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Who agrees to this Portrait in Red?

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Who agrees to this "Portrait in Red"?


I assume the vast majority of members here will agree that this 1964 portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald is a GROSS LIE.

Then what in the hell does Dr. Alton Ochsner's INCA, as well as the man PERSONALLY, have to do with promoting and spreading this LIE?

Answer me that !


Impression by Dr. Alton Ochsner, world famed surgeon and President of both the Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation and the Information Council of the Americas (INCA), who perhaps was the only listener who knew of Oswald's defection before the debate.

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President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, three months after the New Orleans radio and TV sessions. Oswald was charged with the murder. Ed Butler recorded the debate sessions and produced a new propaganda tool with two LP records entitled Oswald: Self-Portrait in Red and Oswald Speaks. Butler after the assassination argued Communist propaganda had incited Oswald to violence. The Oswald episode also provided new raw material for yet another propaganda film, the lurid Hitler in Havana---which equated the Cuban Communist and Nazi German leaders. The film showed graphic accounts of murder replete with firing squads and corpses in both totalitarian states. Also the there was a split screened sequence showing the rantings of both Castro and Hitler side by side. This film went on to blame Castro for Kennedy's death. Possibly foreseeing a future spread of INCA out of New Orleans, Ed Butler and his organization claimed that if there had been an INCA chapter in Dallas, Oswald may have been neutralized and the president's life may have been saved.



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Wim, you are absolutely correct that it is difficult to explain the personal presence of Dr. Alton Ochsner at the creation of the taped interview/debate from which the record PORTRAIT IN RED was pressed.

According to the definitive bio on Ochsner, Surgeon of the South, Ochsner's time was spent like this:

6:30 Am arrives at Foundation Hospital for surgery (John Ochsner also arrived at this time, and Alton Ochsner Jr., as well, but Jr. was being pushed to one side out of heart surgery by his brother John...Ochsner Sr. diverted Ochsner, Jr., into more politically important areas to reduce tension between the two brothers... 'Akky-'- Ochsner Jr.-- was guided more toward the cancer research aspects of Ochsner's activities than was John, at least ion 1963, who was up to his elbows in one to several heart surgeries daily, taking them from Akky whenever he could)...

so, the morning was spent visiting patients and doing surgery---as many as nine or ten operawtions in a single morning (other folks sewed up for the good doc)...


Ochsner made literally thousands of trips by plane to the following places:

Latin America and Mexico-- over a thousand trips. As often as once a week. California, Nevada, Texas...as often as once a month...

Flights to WASHINGTON, DC, to Air Force Surgeon General's offices --- every ten days, for over a decade, possibly as late as 1963...

Flights to WASHINGTON, DC, as member of US Surgeon General's exective committee with CIA always present at these meetings. --- flew there, regularly, usually every Friday...

Koon Kreek Klub, El Charro (famous as Mafia haunt also, as well as Hoover, oil guys...here's where they met, along with LBJ...), also: Mexican ranches, Washington clubs and restaurants with friends such as Smathers and Nixon, same for trips to New York...... meetings with Hoover, Hunt, Murchison, other oil barons... spent weekends and up to three or four days at a time 'fund raising..." ..mostly with oil barons who hgave him Cadillacs yearly, sometimes got three a year...was even given a racetrack...Murchison financed Ochsner's main research building that opened in 1963....Brent House...look up connections of that with CIA...

other weekends: New ORLEANS club meetings, INCA meetings, New Orleans social functions, Crime COmmission, Mardi Gras planning commission, close friend to Clay Shaw, he and Shaw ran International House together for nine years until 1962....handled International House functions...INTERNATIONAL HOUSE meetingplace for Latin American interests, CIA fronts, lionked to Shaw's Trade Mart...they finally merged....

Afternoons... oversaw cancer research and venous and blood research, handled huge load of appointments, fund raising events, interviews by reporters...visited patients in recovery from surgery, trained interns in surgery, sat on hospital board meetings....published, as single author but usually as co-investigator, hundreds of research papers... sat as official for American Cancer Society... elected head of international medical societies and College of Surgeons...attended medical conventions... also events promoting the Alton Ochsner Foundation...much more..


Could it be that Dr. Alton Ochsner had to MAKE SURE nobody EVER wouLd believe any rumors or testimonies that might have shown there was a link between him, the CIA, Dave Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman, and Lee Harvey Oswald? A link involving an anti-Castro project, specifically, the development of one or more bioweapons that could be used against America's hated enemies, the Communists, and Castro? (Do not forget all those trips to Washington, and Ochsner's standing as an inspector of medical facilities of the US govt. worldwide, either).

How did Ochsner find time to be there, and why was he there?

Is it possible he wanted to make sure nothing was said that might implicate him in the secret role Lee was playing in which Ochsner was personally involved? Might he have been afraid that somebody might call in, remembering seeing Lee Oswald entering Ochsner's consulting cubicle at Charity Hospital? Did he worry that Lee might slip and say something that would need fixing, not trusting others to handle this delicate matter? Lee was ordered to make these interviews.

I am a witness to the fact that Dr. Ochsner would do anything to make sure nobody ever linked him with Lee Oswald.

Ochsner later had a problem, you see, because the interview with Lee Oswald has OCHSNER'S VOICE IN THE BACKGROUND, SPEAKING. He was actually present, busy as he was, when Lee was getting recorded. Later, Ochsner made sure the record "Portrait in Red" came out, complete with an ugly drawing of Lee on the front. He also backed the potboiler propaganda film showing Hitler and Castro as equals in world history. THAT made Ochsner look like a Red Hunter rather than the truth-- that he was there watching Lee being used as a dangle, and Lee was important enough, while being so used, to be personally under the watchful eye of Dr. Alton Ochsner, despite the doctor's horrendously busy schedule.

It WAS remarkable that Ochsner was there. Wasn't it?

best regards,

===Judyth Vary Baker===

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