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Malcolm Ward

Malcolm Ward

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I hale from Lancashire,in the North of the United Kingdom.I am 55 years old and medically retired.

I watched the News in 1963,the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered.As a six year old,I was aware that something realy bad had happened in the world.I kept a interest in the Presidents murder and bought my first book,The Assassination Chain by Bert Sugar and Sybil Leek many years ago.I also watched programmes like,The Men Who Killed Kennedy in the early eighties,if I recall right.I have gone on to read many books,Crossfire by Jim Marrs,The Maffia Killed Kennedy etc.

Then I got my first computer in 2008,and that opened up a whole new world for me.I watched a few forums,and for a couple of years I have been following this forum.Which I found to be the most interesting and visit nearly daily to see what is new.

I have downloaded some books from here,thanks to Barry Krusch,just finished reading Kill Zone.A very interesting book by a ex police officer.

I am definately in the CT group and not the Lone Nut.I am not a authority on the JFK case but think I might have the odd thing to offer.

My belief is JFK was killed by people high up in the US Government.The Generals like Edwin Walker and Curtis Le May were in good positions to get a job like this done.Plus having General Walker committed,would make someone like him, hate the Kennedys with a fury.They would in no doubt see JFK has a Pinko,or Communist,and feel that relieving him of the Presidency would be a duty,not a betrayal.Those are my thoughts anyway.

I belive Oswald was a patsy,just has he claimed.He no doubt,in my mind at any rate,worked for American Intelligence.

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