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Did the C.I.A. "Sheep Dip" and Orchestrate the Tale of the Patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald?

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

Clover Todd Dulles Wed to Jens H. Jebsen In Chaped of Fifth..

New York Times - Apr 22, 1951

In a candlelit garden setting of white dogwood and smilax in the chapel of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church yesterday noon, Miss Clover Todd Dulles,


Allen Dulles's daughter's maid of honor in her wedding was her cousin, Eleanor L. Thomas.

Cousin Eleanor had a brother, Cousin James.... James had an interesting guest over for dinner on a March evening in 1969. This guest was never seen alive again after leaving the home of his friend, James A. Thomas, Jr. The CIA should have disclosed the background of James A. Thomas upon the death of Stuart H. Johnson, but they never have acted in good faith with the American people about what the CIA knew about Lee Harvey Oswald and the assassination of President Kennedy.


STUART JOHNSON ! DIES AFTER FALL; -inancier Had Opened Home...

New York Times - Mar 31, 1969

.... Mr. Johnson's daughter, Mrs. Priscilla Johnson MacMillan, a Russian scholar ......

Fell Leaving House A. widower who lived alone he had dined last night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thomas at 7 Wood Lane, in neighboring Locust .....



Priscilla Livingston Johnson was born in Glen Cove, New York, on 19th July, 1928. As a student she was a member of the United World Federalists, an organization run by Cord Meyer. After graduating with a master's degree from Radcliffe College in 1952 she applied to join the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to CIA files she was rejected because some of her associates would require more investigation. The document was signed by Cord Meyer, who was now chief of CIA Investigations and Operational Support. On 17th March, 1953, W. A. Osborne, sent a memo to Sheffield Edwards, head of CIA security, that after checking out Johnson's associates he "recommended approval." However, on 23rd March he sent another memo saying that "in light of her activities in the United World Federalists" he now "recommended that she be disapproved".

In 1953 Johnson went to work for Senator John F. Kennedy. The following year she worked as a translator for the Digest of Soviet Press. In 1955 Johnson moved to the Soviet Union where she worked as a translator for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. This time the CIA made no objection to Johnson having access to classified information.

Priscilla Johnson returned to the United States in April 1957. The CIA continued to take an interest in Johnson. In a CIA document dated 23rd August, 1957, Johnson was described as being born in Stockholm, Sweden, on 23rd September 1922. It also stated that during the Second World War she was "utilized by OSO (Office of Special Operations) in 1943 and 1944". John M. Newman has speculated that Johnson was being given a cover story of someone who had a "good security record".

In February 1958 Johnson traveled to Cairo. The following month she was in Paris. According to her own testimony she worked for "someone I knew either for Radio Liberty or the Congress for Cultural Freedom." While in France she applied to the USSR consulate to go to the Soviet Union. On 6th May, 1958, the Chief of CI/OA submitted a request for operational approval on Johnson. The operation for which she was being considered is still classified.

Johnson arrived in Moscow for the third time on 4th July, 1958. She did not stay for long and returned to the United States. Soon afterwards she obtained employment as a reporter for the North American News Alliance (NANA). Johnson arrived back in Moscow soon after Arline Mosby had interviewed Lee Harvey Oswald (13th November, 1959).

On her arrival Johnson checked into the same hotel as Osward. The following day she visited the American Embassy to pick up her mail (16th November, 1959). According to Johnson, John McVickar approached her and told her that "there's a guy in your hotel who wants to defect, and he won't talk to any of us here". She later told the Warren Commission: "John McVickar said she was refusing to talk to journalists. So I thought that it might be an exclusive, for one thing, and he was right in my hotel, for another." As Johnson was leaving the American Embassy McVickar told her "to remember she was an American."


John McVickar and Richard Snyder in Moscow

Lee Harvey Oswald agreed to be interviewed by Johnson. She later testified that they talked from between nine until one or two in the morning. Oswald told her: "Once having been assured by the Russians that I would not have to return to the United States, come what may, I assumed it would be safe for me to give my side of the story."

Johnson's article appeared in the Washington Evening Star. Surprisingly, the article did not include Oswald's threat to reveal radar secrets. Nor was it mentioned in any other article or book published by Johnson on Oswald. However, under oath before the Warren Commission she admitted that Oswald had told her that "he hoped his experience as a radar operator would make him more desirable to them (the Soviets)".

On 11th December, 1962, a CIA memo written by Donald Jameson (declassified in August, 1993) reported: "I think that Miss Johnson can be encouraged to write pretty much the articles we want. It will require a little more contact and discussion, but I think she could come around... Basically, if approached with sympathy in the cause she considers most vital, I believe she would be interested in helping us in many ways. It would be important to avoid making her think that she was being used as a propaganda tool and expected to write what she is told."

After the assassination of John F. Kennedy Johnson wrote an article for the Boston Globe where she described Lee Harvey Oswald as a classic example of an "embittered psychological loner". She added: "I soon came to feel that this boy was of the stuff of which fanatics are made."

Another CIA document dated dated 5th February, 1964, reports on a 11 hour meeting with Johnson. The main objective of the meeting was to debrief Johnson "on her flaps with the Soviets when she was in the USSR, notably at the time of her last exit." She was also asked if she "would be interested in writing articles for Soviet publications." Gary Coit, the CIA officer who conducted the interview with Johnson reported that "no effort was made to attempt to force the issue of a debriefing on her contacts". However, Coit told her he would "probably be back to see her from time to time to see what she knows about specific persons whose names might come up, and she at least nodded assent to this."

In 1964 Johnson befriended Marina Oswald, and the two spent considerable time together. According to Johnson, she spent thirteen years researching Marina and Lee, before it was published in 1977.

Other books by Priscilla Johnson McMillan include Khrushchev and the Arts (1965) and The Ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer: And the Birth of the Modern Arms Race (2005). Articles by her have been published in Harper's Magazine, The Reporter, The New York Times, The Washington Post and Boston Globe.

Original Research in this post Copyright 2012 TJ Scully -

The original research displayed is the description of the familial relationship of former CIA director Allen Dulles and his immediate family to members of the James Augustus Thomas family, and the fact that James Augustus Thomas, Jr. was the last person to see his friend, Stuart H. Johnson, Sr., the father of Priscilla Johnson, alive.

Edited by Tom Scully
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Guest Tom Scully

I found only three threads in this forum (links displayed below) in which the name Cass Canfield is displayed. I think Canfield, the OSS, and the CIA and those who cooperated with them or were "run" by them, have wanted Canfield to be so obscure. If you look at the patterns below, you can see the links between Canfield and so many objects of our research. It seems obvious Canfield sponsored and united Priscilla Johnson and a "writer from Aiken, SC," George E. McMillan. The only question to be cleared up is who Canfield reported to.

Consider how the involved explanation of how Stalin's daughter ended up with Canfield - Evans - Johnson McMillan, reads like a cover story similar to the ones explaining away the coincidences of Priscilla Johnson being everywhere Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife, Marina were. The question comes up of who were the Kennedys and Bouviers, what bargains did they make and what did they know when they were making them, and afterwards? How did these "literary deals" and Jackie's sister's marriage to Canfield's adopted son influence the speech and actions of the members of the Kennedy and Bouvier families after the Assassination of JFK?*

*Original Research in this post Copyright 2012 , TJ Scully -

The original research displayed is the descriptions of the relationships between OSS, CIA, Cass Canfield, George E. McMillan and his one-time spouse, Priscilla Johnson McMillan, and with members of the John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier families, as well as with Harper & Row Publishing and affiliated magazines, Harpers and Look. -




Short Cab Ride in India Began Her Odyssey; A Short Ride...

New York Times - Apr 22, 1967

She remained n in Kalakankar through February, making a few trips to the countryside, The Soviet Embassy pressed her to end her Indian visit....

[XLS] Sheet1


File Format: Microsoft Excel - View as HTML

17, Svetlana 016, 04/22/67, New York Times, Stalin's Daughter In U.S. To 'Seek Self-Expression: Short Cab Ride In India Began Her Odyssey, NA, CIA-Svetlana

...The drama touched off by Mrs. Alliluyeva, who uses her mother's maiden

name, was to involve several governments -- the United States, the Indian,

the Soviet, the Italian and the Swiss. But the major roles-- thought this

could not be predicted on that night in New Dehli-- would be played not by

statesmen or political figures but by two quiet, book- ish private citizens

who chanced to be close neighbors across tree-shaded lawns in Princeton, N.J.

They were George F. Kennan, former Ambassador to Moscow and in recent years a

scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study, and Edward S. Greenbaum, a

former brigadier general and long-time partner in a legal firm specializing

in literary and publishing affairs.....

...Mrs. Alliluyeva's literary abilities were genuine, Mr. Kennan felt.

He was impressed by the trust and confidence that she placed in him and her

readiness to follow his suggestions. It was he who insisted that a Swiss

representative be present when he spoke with her. Mr. Kennan was careful to

emphasize that his ideas were only suggestions, that she must make the

decisions her- self, that this was the essence of the free society in which

she now found herself. She agreed to this with a wry smile, but then added

realisti- cally: "What choice, after all, do I have?"

Mrs. Alliluyeva decided that she would like Mr. Greenbaum to act as her

representative, Mr. Kennan sent back the cablegram, "Arrangements completed."

The lawyer was not eager to go himself. He told his wife that he thought he

would send one of his bright younger men, Alan U. Scwartz. Mrs. Greenbaum

disagreed. "You are not dead yet," she said. "You should go yourself."

With that encouragement Mr. Greenbaum decide to take on the assigment. He and

Mr. Schwartz left New York on March 25. They met Mr. ken- nan, consulted on

his discus- sions with Mrs. Alliluyeva and then went on, as Mr. Green- baum

said, to meet a client whom he had never seen, but who had consented sight

un- seen, to put her fate into his hands.

He found Mrs. Alliluyeva ec- static about Mr. Kennan. She told Mr. greenbaum

she had heard of the American dip- lomat since she was a young girl in 1935-

37, when he was one of the younger secretaries of the United States Embassy

in Moscow....

...On March 30 Mr. Greenbaum took the plane back to New York. he was

authorized to represent Mrs. Alliluyeva not only in literary matters, but in

all her personal affairs.

The immediate question to decide was what to do with here book.

Mr. Greenbaum found that Mrs. Alliluyeva had received hundreds of offers and

pro- posals. Nearly every resputable publishing company, every sub- stantial

magazine, newspaper and broadcasting organization in the world had submitted

bids, many of them open-ended bids. It was evident that the proceeds of any

writing that Mrs. Alliluyeva did was going to make her a well-to-do woman.

The problem that Mr. Green- baum had to resolve was whether to offer the book

for general bidding or make direct and individaul arrangements. He pondered

the matter on the plane en route to the United States.

He was not by any means a free agent in how he handled the publishing

matters. The question of publishing and public statements about or by Mrs.

Alliluyeva was delicate so far as the Swiss Government was concerned....

....The Sovier Government had remonstrated the Swiss about their giving Mrs.

Alliluyeva refuge...

...She had not yet made up her mind to come to the United States.

Mr. Greenbaum had an ex- plosive problem on his hands. If he made public the

fact that Mrs. Alliluyeva had written a book and opened it up to general

bidding, he would automatically disturb Mrs. Alliluyeva's security.

Publisher Is Chosen

He pondered the matter. For many years his firm, Greenbaum, Wolff, Ernst had

repre- sented Harper & Row. Mr. Greenbaum respected the pub- lishing house.

He was confident that it would do as well or better with the book than any


....Mr. Greenbaum returned here March 30. That weekend he went to his old

friend, Cass Canfield, chairman of Harper & Row. He found Evan Thomas,

executive vice president of Harper & Row, with Mr. Canfield. It was a

fortunate call, Mr. Canfield was leaving the next day for an extended ab-

sence from the country....

...Mr. Canfield authorized Mr. Thomas to carry on the negotiations. All that

remained were the questions of money and publication.

She Decides to Come

Meantime, Mrs. Alliluyeva came to a decision. She would come to the United

States. Plans now moved rapidly. For, under the asylum agreement, once the

publishing announcement was made the Swiss would be com- pelled to ask her to


But now, she would be able to come to the United States, as a private person,

in private hands, by her own choice, with arrange- ments of her own approval.

She had her personal counsel, Mr. Greenbaum....

Just one day after the longwinded, "CIA" explanation of how Svetlana's asylum in the U.S. and book deal was accomplished,

this new connection was reported :

  1. Florence Morning News, April 23, 1967 : Front Page ...
    newspaperarchive.com/florence-morning-news/1967-04-23/ ... host said Saturday night Dr Stuart Johnson father of Priscilla Johnson MacMillan ... late dictator's daughter ivas driven to Kaintuck the Johnson estate in Locust ...
    All results for kaintuck stuart johnson daughter »

A. CASS CANFIELD'S WILL.; Estate, Believed to be Worth ...

New York Times - Apr 21, 1904

The will of A. Cass Canfield of Roslyn, who died in Aiken, SC, last month, was offered for probate in Surrogate Seabury's court today. The estate is supposed to ...

A. CASS CANFIELD DEAD.; Chill Contrasted While Playing Golf...

New York Times - Mar 25, 1904

Augustus Cass Canfield, a prominent yachtsman and clubman of this city, died yesterday of pneumonia at Aiken, SC Mr. Canfield contracted a chill while playing ...

Cass Canfield, Publisher for Famous Writers, Dies

March 30, 1986| From Times Wire Services

NEW YORK — Cass Canfield, a book publisher, author and editor who produced works by such diverse writers as James Thurber, Thornton Wilder and John F. Kennedy, is dead of a heart ailment. He was 88.

Canfield, who was 88 when he died Thursday at his Manhattan home, joined Harper & Row, then Harper & Bros., in 1924. He served as president from 1931 to 1945, chairman of the board from 1945 to 1955, and chairman of the executive committee from 1955 to 1967, when he became senior editor.

He remained in that post until his death and, until suffering a stroke last September, went to his office regularly.

Canfield commanded great influence over the books and authors selected by the publishing company. Among the authors were many Pulitzer Prize winners, and included writers such as Edna St. Vincent Millay, Eleanor Roosevelt, Robert E. Sherwood and Adlai E. Stevenson.

"A good book, a book of quality, is the safest thing a publisher can take on," he once said. "In the long run, this kind of book almost invariably finds a sufficient market so that it more than pays for itself."

But he did not think of himself exclusively as a businessman. He once described his profession thus:

"I am a publisher--a hybrid creature: One part stargazer, one part gambler, one part businessman, one part midwife and three parts optimist."

Canfield attended Harvard and studied at Oxford. After graduation and a world tour--on which he retraced the route of Marco Polo--he worked as a feature writer for the New York Post.

During World War II he served with the Office of War Information and became acquainted with many government officials for whom he would later serve as editor and publisher. Among them were Allen Dulles, Sumner Welles, Mrs. Roosevelt and James F. Byrnes. He later produced Kennedy's "Profiles in Courage" and Theodore Sorensen's biography, "Kennedy."

One of his most consuming nonpublishing concerns was birth control. As an official of the Planned Parenthood Federation, he traveled and raised money for the cause.

Canfield was an author himself. His books include "The Publishing Experience," "Up and Down and Around," "The Incredible Pierpont Morgan," "The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis," "Outrageous Fortunes" and "The Six."

In "Up and Down and Around," his 1971 memoirs, he said among the principal qualities a publisher should have is receptiveness. "He should take an interest in almost any subject and remain anonymous, letting the author take center stage."





Is the United States government effectively mobilizing its psychological defenses to meet the threat of a “shooting war”? Students of propaganda and public opinion are by no means in agreement as to the answer. Many, however, are not even aware of what the government has actually done. In this article Mr. McMillan reviews some of the more important developments in government publicity since the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939. Formerly in charge of publicity for the Federal Writer's Project, then informational executive with the Surplus Marketing Administration, and now chief of the daily press section of the information division Office for Emergency Management, he writes with an intimate knowledge of his subject.

© 1941, the American Association for Public Opinion Research


Spartanburg, SC Herald-Journal - Apr 17, 1950 - page 12

George Edwin McMillan, a writer of Aiken, S.C., also received a fellowship to

prepare a social history of the South for the years 1930-1948. He is the

author of "The Old Breed," a history of the First Marine Division in Worl War II.

The fellowships are established by the Gugenheim Foundation to permit

recipients to pursue work in their chosen fields.

McMillan was born in Knoxville, Tenn., and was educated at the University of

Tennessee. Unitl 1938, he worked as a reporter for the Washington Daily News,

the Knoxville News Sentinel and the Long Branch (New Jersey) Daily Herald.

He also has worked as an editor for the Federal Writer's Project, as an

information specialist for the National Defenes Advisory Commission, as chief

press secretary in the Office or Emergency Management, and as assistant chief

of the news bureau for the Office of War Information.

During World War II. he served as a Marine combat correspondent.


Title: Office of War Information News Bureau. George McMillan, assistant chief of the OWI news bureau, talks over a program for a series of releases on inflation with Herb Plummer, standing at his right, Jack Durham and Joe Polakoff. When a series of releases is planned, the news bureau schedules them, often including plans for releases for rural papers, trade papers, house organs, etc., as well as the daily press

Lee Radziwill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Her first marriage, in April 1953, was to Michael Temple Canfield, a publishing executive who had been adopted as an infant by the American publisher Cass .


Source: George E. McMillan, “Sit-Downs: The South's New Time Bomb,” Look 5 July 1960, 21–25


The crisis of law and order is so real, so immediate, that it calls for a new look at what has been the nation’s approach to, and its responsibility in, the Southern racial problem.

That approach has been gradualism: slow and evolutionary change. But when looked at against today’s urgencies, gradualism shapes up as a failure, and for very good, but often misunderstood, ethnic and historic reasons.

When the evidence is weighed today, gradualism not only looks wrong, but also appears to have been mistaken in intent.

Gradualism is deeply ingrained in the American tradition, and Americans outside the South, recent surveys show, are reluctant to believe that gradual social change isn’t the best way to solve the South’s problems.

But the simple logic of the future of Southern race relations is that somebody outside the South is going to have to intervene. That intervention will almost certainly have to come from the Federal Government.

The question that remains is whether the Government will intervene after damage is done, including perhaps serious international damage to America’s prestige, or whether national public opinion will support positive and constructive steps of prevention. ....


  1. Kennedy Book Dispute: How The Principals Are Linked .

    Montreal Gazette - Dec 22, 1966
    The former Jane sage Fuller Flores, a daughter of Cass Canfield's second wife, is married to John Cowles Jr. Cowles is editor of the Min neapolis Star and ...
    Principals In Book's Legal Row Like One...‎ Lewiston Morning Tribune
    Marriages, Politics Link Principals .‎ Morning Record
    Rival Sides in Book Furor Linked Like...‎ Boston Globe (Pay-Per-View)


    $3.95 -
    New York Times - Dec 20, 1966
    Cass Canfield, the chairman) of the executive committee of Harper Row, softly criticized the .... William Attwood, editor in chief of Cowles Communications, ...


    $3.95 -
    New York Times - Jan 17, 1967
    A third statement was issued by Cass Canfield, chairman of the executive committee of .... of Mrs. Kennedy's sister, who is now Mrs. Stanislas Radziwill.

American Publishers Scooped By Suspected Soviet Agent" .

Warsaw Times - Union - Aug 14, 1967

The mystery man in the story is Victor Louis, a bespectacled 39-year-old Soviet journalist, whom US ... Greenbaum immediately parceled out the rights to Svetlana's writings to his own publishing clients, ... Marian Sulzberger, daughter of the New York Times publisher, is married to Andrew Heiskell, the time-life board .

  1. Drew Pearson .Svetlana's Publishers Scooped .
    news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1350&dat...id...sjid... The mystery man in the story is Victor Louis, a bespectacled 39-yearold Soviet journalist, whom US ... Mr. Greenbaum immediately parceled out the rights to Svetlana's writings to his own publishing ... Marian Sulzberger, daughter of the New York Times publisher, is married to Andrew Heiskell, the time-life board chairman.
    All results for victor svetlana greenbaum married time-life ... »

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Tom, it seems to me that the CIA was aware of what was going on with Lee Harvey Oswald most of the time, but when Oswald came under the control of Guy Banister and General Edwin Walker, the CIA stepped back, or should I say, turned a blind eye. The FBI did the same. It was clear to insiders that the control of Banister and Walker over Oswald was a death-warrant for Oswald, according to some para-military tribunal that was super-secret. The FBI and the CIA could tell what was going on, but they would not interfere.

The CIA and the FBI knew -- because they were told by George De Mohrenschildt and/or his associates. Oswald was Walker's April Shooter, and Walker would have revenge. (Walker was also dead certain that there was another shooter involved in April, and he was also certain that RFK was the one who underwrote the contract.) But with the beans spilled by George De Mohrenschildt, General Walker had Lee Harvey Oswald in his clutches, and he would not let go until paramilitary justice was done.

In the Warren Commission General Walker also blames George De Mohrenschidt for the April shooting to some degree, because after De Mohrenschildt told the secret authorities, he fled to Haiti, never to return. That is, he did not observe proper protocol to face General Walker personally with the news, to show his own hands were clean. Instead, he ran like a guilty chicken. Walker simply despised that.

But Walker's good friend and fellow Minute Man in Louisiana, Guy Banister, knew just how to deal with Oswald. Less than two weeks after the 10 April 1961 shooting at General Walker, Guy Banister's close associate, David Ferrie, would call Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas and offer him a fantastic opportunity for fame and fortune -- if only he would immediately come to New Orleans.

Oswald immediately made plans to rush to New Orleans to change his life for the better. Before April was over, Oswald was living in New Orleans - with a low profile job, close to the offices of Guy Banister.

With this scenario, Tom, I'm convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was "sheep dipped" by rogue elements of the FBI and the US Army, namely, Banister and Walker. Also, with their New Orleans connections with radical Cuban Exiles, they also had rogue CIA agents (and money) on their side. They had plenty of friends in high places and could get away with anything, if they needed to.

Yes, the CIA and the FBI could tell what was going on. Yet in my opinion, they were now at the level of passive observers -- and accessories after the fact. They would never tell what they knew about Lee Harvey Oswald and his ugly fate.

Best regards,

--Paul Trejo

<edit typos>

Edited by Paul Trejo
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No offense Tom but once again I’m reminded of that story about Hugo Black. He was a senator before being nominated to the Supreme Court. One of his colleagues gave a very long speech during debate over a proposed law, well over an hour IIRC. When he was done Black addressed him (approximate quote) "I just have one question for the gentleman from Missouri*, is he for or against the bill?"

OK so several years after the assassination the father of one of the journalists who interviewed Oswald in Russia fell to his death after attending a party held by a cousin of Allen Dulles’ children, And? Why do think this means? So Priscilla Johnson might have been related to Dulles what’s the point? Does this indicate some sort of guilt by association? Do you think she misrepresented what Oswald said on behalf of Dulles? Or that he was ‘eliminated’ to shut him and/or daughter up?

* Or whatever state the guy was from.

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Guest Tom Scully

Len, I'll limit my reply to an observation that the information in my two prior posts in this thread is bigger than both of us. My take is tha the Office of War Information "lived on" in a for profit mode heavily flavored with delusions of nationalism. Priscilla McMillan and future husband, George R. McMillan, "AIken, SC, writer" were given seats in the "for profit" Canfield/Dulles & fill in the blanks, post WWII highest level propaganda branch.

If Gen. Walker figures into this, it is through Jim Root's theory that Walker guided Oswald through the steps required to rapidly enter the Soviet Union via Finland.

I lean toward believing that this propaganda outfit was geared more towards managing the public perception of key events than it was in making them happen, but that they were opportunist and well prepared through their research and government connections to get there "firstest with the mostest."

They didn't pick a side, they bought/owned everyone they anticipated might be important enough to them to be bought, with profits and the image of the U.S. as top two priorities.

Canfield's Harper & Row published Ted Sorensen. Sorensen admitted to an affair with CIA affiliated Gloria Steinem. The obituary of the maid of honor in Clover Dulles's wedding, her cousin, Eleanor Lansing Thomas (sister of the man who reported Priscilla Johnson's father missing) includes a description of the closeness between Eleanor and Gloria.

Obit of Cass Canfield's mother, remarried to Grisowld after the death of A. Cass Canfield in 1904, after playing golf in Aiken, SC.:


New York Times - Sep 30, 1937

Mrs. Josephine Houghteling Griswold of 783 Park Avenue, widow of Frank Gray Griswold and mother of Cass Canfield, president of Harper ... New York, Bar Harbor and Aiken, SC, and at their principal country seat, in Roslyn, LI With Mrs. John ....

Len, read the footnotes displayed below this relatively short letter. Imagine if Canfield was partisan, and committed to JFK..


Cass Canfield to Eleanor Roosevelt, with Enclosures

April 30, 1958

I will dictate footnote1

Harper & Brothers

Publishers Since 1817

chairman of the editorial board

49 east 33d st., new york 16, n. y.

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:

As you know, Senator Kennedy was queried by the press2 about your reference to him in the Saturday Evening Post articles. Herewith is the passage in question. In the book manuscript3 the same statement appears.

Now, in view of further information regarding Kennedy's position about McCarthy and civil liberties,4 you may wish to change your statement somewhat5 or add a footnote. I don't mean to suggest that you should do either and am merely bringing the further information to your attention.

I enclose a transcript of excerpts from Senator Kennedy's CBS-TV broadcast of "Face the Nation" (March 30, 1958) which throws some light on Kennedy's position. After seeing this, Joe Morris6 wrote a suggested footnote, also enclosed, which, frankly,7 seems to me to increase the emphasis of your statement. This may be what you want to do, but as I think you will wish to give the matter careful consideration, I am writing you in some detail.

There are further facts about Kennedy which had not been brought to Morris' attention when he wrote the suggested footnote:

1) When McCarthy was attempting to have his (dubious) friend Robert E. Lee8 appointed to the FCC9 Kennedy fought him successfully on the issue.

2) When the Government Operations Committee,10 of which McCarthy and Kennedy were members, attempted on motion of the former to move for a contempt citation against Corliss Lamont, Kennedy opposed the motion. Kennedy won out on this in the end in that although a lower court supported the citation, a higher court held it invalid.

3) The McCarthy forces proposed a bill in the Senate11 that would have had an effect of requiring witnesses at senatorial committee hearings to testify without the protection of the Fifth Amendment.12 Kennedy opposed the bill, which was killed.

I would appreciate your letting me know -- as soon as you can, because we are ready to put the book in galleys and the galleys are quite widely distributed -- what you decide in connection with the above. Let me repeat that we do not wish to try to influence you in any way and are just presenting the facts as we know them.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Joe Morris but, except for him, no one outside of this office will be advised in any way about this correspondence.

Sincerely yours,

Cass Canfield

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt

211 East 62nd Street

New York, New York

Cass Canfield:rj


[cc: Mr. Morris]

[P.S. The "Face the Nation" transcript comes to me from one of my associates who worked with Kennedy on his books. My associate is something of a Kennedy admirer but in no sense authorized to represent the Senator.]


Housing Fiasco .

Rock Hill Herald - Oct 27, 1953

... at the Savannah River h-bomb plant near Aiken as a "housing fiasco," George mcmillan writes in Harper's Magazine of a mixture of errors, waste and failure.

Almost As Smelly As Teapot Dome .

Eugene Register-Guard - Nov 29, 1953

The outlines of "the big botch" are provided by George mcmillan in the current issue of Harper's. At least 20 millions seem to have been wasted in project ...

Evan Thomas's son, Evan, co-wrote the homage to Kennan, McCloy, et al, titled "The Six Wise Men."

Cold War historian John Lewis Gaddis finishes biography of...

Gainesville Sun - Apr 29, 2012

Evan Thomas, whose book "The Wise Men" includes a chapter on Kennan, says Gaddis is a "master" who makes an "honest effort to cut through cant and ideology. ...

Cold War historian finishes epic on George Kennan | Fox News

Fox News - Apr 19, 2012

Evan Thomas, whose book "The Wise Men" includes a chapter on Kennan, says Gaddis is a "master" who makes an "honest effort to cut through cant and ideology. ...

The victors got to write the history, Len. They ingrained themselves (bought) so deeply in the lives of some of the losers that the effect seemed to be to silence them. Priscilla Johnson McMillan has no credibility, given her background, but do the Kennedys and Bouviers have much, either? Didn't everyone get what they thought they wanted, 50 years ago?

I'm hoping that just being 85 years old, next year, will be enough to silence here, but if not, maybe it can be done through presenting more facts about her background. Her she was in the 45th year.:

Why assassination talk is taboo - The New York Times


Jun 4, 2008 – Why assassination talk is taboo. By Priscilla Johnson McMillan ... when Hillary Clinton raised the specter of Robert Kennedy's assassination 40

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Guest Tom Scully

Michael Canfield Of Harper And Row Family Dies At 43 .

news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1928&dat...id...sjid... Dec 22, 1969

of Harper and How's senior editor, Cass Canfield, died of a heart attack Saturday ... Before that, he was an aide to Winthrop Aldrich when Aldrich was US ambas ...

So...it was all Harpers...all of the time....How, why?


New York Times - Apr 23, 1967

Mrs. Priscilla Johnson MacMillan, the Russian scholar and former foreign correspondent who will translate the memoirs of Svetlana Alliluyeva, met Stalin's .


Priscilla's sister Eunice was a "minder," too.:

Learning About American Shoppin .

Reading Eagle - Apr 29, 1967

Mrs. Svetlana Alliluyeva, left, and companion, Mrs. Eunice Rolla Campbell, of Oyster Bay, are apparently caught unaware by photographer as they shop at sub .

Eunice later divorced Dr. Campbell, who had a Bush - typical background:

Paid Notice - Deaths CAMPBELL, DR. ROLLA D. JR. - Paid...

nytimes.com - Feb 21, 2008

CAMPBELL--Dr. Rolla D. Jr., of Hobe Sound, FL and Fishers Island, NY, died ... A native of Huntington, West Virginia, Dr. Campbell graduated from Exeter Academy, Harvard, and the Columbia College of Physicians....


October 2009

A Clash of Camelots Cover Story

Within months of J.F.K.’s death, the president’s widow asked William Manchester to write the authorized account of the assassination. He felt he couldn’t refuse her. Two years later, nearly broken by the task, Manchester found himself fighting a bitter, headline-making battle with Jackie and Bobby Kennedy over the finished book. The author chronicles the toll Manchester’s 1967 best-seller, The Death of a President, exacted—physically, emotionally, and financially—before it all but disappeared....

....Evan Thomas had tried valiantly to negotiate from the middle, hoping to preserve his friendship with the Kennedys, his loyalty to his author, and his desire to publish The Death of a President. But working with Bobby was not easy. “My memory is that he was loyal as all hell to Jackie,” Thomas’s son says. As the struggle between the warring factions continued, Jackie summoned Thomas and Cass Canfield to a l0 p.m. meeting at her Fifth Avenue apartment. “Last night,” Thomas wrote in a letter—curiously, dated November 22, 1966—“Mrs. Kennedy charged me with responsibility for the Look first serialization … and various other acts of irresponsibility. The width and depth of her charges were so all encompassing that I was, for a change, speechless.” Thomas’s son describes a chilling moment: “As they’re leaving, Jackie is hugging Cass—they were old buddies and social equals—and she leans over Cass’s shoulder and whispers to my father, ‘I’m going to ruin you.’”....

A. CASS CANFIELD'S WILL.; Estate, Believed to be Worth ...


MINEOLA, L.I., April 20. 1904 -- The will of A. Cass Canfield of Roslyn, who died in Aiken, S.C., last month, was offered for probate in Surrogate Seabury's court today. The estate is supposed to be worth $20,000,000, but the value is not mentioned in the documents filed. .... two daughters, Laura H.. and Mary C. Canfield, and a son, A. Cass Canfield,


New York Times - May 25, 1922

The wedding of Cass Canfield, a son of Mrs. Frank Gray Griswold by her first husband, and Miss Katharine Temple Emmet, a daughter of Mrs. William Temple...



University Marshal Cabot Dies Suddenly Saturday

Expert on Unemployment


Published: Monday, December 17, 1956

Powell M. Cabot '18, University Marshal, died Saturday in the New England Baptist Hospital. He was also business manager of the laboratory of physical chemistry related to medicine and public health.

Cabot, who graduated in 1917, after three years, returned from service in World War I to spend a year at the College as a tutor in the Department of History, Government, and Economics. He left in 1920 and was associated with the New York Evening Post until 1924.

After serving as business manager for a weekly magazine, the Independent, he helped found The Sportsman and remained with it until it folded in 1937. Leverett Saltonstall '14, Governor of Massachusetts, appointed Cabot to head the state Development and Industrial Commission in 1939.

He was also assistant director of the Division of Employment Security before World War II, and later director for Massachusetts of the United States Employment Service. When the functions of USES were turned over to the War Manpower Commission, he was also named director. He was appointed to the state fish and game board in 1954.

Three Children Survive

Cabot leaves three children: Lt. (j.g.) Powell M. Cabot, Jr. '53; Lucy C. Cabot, now at the Harvard-Radcliffe School of Business Administration; and Robert C. Cabot '60. Three brothers also survive him: Henry B. Cabot '17, Charles C. Codman '22, and Paul C. Cabot '21.


Charles Codman Cabot Born November 22, 1900

Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.[1] Died 1976

Cabot was born in Brookline, Massachusetts.[1] His father was Henry Bromfield Cabot, a lawyer.[2] His mother was Anna McMasters Codman Cabot.[3] He had five siblings:[2][3] Henry Bromfield Cabot Jr. (b. 1894), Powell Mason Cabot (b. 1896), Paul Codman Cabot (b. 1898), cofounder of America's first mutual fund[4] and "Harvard's [Endowment] Midas,"[5] Anne M. Cabot (b. 1903), and Susan M. Cabot (b. 1907).

Cabot graduated from Harvard College, and Harvard Law School.[6]


Cabot was a law partner of a prominent Boston law firm, and an associate justice of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts from 1943-1947.[7] He was also the World War II U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey secretariat.[8]

Cabot was president of the Boston Bar Association[9] from 1950 to 1952. He was on the Board of Directors of the Pioneer Fund from 1950 until 1973,[6] and president of the Harvard Alumni Association.[7] ....


July 1963


The impregnable Boston Symphony:

Mr. Cabot meets the chorus crasher

By Joseph Roddy and Henry B. Cabot

....In 1956, career U.S. diplomat, Robert O. Gates married CIA's Charles S. Whitehouse's sister, Sylvia.

My last post here details the names of the ushers in the 1955 wedding of CIA's Albert Bradley Carter, Jr., including known CIA Thomas Devine and Andre Rheault, later named CIA Edwin Curtiss "Buff" Bohlen, as well as Charles and Sylvia Whitehouse's first cousin, Alexander Aldrich, Henry Brunie's stepson, Charles Hubbard, Henry Cabot of Boston, and best man, later linked to the CIA by PD Scott, W. Palmer Dixon.

Henry Cabot was also an usher in the Alexander Aldrich's wedding.

So, the wedding of Sylvia Whitehouse is also noteworthy because hers and her brother Charles' mother is the sister of Alexander Aldrich's mother. Besides Edward Freers and CIA's Andre Rheault and Charles Whitehouse, another usher in the Sylvia Whitehouse-Robert O. Gates wedding is J. Woodward Redmond, son-in-law of Winthrop Aldrich and brother-in-law of his son, Alexander Aldrich.

John McCloy was the Rockefeller family lawyer and he had taken the position at Chase bank formerly held by Winthrop Aldrich.

Just a month befor the 1956 Gates-Whitehouse wedding, Edward Freers was also an usher in the wedding of Stuart Wesson Rockwell, the U.S. Ambassador in Tehran in 1953, during the Mossadegh coup. Other ushers in Rockwell's wedding were Marshall Green, U.S. Ambassador in Indonesia, who reportedly took an active role in the "emergence" of General Suharto, and D. Chadwick Braggiotti, a U.S. diplomat whose sister was married to the brother of Henry Cabot Lodge.:...

Robert G. Stone, Jr. was accused of buying GW Bush out of Harken Energy, and Stone's brother was David B. Stone.:



Pay-Per-View - Daily Boston Globe - Nov 7, 1949

TheSpotlight ball committee includes Gordon Abbott Jr Louis L Allen Harcourt Amory Jr Henry B Cabot Jr Albert B Carter Jr Benjamin H Gaylord Arthur H King Roger A Perry Jr M Rackemann and Richard H Soule Others working on the committee are David B Stone and John R Suydam Jr .

....The obituaries of Albert Carter and Andre Rheault say that they were CIA, as do the wikipedia pages of Thomas Devine and Charles Whitehouse. It just seems to me that the wedding parties of Albert B. Carter, Jr. and Alexander Aldrich were chock full of CIA. Even some of the other ushers who are not identified as CIA, draw my interest. Charles Hubbard, the fellow usher of Edwin Bohlen, Thomas Devine, Alexander Aldrich, and Andre Rheault, (all chosen by the grrom, Albert B. Carter, Jr. of the CIA....) happened to be the step-son of Henry Brunie, the boss of Jack Crichton, and the best man in John McCloy's wedding. Brunie's wife, Anna Fuller Hubbard, the mother of Charles Hubbard, was an outstanding tennis player in the 1920s and 30s who competed against ....


Alison Devine, William Bardeen - New York Times

New York Times - Sep 23, 2007

She is the daughter of Alix Mills Devine and Thomas J. Devine of New York. ... member of Nine Exploration, an oil and gas exploration company in Dallas.


Updated 3/30/2011 - This profile of Nine Exploration LLC was created using data from Texas Secretary of State


David S Crockett

Thomas J Devine


Stonetex Oil Corp. Company Profile - Located in Dallas, TX - David ...

- 1:15am

Mar 30, 2011 – Stonetex Oil Corp. has a location in Dallas, TX. Active officers include David S Crockett, Thomas J Devine, Jacob F Brown and David B Stone.


Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible ... - Page 341

Russ Baker - 2009 - 592 pages - Google eBook - Preview

... spoke with Robert G. Stone Jr., the longtime chairman of the seven-member Harvard Corporation, the university's ... Most in- triguingly, Stone turns out to have been in business with the “former” CIA officer Thomas J. Devine. ..

Next post; Why did Svetlana Stalin require a translator / co-author ?

On edit, I just read this excerpt, posted tonight on another thread.:

(quote name='David Lifton' timestamp='1337639693' post='253004']

...................Again let me repeat what I told Myra, based on the 14 years during which I knew Marina (I first met her in Jan 1981, when B.E. was published) and spoke to her often: you can ignore/discount those who subscribe to the false notion that "Marina is lying" or that "Marina made it up." She did neither. This was the reality, as presented to her by Lee--and with which she had to deal. She also poured her heart out to Priscilla McMillan, and that's why these same things appear in that book. (It was not McMillan's fault--is what I am saying). ........


But. . back to the term "gaslighting".

Look it up. Read all about it.

Happy reading.



Good...because I was concerned that something was amiss, RE: Canfield /Harper & Row / CIA, the McMillans, Cabots, and Rockefellers !

Edited by Tom Scully
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Your problem with Johnson is that you do not like what she said about LHO. Can you can explain in say 200 words or less why she was not credible?

As for Canfeild based on his letter to Roosevelt he was pro-JFK, what was your point? Try to keep your answer to that to under 100 words

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Guest Tom Scully


My "problem" with Johnson McMillan is that details I've uncovered in my research, begun only specifically to her during this month of May, 2012, tend to support the suspicions / skepticism of her own long stated assertions of being unaffiliated with U.S. government agencies as, for example, the CIA or the Department of State.

Who "ran" Priscilla and George McMillan, on behalf and at the behest of whom?

Whose name is obviously missing in this April, 1967, CIA internal report?




Len, I doubt Canfield, as editor and publisher of Eleanor Roosevelt's book, did much more than permit the letter to

her to be sent over his name and signature. I posted the letter because I was impressed with the research capabilities of the

Harper & Row staff supporting its editors and the authors Harper & Row promoted. I can show Canfield walking arm in arm with

Cord Meyer. Charles Bartlett seemed "pro JFK," too. I have presented Bartlett as walking arm in arm with Prescott and GHW Bush, and with Cord Meyer.

I read these pieces by Peter R. Whitmey for the first time ever, just since reading your (challenge ?) post. If I had been familiar with Whitmey's research on Johnson McMillan and her former husband, George, I probably would not have been curious enough to look for what I have found, James A. Thomas, Jr., his sister, maid of honor of bride Clover Dulles Jebsen, and Harper & Row's Cass Canfield. Whitmey did not discover them, despite his many paragraphs.:

Priscilla and Lee: Before and After the Assassination - Part Two - by Peter R. Whitmey

....Finally, it was pointed out that Mrs. McMillan, who "was a member of President Kennedy's staff when he was a Senator," was "now working on a book with Marina Oswald, the widow of the assassin. It is being published by Harper & Row, which also issued William Manchester's The Death of a President." No date of publication was given, however, for the collaborative effort that seems much like Priscilla's agreement with Svetlana Allileuva.

In its May 26, 1967 edition (p. 54), Time again reported on the latest developments related to Svetlana's memoirs, stating that contracts with Harper & Row, Book-of-the-Month Club, Life and the New York Times amounted to an incredible figure of $1.2 million, even though "none of the buyers has read the book." The magazine pointed out that it was "still in the process of being translated into English by Priscilla MacMillan (sic) at her family's home on Long Island..." No mention was made of Mrs. McMillan's earlier interview with Oswald nor her extensive involvement with Marina. As for why Miss Allileuva ended up staying with the McMillans and Stuart Johnson - clearly an arrangement made with the approval of the State Department - no such explanation was given. The possibility that Priscilla McMillan was not just a translator but an intelligence analyst for either the CIA or the State Department (or both), of course, was never considered....

To be quite candid, Len, the more I discover about the people around JFK and Jackie, and I won't call them their friends because it would be an admission that they "were their friends," or were clueless about choosing friends and confidants, the closer I come to taking seriously the absurd idea that JFK was steered to Jackie by his political enemies and then they were groomed as a couple.

Billings, Bartlett, Walton, Bradlee and Jackie acted like and had backgrounds like a better developed version of the character Jim Carey played in the movie. "The Truman Show," might have surrounded himself with. My darkest suspicion is that JFK was witting and "was" who his friends and his wife were.

5 US GROUPS PUSH A WORLD ASSEMBLY; Petition Byrnes to ...

New York Times - Jan 16, 1946

The cablegram, made public by Americans United for World Organizations, Inc., ... council, World Federalists; Fritz voa Windegger, chairman, Missouri State Committee for ... Other signers included Henry B. Cabot, Cass Canfield, Leo Cherne, .

Blunders of Leaders Stress Need for World Government

Christian Science Monitor - Nov 17, 1947

Others present were Carl Van Doren, author; Edgar Ansel Mowrer, newspaper columnist and author, and Cass Canfield, President of Harper & Bros., New York



Chicago Tribune - Apr 19, 1948

Cord Meyer Jr., war veteran, president of United World Federal- ists, Inc., and ... Cass Canfield, chairman of Har- per and Brothers, publishers, will speak on


New York Times - May 16, 1948

Cord Meyer Jr., national president of the United World Federalists, Inc., ... Cass Canfield, vice president of! the national organization and chairman of the board

VOICE MUST DROP WORKS OF LEFTISTS; Agency Reveals Dulles order and

Declares Its Libraries Will Ban Books by Fast

New York Times - Feb 20, 1953 WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 -- The Senate subcommittee investigating the Voice of America was told today that the State Department had ordered yesterday that no material from books or other works of Communists or other controversial authors be used, under any conditions, in the American drive to pierce the Iron Curtain with the truth about democracy....

...Advisory Board Members...

Cass Canfield, chairman of the board of Harper Bros. Keyes D. Metcalf, director of i libraries at Harvard University. Martin R.P. McGuire, a professor at Catholic University, Robert L. Crowell, of the Thomas Y. Crowell ... Mr. McGuire headed the advisory committee's subcommittee on books abroad, which recommended that 'the content of the product, not authorship *** be the primary criterion," but with consideration given to careful evaluation as to whether the material used would be throroughly helpful to American counter-propaganda against the propaganda unleashed by the Soviet and its satellite countries.


.....In 1952, Fast ran for Congress on the American Labor Party ticket. During the 1950s he also worked for the Communist newspaper, the Daily Worker. In 1953, he was awarded the Stalin Peace Prize. Later in the decade, Fast broke with the Party over issues of conditions in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

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Your problem with Johnson is that you do not like what she said about LHO. Can you can explain in say 200 words or less why she was not credible?

As for Canfeild based on his letter to Roosevelt he was pro-JFK, what was your point? Try to keep your answer to that to under 100 words

Can you give any credible evidence as to why you assume/believe she is credible lol...?? Come on Len, surely you know of Johnson's history and connections.

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Guest Tom Scully

CONFIELD TO QUIT AS HARPER'S CHIEF; Son to Get His Board Seat -Harwood New Chairman in Major Job Shuffle SHIFT SET NEXT MONTH After Stepping Down, the Publisher Will Stay on as a Senior Editor

New York Times - Jul 12, 1967

Cass Canfield, the chairman of the executive committee of Harper Row, will step down next month as chief executive of the publishing house, a position he has held for 36 years...

Cass Canfield, 70, Plans a Busy Career as Editor; Past and...

New York Times - Aug 20, 1967

"I have more projects under way than ever and it s Roing to take more than a 12hour-day to get them done." or India ay young novelist Ved MPhta, an anthology of true spy stories by Allen W. Dulles, former head of .

Allen W. Dulles, CIA Director From 1953 to 1961, Dies at...

New York Times - Jan 31, 1969

There he wrote "The Craft of Intelligence" in 1963 and "The Secret Surrender" in 1966. Last year he edited "Great True Spy Stories," an anthology of modern .


'Ail?/.7en W. /D'trilies*,


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML

He served his coun- try in the great tradition of his ... for the spy-in-chief post includ- ed his work as head of the ..... isuspected that the real cause of the Russians' ..


jfk.hood.edu/Collection/.../Svetlana/Svetlana%20Alliluyeva.xlsFile Format: Microsoft Excel - View as HTML

41, Svetlana 040, 07/22/67, New York Times, Month Delay Asked On Alliluyeva Book, NA, CIA-Svetlana Alliluyeva. 42, Svetlana 041, 07/29/67, New York Times ...



New York Times - Jul 22, 1967Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., the historian, has urged Harper Row to postpone publication of Svetlana Alliluyeva's memoirs until after Nov. 7, the 50th anniversary of .


New York Times - Feb 16, 1968

Cass Canfield Jr. has been selected to succeed Evan W. Thomas 2d as head of the general book division of Harper Row, the 150-year-old publishing house

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Tom I take your inability to make a coherent case against Johnson or Canfield as compelling evidence you don't have one. Yes if you go through enough degrees of separation you can tie together just about everyone in the northeastern WASP establishment. Johnson worked as a translator the book by Stalin's daugther, she applied for the CIA but was rejected, she related to Dulles or his wife, AND?

Ditto with Canfield, he was strongly anti-Communist during the Stalin era, so were the Kennedy's and people their left.

I don't think anyone here matches you as a researcher, but you have difficulty sorting the meaningful from the meaningless and spelling out a coherent case. I couldn't even figure out why you posted many of the snippets you did. You seem to be taking a thow spaghetti against the wall approach.

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Guest Tom Scully


Did you read the three page, internal CIA report I posted links to?


It is dated a few days after the following NY Times article was published, containing this :


....Mr. Greenbaum returned here March 30. That weekend he went to his old

friend, Cass Canfield, chairman of Harper & Row. He found Evan Thomas,

executive vice president of Harper & Row, with Mr. Canfield. It was a

fortunate call, Mr. Canfield was leaving the next day for an extended ab-

sence from the country....

...Mr. Canfield authorized Mr. Thomas to carry on the negotiations. All that

remained were the questions of money and publication....

The three page, CIA report on the matters covered in the NY Times article excerpted above, includes the name of every key person

mentioned in the NY Times aticle, except...... Canfield.

Over at the thread you started a protest thread in reaction to, a main objection is that no on suspects controversy where Ralph and Jim claim it is so obvious. Peter R. Whitmey wrote in depth about Johnson McMillan, and he missed the following:

The connection between the Dulles family and the man who reported Stuart H. Johnson missing.

The Aiken, SC connection between Cass Canfield and family, and Aiken writer, George McMillan, who served with Canfield at the Office of War Information

Canfield and Dulles puit out the final book associated with Dulles, and probably others, I haven't looked yet.

Canfield escapes all of the scruitny his underling, Evan Thomas, attracted instead, from the media, authors, the CIA, and for example, Jim DiEugenio.

Canfield is a find, I don't think I've overstated that. He and Priscilla are not what they seem as presented, historically. Did you read Whitmey's comments about the news service Priscilla was representing when she interviewed Oswald?

This is a forum where researchers share and discuss research. You are the only member who has challenged me about the importance I am placing on what I've uncovered and presented. I would like to know why you seem to think there isn't much to any of this? Should Whitmey have not gone as far as he did. considering he was missing some interesting coincidences/ Do you find it odd there was so little written about George McMillan? Whitmey seemed to have known nothing of his background, describing him as a television reporter.

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Tom let's flip your point around, can you point to any member's here with the possible exception of B.A. who think what you've "discovered" important. How can I explain why I don't think it's significant? IMO nothing you've posted undermines their credibility.

What parts of Johnson's article do you think she made up? Did LHO ever denying saying anything she attributed to him? Do you reject the notion backed by many here that he was some sort of intel op?

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Guest Tom Scully

Len, what I've found is that a man named F. Skiddy von Stade, Jr. has a startling number of coincidental connections.


In his biography, GHW Bush describes F. von Stade, uncle of opera singer Frederica von Stade as an old friend, writing to Bush during F. von Stade's 14 day holiday at Aiken, SC.

F. von Stade aka F. Skiddy von Stade, Jr., is as Cass Canfield and George McMillan, a man from Aiken, SC.

He graduated from Harvard in 1938 and was assistant dean, and later dean of freshman, during a 38 years long Harvard career.

von Stade knew George L. Keenan and his wife, Joan, from the 1950's to the 1970's.

von Stade served on a Locust Valley, LI equestrian committee in 1958 with James A. Thomas, Jr.

We can assume von Stade was acquainted with Stuart H. Johnson.

von Stade's late brother Charles's wife was a secretary at CIA and the mother of opera singer, Frederica von Stade.

She was also the first cousin of Charles Clucas, married in 1954 to Phyliss DeMohrenschildt, daughter of a CIA executive and a CIA employee, herself. Charles Clucas was divorced from Phyllis in 1959 and then married Celia de Gersdorff, daughter of Washington Post's Ben Bradlee's mother's uncle.

Edited by Tom Scully
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The problem Len is you don't connect dots and if a hypothesis is not proven with absolute certainty you cry foul, which is nonsense. What Scully has happened across is absolutely significant, primarily because of the connections established as well as a context. The main idea of Scully's discoveries for me personally?, Intricate connections that are of some measure of importance in context.

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