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I have done many things fast many thing brasen and bolder than I even would rather do.

I want to make a thread to it's own and all on it's own so I do hope you find this. Also I may put this not only on Lancer but also into another forum as well.

I never ever stated that Judyth was used by me to anyone. Not to Uwe or any member on this forum. No one will ever come up with a email from to ever state that fact either.

When I knew I was going down to NARA I asked Judyth if she would want me to look up anything for her. I was surprised that she did wish for me to look up some things. I was down there to do my parts of interest as well as open to her to help her out in any way I could.

So, Judyth did need my help. At first I didn't think I got all of the materails she asked me to get. Wasn't sure if I could even find some of it. But, I did. When I gave her the time cards. She was having a party by her ways and actions. She told everyone so happy and to me over and over again thank you. YOU DID IT.. I never felt so gratified in all of my life. I mean this too. I wasn't sure I could ever help her out.

I would never ever consider that using anyone at all. I don't know how or who stated that term to me either. Frankly I don't care either. I did a good deed and I just wanted to walk away after that good deed was done. That is the way I am.

Judyth did hope I would have announced it out on my own. Well, that isn't like me either. I did after it was stated to me and I knew by then it got around.

Now, to make this hopefully as clear as I can. Yes, I am slow to figure things out sometimes. I don't have a reading problem. What I have is a very tired and worn out problem. I am beat most of the time. I find that some of this strain is far to much for me. The one thing above all is the wish to be honest about every given fact and every given thought. I am not a xxxx, I may be worn out and sometimes I may misunderstand but no way under God given sun shine am I a blaten xxxx.

Judyth to be honest with you I asked you one simple question and that question I know for a fact I read from your posts and that fact is this.

Ok we will word the question much more differant now. Easy not hard to answer at all.

DID you hide your papers all around the house?

This is a very easy question.

I know I can get facts mixed up but Judyth this is one fact I know is a very easy sentence and not hard for even me to figure out. I do remember reading that you did.

I have to cross examine but I am going to refresh your memory on something. I have the email where you question me where did you get hurt deal with my arm.

I was amazed that you didn't remember that fact. It is that easy when not knowing each other all day long and being around someone and yes you were in the process of moving but goodness, you even told me why my arm felt better resting it on the car steering wheel to ease the pain because of the vibrations. It helped too. I did tell you, you forgot. We all do Judyth and you are no exception to any rule.

So, yes it is easy to get facts mixed up and or not understanding. Sometimes I have a hard time reading your emails because of all of the missing letters in the words. Far more than I do. If I ever showed that people would know. That is another problem. Yes, you type fast and so do I. But when I see how you post up compared to how you write to me it is a big differance. I never said anything at all to you about it because most of the time I can figure it out.

Judyth I have a few of Oswald letters I keep forgetting to give over to you. They are from Oswald over to his mother and some to his brothers. I did mention it to you before. I just keep forgetting you know if Oswald had a problem of which you say that he has. Nothing was written in an inverted fashion. That reading mental condition is usually of reversal of words. Children are the ones that have that problem and as they become adults it is a self taught thing. I do know somethings. Also, I never take the time of going back and checking my spelling and also how I word things. This is and was something that you knew about me. Very few of my posts even go edited some do most don't.

I do consider you my friend and I hope not out of pity that you are my friend. Just because people taught me so much here.

I know a lot about you, you are basically soft hearted, kind, you cry easy, you worry a lot about yourself, you worry about evidence of Oswald (all the time) and I do think you have very good reason to worry about that. So do I. Most on this forum and maybe all would feel the same things if they ever know of facts you have told me.

I do take you sincere and I know something so private of what you told me about Oswald that made me even blush. That one should be on my notes to look into. Judyth that is a real fact you did in fact have an affair with Oswald under no certain terms. The biggest evidence is yet to be known.

I also know other things as well, a lot I keep under my hat. I have too. Can't tell not even you not even Uwe, never Bob or Wim. Because of what Files told me.

I am going to ask Bob to take a good look at something so far it was named to him but I don't think he took the thought to look at and that is this, """look at Files first letter to me"""" """Look at what I told you was Judyth first email to me and mine to her""""

Now Bob what do you see in common????


I want you to do a bit of work now............

Take the time to look at it>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You need too.

Gee, if you can't see it right in your face I don't know what to say.

I hope I don't have to write another post on here that clarifies myself to this forum, clarifies in a manner that seems to be a put down on Judyth, clarifies also another facts that is so over looked by Bob (and Bob there is many facts that you too do over look, I wonder still why you do that?) I am tired of the draining put downs and in fact interesting enough still seems to move forward but it does slow down any good thoughts onto research.

Thank you Judyth for your kind words. Stop feeling so threatened by me for heaven sakes, I am one that really isn't against you at all.

You stated to me that you are a witness and yes I do think you are. In the facts that you told me so far, I am about 85 per cent sure not one hundred per cent yet. That is a rough estimate.

I will be the first to let you know if I go down on that number or up in it. When I do see more of the proof you have given me a lot and a lot to not doubt you but I have to go to it and then I will know.

Again, I do hope your book has a lot in it and I am sure it is a lot that many haven't seen as of yet. So, that should help your cause.

This thread was also posted on Lancer also in it's own new and fresh thread because of so many twisted remarks to try to get at any real form of thuth.

I will add here this remark to which we do should and hopefully do seek and that is from the Bible


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