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Ed Epstein's tale of George De Mohrenschildt's last day

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Paul Trejo is really not in a good position to lecture Lee Farley about terms such as nuances, discernment, complex intellectual research. conclusions and theories.

Lee finds contradictions in Paul's claims because they are there and they are abundant.

Lee Farley is far from alone in his assessments of Paul's "conclusions and theories."

The majority of responses to Paul's arguments have been negative . Criticisms have come from many members with diverse backgrounds and approaches.

To be on the same side of an argument as Lee Farley, Robert Charles-Dunne and Martin Hay is a pretty safe bet.

No, Michael, actually Lee Farley makes far more mistakes than I do. For example, Lee absurdly believes that he can ignore all the 20 sworn statements in the Warren Commission volumes -- plus an FBI report -- that affirm that Lee Harvey Oswald beat his wife Marina.

Lee is emotional about this point, and he will go to almost any lengths to publicly beat his head against this brick wall.

Well, all reasonable people can see the flaws in his nonsense. Yet you, Robert Dunne, Martin Hay and a few others remain as biased as Lee.


--Paul Trejo

Edited by Paul Trejo
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