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The Connally Bullet

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I recently updated this article in order to incorporate the relevant portion of Ray Marcus's interview of Daryl Tomlinson, in which Tomlinson stated that he was awakened by a phone call in the wee morning hours following the assassination, and told by the FBI to "keep his mouth shut" about the bullet.

Not surprisingly, this was less than two hours after the FBI received a pair of sizable fragments from the limousine which provided their first opportunity to see if Tomlinson's bullet was a match with others fired during the attack.

Later, they decided to make this terrible lemon into lemonade by replacing the inconvenient bullet with one that really did come from the alleged murder weapon.

As the article also points out, Governor Connally, DA Henry Wade, officer Bobby Nolan, Connally aide Bill Stinson and nursing supervisor, Audrey Bell, all confirmed in one way or another that the actual bullet from Connally's thigh was recovered by a nurse on the second floor and given to officer Nolan. It could not possibly have been the one that Tomlinson found. You can read the article and see the evidence here:


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