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Journalists Remember The JFK Assassination

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I was there when this program was recorded, thanks to Wes Wise.

I walked with Tink Thompson from the COPA conference at the Union Station to the TSBD where this took place on the 7th floor.

I had a tape recorder and was audio recording the proceedings but was told by security to turn it off, so I'm glad that now, twenty years later, everyone can learn what went on.

Having recorded a tour of Dallas assassination hot spots with Wes Wise the previous day, I will soon post my story of that interview soon.


JFKcountercoup: May 29th Movement - Free the JFK Files Now

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The Dallas conference I linked to took place at SMU, not the TSBD.

Yea, I was in Dallas when that one happened too.

I didn't think the Sixth Floor would release the one they did.

They should post all of the oral histories they have done as recorded and with transcripts.

They keep asking for new material but can't share what they already have.



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