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Lamar Waldron scheduled to talk about new Watergate book

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Lamar Waldron will talk about his new book, "Watergate, The Hidden History", on coasttocoastam on this coming Tuesday, July 17th.



I purchased the book today and have read the first three chapters. It is impressive. The first chapter grabs the reader's attention immediately.

Because the book also deals extensively with the Kennedys -- JFK and Robert and their father -- I thought it appropriate to call the attention of forum members here to the upcoming radio show.

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I happened to see Mr. All Mafia No CIA on CNN a couple of weeks ago about this book. No way they would ever invite a James W. Douglass on CNN. It is noteworthy that Mr Wrong Turn is brought out just after about a nine month flurry of Watergate Revisionist articles which might serve to sow very reasonable questions about the Official Version of Watergate in enough minds to matter.

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Bob Parry has commissioned a review of Waldron's new book by me for his web site Consortium news.

So I will be starting in on this one soon.

BTW, I am almost done with the Caro book. Will probably finish it tomorrow.

Very disappointing.


I knew you might be weighing in on Waldron's latest crappy tome. However, I thought you might be interested in another work about Nixon that I just read. Its called, "Nixon's Darkest Secrets" by Don Fulsom, a former UPI investigative reporter and a guy who covered the Nixon presidency along with several other presidential administrations from Johnson to Clinton. I was pretty impressed with the book overall, although it isn't without a few flaws about the JFK assassination in my view. I would be interested in your viewpoint if, and when you may choose to read this book.


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