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Buell Wesley Frazier

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I would consider myself lucky to have met and interacted with such an innocently kind, thoughtful, generous and respectful person like Buell Wesley Frazier at any point in my life, especially in a time of low income rough times on my part.

Here is a guy who never said no to Lee Harvey Oswald whenever Oswald needed a ride and it seems never showed one ounce of resentment for doing so, nor ever asked Oswald for one dime in shared gas costs.

Frazier also showed this same kindly and giving nature in his training of Oswald in the position of book order filler at the Texas School Book Depository.

What a good person!

If America was full of Buell Wesley Fraziers we'd have a heck of a lot better country imo.

My favorite Frazier story is how he stood up to Captain Will Fritz who ordered Frazier to sign a confession in regards to a possible involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald in the charge of killing JFK.  Fritz was red faced angry and brought his arm up to perhaps strike Frazier for refusing to sign the confession which Frazier deemed was "ridiculous."

Whereupon Frazier told Fritz he'd be in for one hell of a fight if he did so! Fritz walked out. 

That took guts!

Right On Buell!


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Having had several conversations with Buell Frazier, I feel fairly certain he didn't withhold any evidence or tell any lies in the days after the assassination. What he did do, however, was sit on the sidelines as the DPD, FBI and WC pushed this narrative Oswald smuggled the rifle to work on the 11-22-63. Frazier felt certain this did not happen, but was unsure what he could do about it. He wasn't very educated, and didn't want to become a target or a subject of ridicule. One of the questions I failed to ask him was whether or not he'd heard about what happened to Rowland and Worrell--young men who told the truth as they knew it only to come under attack by some old men who'd already made up their minds. We can be fairly certain they'd have done the same to Frazier should he have went public with his doubts. 

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On 5/12/2019 at 10:58 PM, Ron Bulman said:

Joe, I don't see Fraizer as a hero but a survivor.  He's stated words to the effect that he never told all he knows to protect his family.  Which I don't blame him for.

Though I'd love to talk to him one on one over a campfire with a couple of beers.

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