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John Dolva

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I miss the season but it's great to be able to follow particularly these three countries teams through online films. Here's the last few seconds with almost ten minutes of overtime remaining.

As good as it gets.

Final : Sweden1 - Russia 0 (Canada - Bronze)

edit amusing typo

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Sweet. A most unexpected final coming up. (guardian sport)

9.18am ET Finland 1-2 Sweden, Final

Nothing doing - Sweden hold on - it’s all over in Sochi!

Sweden will play on Sunday for the gold medal for the third time since 1994 - they’ll take on the United States or Canada!

9.16am ET Finland 1-2 Sweden, 0:29, 3rd period

One final rush for Finland, Lehtonen is on the bench, Finland have an extra skater!

9.15am ET Finland 1-2 Sweden, 1:06, 3rd period

Lehtonen is going to leave the net, he’s waiting for the right moment. I’m not sure what he’s waiting for now - the puck is in the Swedish zone, but here’s an icing call against Finland and he has to stay! That was a mess.

Finland call for time. Final moments for Finland to try and tie this thing up and force overtime.


Can't say who I fancy between the remaining two. Either way league team-members will be playing in opposition with sweden having possibly the best goalie in town.

edit add: the finns decisively knock out the russians and the swedes definitely deserve their win over finland, could that put the swedes on par with the US and actually have a solid go for gold.

edit typo

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hmmm.. the match swedes love to hate. Canada in the olympics final. Maybe that's why I tended to lean towards the US. Sweden might just be the ones to take down the canadians this time (again (20 years ago)). They've had a clear run so far. I suppose in hindsight if there's a team that could definitely stop them it's canada.

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woke up this morning to the finns having thoroughly whipped the us. Whether that puts anything in context...no idea. Damn it. Going to miss the final. It'll be way past bedtime for me. Maybe I'll resign to being tired tomorrow. Prob not. May the best team win.

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... and the best team won.

A first class victory over a below par team.

Canadas consistent pressure paid off. It'll be interesting to see the match where they play as well in the future and a team bests them as convincingly as the canadians did to sweden last night.

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MINSK, May 08. /ITAR-TASS/. National flags of 16 participating countries in the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championship have been raised in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, which hosts the global sport event on May 9-25.

The flag-raising ceremony was held at the State Flag Square, which opened in downtown Minsk last July, and was attended by President of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel, President of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak, as well as by heads of international sports delegations.

The competitions, which kick off on Friday, will be held at the Minsk Arena (15,000-seat capacity, opened in 2010) and the Chizhovka Arena (9,600-seat capacity, opened in 2013).

A total of 16 teams have been divided in two groups for the preliminary round of the competition.

Group A comprises reigning World Champions Sweden, the Czech Republic, Canada, Slovakia, Norway, Denmark, France and Italy.

Group B puts together Finland, Russia, the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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Belarus as the host country was assigned the evening slot at the main venue in the original game schedule and will make use of it after qualifying for the final round for the first time since 2009.

Russia, the winner of the Group A, will also stay at Minsk Arena and play France in the early game and try to avenge for last year’s surprising loss.

Canada, winner of Group A, will play Finland and Team USA will face the Czech Republic at Chizhovka Arena.

Quarter-Finals on 22 May 2014
(all times are local, UTC+3)

At Minsk Arena:
Russia vs. France 17:00
Sweden vs. Belarus 21:00

At Chizhovka Arena:
USA vs. Czech Republic 16:00
Canada vs. Finland 20:00

Semi-Final pairings on 24 May 2014



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The Czechs took maximum advantage of a major penalty on U.S. captain Justin Abdelkader to move on to a semi-final against Finland.

Suomi is smiling. Finland edged Canada 3-2 on Thursday to advance to a semi-final clash with the Czechs.

Iiro Pakarinen tallied the winner with just 3:08 left.

Russia scored in each period to beat hard-working France, reaching the semi-finals at the 2014 IIHF World Championship.

In a thrilling affair, Mattias Ekholm made up for a late game mistake to score the 3-2 game winner for Sweden.

SF : Swe-Rus, Cze-Fin

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Hey John,

I grew up playing Ice Hockey on frozen ponds in the afternoons after school and for a long time my father would take me to organized kids league games early in the mornings before school. I was am a lifelong fan of the NHL Philadelphia Flyers and it (hockey) is really the only organized sport I like to watch.

I did a get big surprise last year - I hadn't been back to a rink in about 20 years and I finally got around to getting back on the ice - oh boy, it is not like riding a bike at all. I felt like a little kid learning to walk. :)

The International Hockey scene is sure heating up and I'm glad we are seeing so much talent from around the world.

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Hi Chris, yes, it's a good game. I like the non stop speed of it. Brings out those memorable brilliant plays.

Where I grew up, as the days grew cold, all the summer football/soccer fields and smaller playfields, basketball, tennis courts, were hosed down daily till a sheet of ice formed. Then on with the season. Now on the other side of the world it never gets cold enough. 37celsius today btw. The only chance I get to see a game here is on youtube, which is never the same, of course.

I did take my kids skating a couple of times on indoor rinks. I was surprised how well I did as long as I laced up real tight. It would take a lot of effort to build up the right muscles to get up to speed and keep going for the length of a game though.

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