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“Operation Berkshire”: the international tobacco companies' conspiracy

Advocates of tobacco control worldwide have long suspected collusion among major international tobacco companies over their refusal to acknowledge that smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other serious diseases. Tobacco industry documents now available on the internet disclose the establishment of a conspiracy between Philip Morris, R J Reynolds, British-American Tobacco, Rothmans, Reemtsma, and UK tobacco companies Gallaher and Imperial, dating from 1977. The documents also disclose the objects of the conspiracy: basically, to protect the industry's commercial interests both by promoting controversy over smoking and disease and through strategies directed at reassuring smokers.

The documents also disclose the means of implementing the conspiracy by utilising national manufacturers' associations coordinated through the International Committee on Smoking Issues, later to become the International Tobacco Information Centre. We expose the formation of the conspiracy and its objectives and means of implementation over the ensuing decades.



Colby also became known as a strident industry partisan.

Colby, Frank Gerhardt, Ph.D.

(RJR R&D Research Director) R.J. Reynolds scientist. He was employed by RJR as head of then-to-be-founded Scientific Library and Information Division in 1951, Manager of Scientific Information Division 1965-1979, Associate Director of Scientific Information in 1980, and employed by Jacob Medinger & Finnegan as Chief Scientist in 1983.

Frank Gerhardt Colby


  • 1973-07-12: BUSINESS: RJR senior scientist Frank Colby sends Blevins a memo suggesting that the company "develop a new RJR youth-appeal brand based on the concept of going back--at least halfway--to the technological design of the Winston and other filter cigarettes of the 1950s," a cigarette which "delivered more 'enjoyment' or 'kicks' (nicotine)." Colby said that "for public relations reasons it would be impossible to go back all the way to the 1955-type cigarettes."

  • ============================================
    Dr. Colby of RJR critized this Pesticides Residue 4657 Subcommittee project for being too broad and too costly. Dry. 4658 Colby wanted to limit the effort "to include all pesticides Used 4659 practically by tobacco farmers in substantial amounts over 4660 periods of three years or more.ln the U.S. and in countries from 4661 which the U.S. imports tobaccos for cigarettes since 1946 -- 4662 regardless of whether or ~t'still used today." Dr. Colby felt 4663 that the Subcommittee's proposed effort would be too costly, that 4664 the cost had been underestimated, and that far more information 4665 than was necessary would be compiled. 4666 359 360 361 362 -126-



Frank Colby, even proposed hiring outside experts to obfuscate:

“I feel reasonably certain that it should not be too difficult to find

prominent experts in the area of addiction who would write a ‘position paper’,

clearly showing that smoking is not an ‘addictive drug’.”

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Did you start this thread to discuss the work of men like Frank Colby, Steven? Or to simply harass Len Colby?

If the former, what questions do you have?

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  • Smoking:
    • R. Peto, "Mortality from tobacco in developed countries: indirect estimation from national vital statistics", Lancet, 23 May 1992:
      • 1930-59: 11,000,000
      • 1960s: 9,000,000
      • 1970s: 13,000,000
      • 1980s: 17,000,000
      • 1990s: 21,000,000
      • TOTAL (1930-1999): 71,000,000 tobacco-related deaths in developed countries. (US, Europe, USSR, Canada, Japan, Australia, NZ)

      [*]Note: Although the bulk of humanity lives outside developed countries, tobacco-related deaths are not as common there, largely because the average Third World life expectancy does not leave enough time to develop cancer and heart disease. Ditto for the developed world prior to 1930. Basically, smoking is a rich man's way to die.

      [*]The World Health Organization estimates that 3 million people die each year worldwide from tobacco, which becomes 900,000 3rd-Worlders when we subtract the 2.1 million 1st- and 2nd-Worlders calculated by Peto (yearly average for the 1990s, above). This indicates some 9 million tobacco deaths in non-developed countries during the 1990s and (using the same ratio) perhaps 5 million during the 1980s. If we continue this ratio all the way back, we get an even hundred million deaths by tobacco worldwide; however, as Peto puts it, "the epidemic is generally at an earlier stage," so the tobacco-related mortality rate in the third world was relatively low before 1980. Let's add only another 5 million for the years

      Tobacco industry interference is the theme of this year’s World No Tobacco Day, which takes place on 31 May 2012.The campaign will focus on the need to expose and counter the tobacco industry's brazen and increasingly aggressive attempts to undermine global tobacco control efforts. prior to 1980, bringing the century total up to 90,000,000.

      + link Read more about World No Tobacco Day 2012


      Frank Colby was the main scientific "PRO" 'smoking isnt bad' man for BIG tobacco. I think he is responsible for millions of deaths

      [*]Question Why does Speer defend this lying ?????????????



      see link http://www.who.int/tobacco/en/ (above link here)

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Steven, you have every right to post information about the tobacco industry's conspiracy to addict and deceive its customers. Your singling out one person as the one most responsible--who just happens to have the same last name as one of this forum's members--however, appears to be harassment.

That was the nature of my question. It was not a defense of those conspiring to addict and deceive the public.

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TO REPEAT WORLD NO SMOKING DAY MAY 31, 2012 see link http://www.who.int/tobacco/en/


Colby is an archetype of the lying scientist. Decade after decade working with lawyers,legislatures, and public relation media ,Colby promulgated the scentific lies that advanced pro smoking agenda.RJR would even propagandize in a letter to a elementary school teacher. 'Teacher is smoking bad ??' He helped kill millions. Are we to believe FDA scientists about new drug approval or NIST scientists about 911 ? Pharmacuetical lies about Vioxx is another good example. I dont take establishment scientists at face value as some do.


A 1963 letter to an elementary school teacher from RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company assured the teacher that: “medical science has been unable to establish that smoking has a direct causal link with any human disease.”12

================== VIOXX



The whole class of drugs that VIOXX was part of are propably bad.


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