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Conspiracy talk

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I'm not sure how much interest there is here in the MLK assassination, there seem to be

lots of page views but few people actually posting.

So...I'm going to issue (for the last time I promise) an invitation to take a look at

our new blog


Of course there is ample room on this forum to argue all the particular issues about James Earl Ray and

evidence and who to believe and who not to - I've no urge to step in between Martin and Len

on that. But one thing I have noticed in all three major political assassinations of the 60's

is that we often seem to get totally hung up in issues of the personal guilt or innocence of

Oswald, Ray or Sirhan. The discussion evolves into a version of the court room dialog that

you might have expected in a good solid trial with an aggressive defense and prosecution (which

none of them had actually). And often it leaves little time to do little more than offer personal

opinions on a broader conspiracy (or ones personal favorite suspect/s).

In the MLK blog (as in my JFK blog) I'm going to try to expand the dialog a bit and well as offer

a platform for folks still doing novel ongoing research. The topics will be broader and delve into

more period history than seems to happen here.

So, if it sounds interesting to anyone, drop on in. I try to respond in a balanced way to comments

and questions (as well as acknowledge mistakes...grin) and its even possible that we might kick off

something new - the JFK blog has triggered some very interesting new research on the January/Red Bird airport

incident. We take that sort of stuff private when it gets serious (meaning actual research is in progress)

and sometimes that can take weeks or months. I try to get up a couple of posts a week on the blogs so a

scan once or twice a week should tell you if there is anything new that might interest you.

-- Larry


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