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"Jinx" Falkenburg & Tex McCrary - Jock Whitney, CIA - Mockingbird, Skull & Bones, and Lansky

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully

Miss Stanwyck To Be Starred In Other Love' .

‎Deseret News - Mar 6, 1946

Jinx Falkenburg and Tex McCrary have rented the guest house on Jock Whitney's estate in Manhassett, Long Island, and moved in last week. They will stay...

Tex McCrary: Wars, Women, Politics : an Adventurous Life Across ... - Google Books Result

books.google.com/books?isbn=0761844554...Charles J. Kelly - 2009 - Biography & Autobiography - 256 pages

Page 146

.....On another program, Tex picked up the story which he had heard on election night when U.E. Baughman, Chief of the U.S. Secret Service, had briefed Eisenhower on security matters. He began the program, “In such a world as we face today, our guest has a very special mission. He is U.E. Baughman, Chief of the Secret Service. Chief, could you explain just what your job is? In the beginning the Secret Service was formed to catch counterfeiters. What's your job now?” The Chief took out of his pocket a little cloth, opened it on the table, and removed something that looked like a wad of chewing gum. He poked it with a red pen. Tex asked, “What's that thing?” He said, “That is to remind us of what our job is. This is the bullet that killed President Lincoln.” Years later, when Tex thought about Kennedy's assassination and Reagan being shot, he remembered Baughman's statement....

Page 167

.....Jock died in 1982, Betsey lived until 1992. Whitney estate lawyers served an eviction notice on Jinx the day following Betsey's death. [Footnote: Jinx attended a birthday party for Tex at the Racquet and Tennis Club and my wife, Maggie, and I .....

I had never heard of Jinx & Tex, until I stumbled onto this:

Clinton County Times - Apr 2, 1942

Behind the Scenes in Hollywood by Harrison Carroll

family reunion for Jinx Falkenburg. Since the war, members of her family have been flocking to York from all over the world.

They now include 23 aunts, uncles and cousins. One of them. Robert mcatee was the former United. States consul general in Yugoslavia. Other branches of the family have arrived fropm Antwerp and Barcelona.

The Foreign Service

New York Times - Oct 27, 1940

Robert B. MacAtee of Front Royal, Ya., consul at Belgrade. Yugoslavia, also designated first secretary o! legation. Karl L. Rankin of New York, attache at ...

Government to Be Moved

New York Times - Apr 6, 1941

The Yugoslavia Government was in emergency session early today while, with Yugoslav-Axis ... Robert B. Macatee, the United States Consul, will accompany the ..

There is still much we don't know. Do you mind if I keep looking, and sharing what I find?


Charles Whitehouse; Decorated Pilot, CIA Official and Envoy

July 05, 2001|From The Washington Post

....Whitehouse was born in Paris, the son of a career diplomat, and raised in Europe and South America. He served in the Navyand then in the Marine Corps. He was decorated with 21 Air Medals and seven Distinguished Flying Crosses.

He graduated from Yale University before coming to Washington and joining the CIA. He was posted to Congo, Turkey, Cambodia and Belgium before transferring to the State Department as a Foreign Service officer. He was then posted to South Africa.

Whitehouse returned to Washington in the 1960s and graduated from the National War College in 1966. He was posted to Guinea before being assigned in 1969 to South Vietnam as the diplomat in charge of the pacification program for the country's central region. Whitehouse directed aid and military activity against Communist forces.

He returned to Washington in 1971, serving as acting assistant secretary of State for East Asian affairs. He went back to

Vietnam in 1972 to become deputy ambassador to Ellsworth Bunker.

When Bunker left in 1973, Whitehouse became ambassador to Laos and served there until becoming ambassador to Thailand in 1975. In that nation, he faced new difficulties, having to allay concerns over massive Cambodian and Laotian refugee camps

and internal opposition to the U.S. military and intelligence presence in Thailand.

He returned to the United States and served in 1982 and 1983 as president of the American Foreign Service Assn. In 1988, he was appointed the first assistant secretary of Defense for special operations and low-density conflict, a post he held until 1989.

In 1993, the retired Whitehouse focused his attention on Disney's plans to develop 3,000 acres in Haymarket, Va. The development had the support of then-Virginia Gov. George Allen, legislators, Prince William County politicians and most of the Washington-area business establishment.....


Alan Davidson, 79, an Envoy Who Loved the Kitchen, Dies


Published: December 05, 2003

Alan Davidson, a diplomat whose passion for food and its history led him to write indispensable works on seafood and to edit the comprehensive Oxford Companion to Food, died on Tuesday in London. He was 79.....

....Alan Eaton Davidson, the son of a Scottish tax inspector, was born in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. His studies in the classics at Queen's College, Oxford, were interrupted in 1943 by service in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, which he left as a lietuenant in 1946 after seeing action in the Pacific, North Atlantic and Mediterranean.

In 1948 he joined the Foreign Office, serving in Washington, The Hague, Cairo and Tunis. While in Washington, he married Jane Macatee, an American. She and the couple's three daughters -- Caroline, Jennifer and Pamela -- survive him.

From 1968 to 1971, Mr. Davidson served in Brussels as head of chancery of the British delegation to NATO. After two years as Britain's ambassador to Laos, he retired from the foreign service in 1975 to devote himself full time to food writing......

JANE MACATEE A FIANCEE; Will Be Wed to Alan Davidson of ...

New York Times - Jul 3, 1951

Robert Berry Macatee have announced the engagement of their daughter, Jane, to Alan Davidson, son of Mr, and Mrs. William John Davidson of New Maiden, ....

There is no google search result for this wedding announcement article, perhaps because it displays bridesmaid Priscilla Johnson of Locust Valley ?


WENDY IGLEHART ENGAGED TO WED; Daughter of-President of ...

New York Times - Mar 6, 1943

... Iglehart Hal Phyfe WENDY IGLEHART ENGAGED TO WED Daughter of- President of WR Grace Co. Bride-Elect of Lt. Douglas McCrary, USNR SHE STUDIED ...


New York Times - May 15, 1946

OLD WESTBURY, LI, May 14 -D. Stewart Iglehart, former president of the Grace Line and WR Grace Co., died this morning at his estate here after a long illness.

A Touch of French Provincial for Shoppers on Long Island;...

New York Times - Jan 8, 1967

... Mrs. Joan W. Payson, the owner. of the New Yorlc Mets, and Mrs. Douglas McCrary, the sister-in-law of the radio personality, Tex McCrary, its quarters were in ...

Eisenhower Appoints Board To Unify Psychological War; Willia...

New York Times - Jan 27, 1953General Eisenhower, as well as Associated Press William H. Jackson John ... Since 1946 he has been managing partner in the investment firm, JH Whitney Co.,

Tex McCrary: Wars, Women, Politics : an Adventurous Life Across ... - Page 166

books.google.comCharles J. Kelly - 2009 - 256 pages - Google eBook - Preview

The Reid family owned the Herald Tribune, and Tex's friend Brownie Reid was managing the paper. Tex had had a column in the ... Jock then set up an operation, JH Whitney & Co., initially run by his lawyer, Bill Jackson. While Jock wanted to ...

  1. Current biography yearbook
    books.google.com H.W. Wilson Company - 1952
    .....William Harding Jackson was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 25,
    1901, the son of William Harding Jackson and the former Anne Davis
    ...In January of 1944 Jackson went to London, to be attached to the intelligence section of American Military Headquarters.
    There he served as chief of intelligence to General Jacob L. Devers, and later as deputy chief of intelligence to General Omar Bradley.
    He was discharged from the Army in August 1945 in the rank of colonel. Upon his return to civilian life Jackson reentered the law firm,of which he was then a senior partner, but left it in 1947 to become a partner in, and managing director of, the investment firm of John Hay Whitney.
    Jackson has explained that change: "My prewar work wasn't satisfying any more. A great many civilian soldiers felt the same way I did."
    According to the column of Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg (New York Herald Tribune, September 15, 1950), Jackson and Whitney "took an aggressive interest in combating dis'- crimination throughout America."....
    Walter Bedell Smith to Direct All American Intelligence

    Pay-Per-View -
    Daily Boston Globe - Aug 19, 1950
    President Truman today picked Lt Gen Walter Bedell Smith, ... Immediatelyafter the of his appointment, Smith picked William H. Jackson, 49, a partner in the ... General Appointed to Head Central...‎ Christian Science Monitor (Pay-Per-View)

  2. Allen Dulles Takes CIA Post

    Pay-Per-View -
    Christian Science Monitor - Aug 25, 1951
    Walter Bedell Smith, CIA, appointed Mr. Dulles to succeed William H. Jackson of Princeton, NJ, who resigned because of the pressure of private business. ... Allen W. Dulles Is Named Central...‎ New York Times ($3.95)

  3. Eisenhower and Advisers In Foreign Policy Parley

    $3.95 -
    New York Times - Jan 15, 1953
    'Walter Bedell Smith, now Director. of the .cen-tral Intelligence Agency, ... Jackson of P15 to make a broad study of psychological warfare policies. ...


Bush, Kerry Share Tippy-Top Secret Yalies Bush and Kerry Share a Patrician Past Of Skull and Bones

By Don Oldenburg

Washington Post Staff Writer

Sunday, April 4, 2004; Page D01

...But the old-boy network couldn't accept women quite as easily. After Yale began admitting women in 1969, the first Bonesmen to try to tap them were in the Class of '71. The attempt was thwarted by outraged patriarchs -- among them McGeorge Bundy, the national security adviser to presidents Kennedy and Johnson; investment banker Jonathan Bush, George W.'s uncle; and John "Tex" McCrary, the public relations legend. They threatened to shut the Tomb for a year and choose the next Bones class themselves.

In 1991, the patriarchs did lock down the Tomb to rebuff that class's intention to tap women. After a lawsuit was filed, women were approved narrowly. Since then, speculates Robbins, Bones has tapped five to eight women per class. ...

Tex McCrary took credit for pushing Eisenhower into the 1952 presidential race while Eisenhower was out of the country, serving in Europe. McCrary was also credited with leaking the details behind this award winning journalism.:

Masters of Paradise: Organized Crime and the Internal Revenue ... - Page 73

books.google.com Alan A. Block - 1998 - 345 pages - Google eBook - Preview

Using a consulting firm called Diversified Services as a cover, Probinsky was one of Pindling's major bag men.52 Pindling's political strategy since the opening of the Monte Carlo casino, with the attendant publicity about organized crime, was to portray the ruling clique as corrupt lackeys of the mob. In 1965 this claim was enhanced by the judicious leaking of incriminating material about crime and corruption in Freeport to influential reporters.

Odd as it may seem on the face of it, this was done by those very close to the gamblers. For instance, the "irresponsible and meddlesome" Tex McCrary, who had excellent contacts with the national press, began leaking stories, s did others associated with Lansky. This was a risky gambit because it was impossible to predict just where reporters with McCrary's leads might go. The plan, or its unforseen consequences, came together on 5 October 1966, when the story of organized crime and corruption in Freeport broke on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Brilliantly researched and written by Stanley Penn (assisted by Monroe W. Karmin), it laid out the seamy history of casino gambling in The Bahamas......

Las Vegas East; U.S. Gamblers Prosper In Bahamas With Help From Island Officials Top Local Political Leaders Grant Casino License, Also Receive Consultants' Fees Is There Link to U.S. Crime? Las Vegas East: U.S. Gamblers Prosper in Bahamas Thanks to Cooperation From Islands' Key Figures

Wall Street Journal Oct 5, 1966

Page 76

books.google.comAlan A. Block - 1998 - 345 pages - Google eBook - Preview

Mary Carter Paint bought out Groves to protect itself from the broadening scandal. The royal commission and news stories convinced Crosby and Mary Carter's management that they had to appear without a taint of organized crime.....



Mary T. Pryor Engaged To Lowell Thomas, Jr.

- Hartford Courant - ProQuest Archiver - Nov 27, 1949

Greenwich, Nov. 26.--(AP.)-- Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. l , .Ir., today the of their daughter. Miss Mnry Taylor Prynr. lo Lowell Thomas, Jr., ...


....(1aa) Samuel Frazier Pryor Jr. and Mary Tay (Alderdice) Pryor's daughter Mary Tay Pryor , on several projects before becoming an Alaskan State Senator in the early 1970s, and later the Lieutenant Governor of Alaska (1974-1978). Today, Lowell Thomas Jr. remains an active bush pilot, environmental activist, and he and his wife Mary Tay (Pryor) Thomas continue to live in Alaska. ....(/quote)


The Seizing of the American Broadcasting Company

This article originally appeared in the February 20-27, 1987 issue of The LA Weekly.

There is an untold story about the ABC television network. It is about how a company in which CIA Director William Casey is a major player took over the network. The least of the questions this raises is whether Casey used his CIA position to help drive down the price of ABC stock, thereby facilitating the takeover. The most important question it raises is, who really controls ABC, and what can be expected of these people?


....A closer look at Cap Cities shows three areas that beg for deeper inquiry. One is the founders themselves --- who they are and what their ties may have been to the U.S. intelligence establishment. Another is the relationship of Cap Cities' founders and execs to a company called Resorts International, some of whose divisions have been said to be intimate with intelligence agencies. And finally, there is the stock deal and William Casey's role in it, as well as any ongoing Casey role in Cap Cities.

Cap Cities was founded in 1954 by several men who were or would become prominent. Chief among them, and the principal players in the company, were famed explorer-newscaster Thomas; Tom Dewey, the former New York governor and twice GOP candidate for president (both, like most other Cap Cities founders, now deceased); and William J. Casey, who was Cap Cities' chief counsel and a member of its board of directors until 1981, when he joined the Reagan administration. He still owns $7.5 million in stock in the now-merged entity called CC/ABC, his largest holding.

Casey should require no introduction. Appointed by Reagan in 1981 as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he brought to the job an early training in intelligence in the wartime Office of Strategic Services (which later became the CIA) and a lifelong network of friends and allies in the intelligence community. Crafty, secretive, an ardent supporter of covert action and a big-time player in corporate politics, Casey is part of an "old boy" network of intelligence hands who have frequently used American companies to help in intelligence or covert-action matters or, as in the case of ITT and the CIA in Chile, persuaded the CIA to help out in corporate affairs. (Using corporations to help out in a variety of ways --- from washing money, to providing fake business to CIA "front companies," to furnishing cover for intelligence agents --- was a specialty of the man who did the most to give the CIA its power and covert network: its former director, Allen Dulles, a friend, wartime colleague and, rumor has it, business partner of Casey.)

Lowell Thomas was a larger-than-life figure --- an explorer, a broadcast personality, a film documentarist and a best-selling author. The Soviets long accused Thomas of also being an American intelligence agent because he often appeared with photographers and film crews at highly sensitive points of "communist versus the Free World" conflict. Thomas, though he had at minimum good journalistic connections in the U.S. intelligence community, always denied being a spook in the face of published articles questioning his activities. But he made no bones about his staunch anti-communist leanings. (He even appeared with John Wayne, Martha Raye and several U.S. generals in No Substitute for Victory, a denunciation of commie-coddling sponsored by the far-right John Birch Society.)

Thomas lived in a New York state enclave for the rich where one of his neighbors was Thomas E. Dewey. (Another was Lawrence E. Walsh, later to become special prosecutor in the Iran-Contra affair.) Dewey and Thomas later were involved in another company, Mary Carter Paint, which later became Resorts International (more on this below)...

Jinx Falkenburg, Model, Actress, Pioneer Of Radio and TV...

‎New York Times - Aug 28, 2003

By RICHARD SEVERO Jinx Falkenburg, one of America's highest paid cover-girl ... died on Wednesday in Manhasset, NY She was 84 and lived in the nearby .

John 'Tex' McCrary, 93; Radio, TV Pioneer Urged Voters to Like Ike


Aug 2, 2003 – John Reagan "Tex" McCrary, a radio and television host and a publicist who masterminded the political rally that helped launch Dwight D.

Barbara Walters Talks .

Sarasota Herald-Tribune - Feb 13, 1972

Barbara Walters first applied for a job at She even' tually quit and went to work for Tex mccrary Inc., a publicity firm, in charge of . the radio and TV department.

William Safire: Knocking Them `When They're Up'

  1. Pay-Per-View -
    Los Angeles Times - Aug 31, 1987
    The late CIA director William Casey was a longtime ally from the days when ... In the summer of 1949, Safire went to work for McCrary and Jinx Falkenberg.

  2. Salon.com News | William Safire's dubious legacy

    Salon - Nov 22, 2004
    So why does New York Times pundit William Safire want to be remembered as ... famed broadcaster, publicist and political strategist Tex McCrary, Safire went to .... punches" in a 1987 column about his old friend Bill Casey and the major role ...

  3. Long Island Business News : The era of Paul Townsend, Long...

    $2.95 -
    Long Island Business News - Jan 24, 2003
    Friends and associates included William Casey who became Ronald Reagan's ... Townsend was a partner with Safire at Tex McCrary Inc. a public relations firm ...

  4. And The New York Times .

    Times-News - Jan 19, 1994
    He said that Safire had com plained about the decision to William Casey, ... when Safire was a vice president of the Tex mccrary public relations firm. ...

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Guest Tom Scully

There have been no replies to the opening post. It follows that this thread faded quickly from the front and next several pages of this forum.

However, there are only 212 threads on this forum with more page views than this thread.

Tex McCrary in his own words, in 1994:

Republics Ancient and Modern: Classical Republicanism and the ...
www.highbeam.com › ... › The Review of MetaphysicsMarch 1994
Mar 1, 1994 – Was editing the Record the high point of your years at Yale? One of them. At the end of my junior year I was tapped for Skull and Bones.....


Republics Ancient and Modern: Classical Republicanism and the American Revolution.

Rahe, Paul A. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina

......If you came from California, did they call you Cal?

They didn't call you Cal, but they did call us Tex. I call my brother Douglas and he calls me Brother. And he was Navy and I was Air Force. The most searing memory of my youth was seeing a black boy lynched from a lamppost on Main Street. He was a fine baseball player in the public school across the tracks that Tom Bradley later went to. It's my bitterest memory, really, in life.

You went off to Exeter shortly after that, to climb "the sharp hill that led to all the years ahead." The phrase is Evelyn Waugh's--it's from the last line of his autobiography, A Little Learning.

I learned to learn at Exeter; it was my defining moment. I went there for two years--graduated in '28. .... I still go to the annual Exeter dinners in New York--out of curiosity--and now that Tom Lamont, who's ninety-something, doesn't go to them anymore, I'm generally the oldest guy there.

At Exeter I was a pretty damn good boxer--I whipped Frenchie Gilligan, the captain of the football team, in a fight. And I got elected to the Greasers, the athletic fraternity. I tried like hell to get into M.I.T. and failed. Bad in math.

So you went to Yale instead. You certainly covered a lot of ground there.

I was quarterback on the 150-pound team, and I fought under Mosie King, the great Yale boxing coach, and I studied under some of those legendary professors like Chauncey Brewster Tinker and William Lyon Phelps. Billy Phelps taught the famous Tennyson and Browning course and helped Gene Tunney--as a friend--develop a passionate interest in Shakespeare. A couple of years after I graduated, I invited Billy Phelps for a weekend at my father-in-law's--my first wife's father, Arthur Brisbane, who was Hearst's chief editor and all-around miracle man. He had built himself a palatial house on 10,000 acres in New Jersey--sort of a junior San Simeon. I made it a point to study my old professor as he audited a conversation between Mr. Brisbane and Moe Annenberg, Walter Annenberg's father, who at the time was Hearst's circulation manager; they were arguing about a real estate deal they were both part of--the Ritz Tower Hotel. Billy Phelps was aghast, because the language that was being used was neither Tennyson nor Browning.

At Yale I was also the editor of the humor magazine, the Record. Yale's future president A. Whitney Griswold had been the editor four years before me, and incidentally, the cartoonist Garry Trudeau was the editor some forty years after me. The new Record building on Elm Street that my predecessors had built opened under me, and in order to pay off the mortgage, I started up a beer parlor in the basement and an Arthur Murray Dance Studio on the second floor--those were the Big Band years and everybody was learning to dance.

Was editing the Record the high point of your years at Yale?

One of them. At the end of my junior year I was tapped for Skull and Bones. We had an interesting delegation: both ends on the football team, Hertie Barres and Johnny Lindenberg; Eugene O'Neill Jr., who became a professor of classics at Yale and ended up slitting his throat; Freddie Adams, who went on to become the director of the Pierpont Morgan Library; Bowie Savage from Bangor, Maine, whose father was a grocery magnate--Bowie later killed somebody in an argument; Bill Hodges, who was head of the Aspen Institute at some point; Quigg Newton, who became the mayor of Denver.... No, that's wrong, Quigg we tapped; he was a year behind us. I remember because I was Uncle Toby.

Uncle Toby?

That's what the guy in Bones who's chairman of Tap Day is called. Albie Booth was also in the Class of '32. He was a helluva guy, but he played out--he just played out, the way football heroes do. Nobody became governor, senator, president, that I can remember. Oh, Tom Mendenhall became president of Smith, which we called "Yale's farm club for girls." A terrific guy in our class, Doug MacArthur, nephew of the general, became our ambassador to Japan. We did have four polo players who became 10-goalers: Pete Bostwick, Stewart Iglehart, Jimmy Mills and Mike Phipps, a great friend whom I named my first son after--Michael Brisbane McCrary. I have three sons-and no grandchildren. No gays, but no grandchildren.

A couple of years ago, Skull and Bones voted to admit women to membership--the next to last of the great Yale secret societies to do so. As it happens, the society I belong to, Wolfs Head, was the very last to cave in.

"Cave in" is right--we shamed you dinosaurs into it! At the time the big Bones debate was going on, I bumped into George Bush in the field house up at West Point on the graduation day there. I had on me a piece of paper from the Bones archive with the Bones symbol and my name in Bones language, Sancho Panza, which had also been the Bones name of the guy who tapped me, Lewis Lapham, who became the head of Bankers Trust--they don't hand the name down exactly, but if you like it you can ask for it. This piece of paper had "Voted Democratic in 1932" written on it--I'd voted for FDR--and I showed it to Bush and he laughed. Then I said, "How are you voting on High Street? For women or against?"--"High Street" is shorthand for Bones, because that's where the Bones "tomb" is--and Bush pointed back over his shoulder to Barbara and said, "What do you think?"

But maybe that was just for the record. I think he checked the -No' column. And I'm not so sure about you either. This is a new trick, and I'd think it would be pretty hard for dogs of a certain vintage to learn it.

Well, you forget that I had a helluva partnership with a woman--Jinx. We're still very close, though we separated finally about ten years ago. You see, I love the city, she loves the country--she still lives in the big, old rambling house on Greentree, Jock Whitney's estate in Manhasset, that he gave us for token rent plus upkeep. And, well, as everybody knows, jinx had a problem for a long time. And it was a tough time. But jinx whipped her problem. With no help from Betty Ford. It was God and golf that saved her. jinx, you have to remember, was from one of the most athletic families in the country. She was a great tennis player, like her brothers Bob and Tom. Tom could beat Bob, who could beat everybody else. Bob had the longest string of aces in the history of Wimbledon.

Didn't Tom Falkenburg go from serving balls to serving time? I think I read somewhere that be robbed some banks.

Well... I don't want to get into that. jinx was once runner-up to Pauline Betz in California. And jinx and I won the mixed-doubles tournament at the reopening of Greenbrier after the war, playing against Dina Merrill and her then husband, Stan Rumbough. It was the resident golf pro there, one Sam Snead, who explained to me that golf is a great cure for all kinds of troubles. "It's better than a shrink," he said, "because his--he'd wrapped it in lead foil to protect the film. Later, as we took off from Hiroshima to fly to Nagasaki, I said to the men, "I don't think we should write about what we've seen. I don't think they can stand to know back home what we've done here. But I leave it up to you--if one of you is going to do it, then we've all got to." In the end, everybody softened his story, and Bernie Hoffman exposed seven rolls of Leica film. He kept one roll, and the only picture that was ever printed was of stumps and rubble seen through a split marble head of a statue of Christ that had been standing outside a Catholic church when the bomb hit. Bernie shot what had been a city through that face, and that was a full page in Life.

John Hersey came through months later, assembling the whole story, which The New Yorker dropped everything--including all advertising--from one issue to run, and it became a landmark in the history of that magazine, of print journalism; it was the first of The New Yorker's famous long pieces. For me, it was the biggest damn story I never told--I covered it up and John Hersey uncovered it. That's the difference between being a p.r. guy and a reporter. But to be fair to myself, I wasn't there as a reporter; I was there for the Air Force--to be able to say to the world that the Air Force had won the war.

Meanwhile, you married that girl with the superstition-defying name--Jinx.....

LIFE - Jul 22, 1946 - Page 76 - Google Books Result

Vol. 21, No. 4 - Magazine
DOUGLAS McCRARY, who as Aida ("Wendy") Iglehart was one of the North ... the art-filled home of her late parents, D. S. Iglehart, former head of the Grace ...

"Tex" McCrary's brother Douglas refused a tap from Skull and Bones but he married bonesman Stewart Iglehart;s sister.:This is the son-in-law of Douglas and Wendy Iglehart McCrary.:

The Very Best Men: Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the CIA - Page 91


"The Brits were the most bloodthirsty of all," said Henry Breck, Groton '54, a CIA case officer in India in the 1960s. "Of course, if you're in a real war you must fight hard — and the upper classes fight the hardest. They have the most to lose.

Henry Breck s the godfather of bonesman Lewis Lapham's grandson. Lapham's son, Anthony was best man in Breck's wedding. Anthony Lapham's wife Burks' father was bonesman Harry Payne Bingham.

Anthony A. Lapham was sponsored by bonesman David C. Acheson and then by bonesman George HW Bush.:

Complete Oral History Package (930 KB) - Dcchs.org

DAVID C. ACHESON. First Interview - January 27, 2010....


I thought, I have been very damn lucky to have Bobby Kennedy as a boss and have somebody
like Fowler as my next boss. It was almost too good to be true. So I went over there, and I was
sworn in, and I brought two guys from the U.S. Attorney’s office with me. A man named Robert
E. Jordan who was later President of the D.C. Bar, and a very, very talented advocate and writer
named Anthony Lapham. My immediate problem at the Treasury was to deal with the Warren
Commission Report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


May 2, 1943


06 Dec 1942



...Valentine told me the two Laphams were not the same man. I was relieved. But in the next breath he said that Tony Lapham, Harper‘s Editor Lewis Lapham’s brother, had been both a covert CIA agent and General Counsel to the CIA, appointed in 1976 by then Director of Central Intelligence, George H.W. Bush. I was again concerned.

Note: Lewis Lapham’s brother, the late Anthony Lapham, was the CIA’s ranking lawyer in the 1970s, and a counsel to Goodwin Procter. Former CIA director George H.W. Bush hired Lapham from Washington, D.C.’s Shea & Gardner, subsequently taken over by Goodwin Procter. The NY Times notes that James Woolsey, President Clinton’s CIA director – and President Bush’s current national security adviser, Stephen Hadley – both hailed from Shea & Gardner. – AC


"Elegy For A Rubber Stamp,"

” … ’1,000 people came to [Russert's] memorial service because essentially he was a shill for the government.’ … Russert was a ‘pet canary.’ … “

"Tex" McCrary's wife, JInx Falkenburg was the first cousin of Jane Macatee Davidson. Her husband, Alan, former Birtish

Ambassador to Laos 1973-75, simultaneous to the presence in Laos of US Ambassador Charles Whitehouse, wrote this

in a forward to a book he authored on North American Seafood:

to Warren F. Rathjen of the New England Fisheries Development
Program at Gloucester, Mass.; Bob Learson of the Northeast Utilisation Research Center,
also at Gloucester; Robert Livingstone, Jr, of the Northeast Fisheries Center at Wood’s Hole,
Mass.; Daniel and Anne Cohen at the Smithsonian Institution for innumerable acts of kind
help; Ray Manning and Isa Farfante of the same institution; R. Tucker Abbot; the National
Marine Fisheries Service in Washington, D.C.; William P. Davis and Alston C. Badger of the
Bear’s Bluff Field Station, S.C.; Gene R. Huntsman of the Beaufort Laboratory; George and
Priscilla Macmillan; and May Louise Zumwalt.
To my own family, four bouquets with my love. My wife Jane accompanied and helped
me on many of my research journeys and acted unfailingly as the ‘Voice of the Practical
Cook’ whenever this was necessary, as it often was. My three daughters all made notable
contributions. Caroline undertook a large share of the testing of recipes and criticized the
whole recipe section in draft. Pamela provided the most interesting of the recipe chapters,
that on the Soviet Union. Jennifer composed the indexes with care and enthusiasm

29 July, 1951



The Sun - Feb 12, 1953

GUERIETE E., beloved wife of the late Charles Colby Crooks, Sr., and mother of Mrs, John W. Blgham, Mrs. Robert B. Macatee. Mrs. Ivan C. Dresser. Mrs. Leroy Wagstaff, Mssrs. Charles C, Jr., W. Stuart and Gordon L. Crooks. Friends may call .

Star's Mother On Trip .

Milwaukee Sentinel - Nov 29, 1946

Falkenberg, mothe Jinx Falk . enberg, actress and model, was to . leave Dallas tonight for Mexico . with her husband of one day, Leroy Wagstaff. New York ...
Edited by Tom Scully
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