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Dismantling the Single Bullet Theory Pt 3_a

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The Criteria Governing The SBT Internal Trajectory

The Videos (a)

Comment on Photobucket:- I used Photobucket to upload the videos and had considerable problems with size. However when I fixed that I went and forgot about the 10 minute restriction. I breach that on some and loose some of the end of the videos. Videos 3 + 4 appears to have suffered the greatest cut, however the main information is still there. I will leave these versions at present but will re-do them and link the new versions to this document. Sorry about that.

This section includes the four videos that explore the “Single Bullet Theory” from within a 3D model of the human body. It is my understanding that these programs are very accurate. I even bought a second one to be sure that what I was seeing in the first is exactly what I was seeing on the other. I was concerned that I was getting a false image. I understand that what these programs do is to ensure that aspect of the body is in its correct size and proportion. What I mean is that although my body is different from that model as well as being different from the body of JFK the proportional size of, lets say my lung, is the same as in the model. Also where the lung is in my body is the same as where the lung is in the model. It is in that sense these are highly accurate models.

I am not a trained medical practitioner and I may have made mistakes through these presentations, although I have tried very hard not to. For that I apologise. However I firmly believe that the central concern of the videos: the complexity and impossibility of any missile traversing the body AND doing the damage to the specific organs it is required to AS WELL as missing any other organs, I believe the videos verify that point.

Video 1 looks at structures in the body and relate those structures to what we see in CE 385 and CE 386.


Video 2 looks at the various trajectories for the SBT and outlines their pitfalls. Specifically it also introduces the difficulty that the right strap muscle creates for the Single Bullet theory.


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