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Where is Oswald's Birth Certificate?

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According to Armstrong (page 17)

NOTE: After the assassination Dallas Police detectives found a document that has been

incorrectly identified as Oswald's birth certificate. This document is listed as item #448

in Warren Commission Exhibit 2003 and identified as "Birth Certificate# 17034." This

document is NOT a birth certificate nor is it the "Declaration of Birth" mentioned above.

Item #448 is merely an acknowledgment by the New Orleans Parish Office of Records of

Births, Marriages and Deaths that Oswald's birth was recorded in Book 207, Folio

1321. 52-03 Upon payment of a small fee, anyone can obtain such a certificate.

The orinal "Declaration of Birth" has never been found, nor was a copy published in

the Warren Volumes. The FBI obtained a Copy of this document from an unknown source,

which was released by the FBI along with thousands of other J F K related documents in


So still no Birth Certificate for Oswald... :ph34r:


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