEBAKER. Just home photography.


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