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Strange Happenings in Seattle

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Truthers frequently claim that Bush staying at the Emma Booker Elementary School in Sarasota FL after the 2nd crash on 9/11 was suspicious if not a ‘smoking gun’. Obviously he and his entourage knew what was going on or they would have quickly removed him from the building. Not doing so not put their lives as well as those of the staff and students at risk.

Odd then that a Truther event in Seattle was moved a few blocks away but not cancelled after supposedly receiving a threat that it and one of its participants would be the targets of a terrorist attack.

In an ironic turn of events, a
presentation had to be relocated to a new venue after the speaker and founder of the organization, Dr. James Fetzer, received terror threats.

The presentation was to occur at 7:00 pm this evening at the University Heights Community Center. However, when UHCC received a letter containing numerous threats to "kill" Dr. Fetzer and to "firebomb" the school facilities, the event was cancelled.

According to a Meetup email message from
, the decision to cancel was made collaboratively between UHCC and
, as they did not want to risk the lives of any students who may be in the facilities.

The organizers of the event scrambled to find a new location and succeeded at the last minute. The event is now scheduled to occur at 7:00 tonight at University Temple United Methodist Church in

What was never explained was how moving the event half a mile away and publicly announcing the new location would have reduced the risk. Since the church was a much smaller building it would have been much harder to secure. But the story had a relatively happing ending Fetzer and his buddy, Holocaust denier Nicholas Kollerstrom, gave their presentations without incident or much of an audience “20 attended” which I assume included the organizers.





Hat tip SLC Blog


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