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Analyzing the Emmett Hudson testimony

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When reading the Emmett Hudson interview it is important to analyze the actions(and inactions) of the lawyer. The lawyer did not do much to disambiguate the responses of Emmett Hudson.

I would like to point out some strange events in the questioning of Emmett Hudson.

Initially Emmet is given a picture and asked to place an "X" where he was standing in that picture. The picture was identified as photograph Number 18 of Commission Exhibit 875. I think this is the picture that he was shown...


In addition, in the following sequence the lawyer asks Mr. Hudson to identify himself in a photograph taken that day. It is Commission Exhibit 203(the Altgens photo).

Emmett cannot identify himself ( as well he should not because Emmet is not in that picture). Emmet says that if he would be shown the picture from the Times Herald Newspaper he could identify himself but he is never shown that picture.

Here is the picture Emmett was shown


The picture showing Emmett Hudson(and the other men) on the steps was never shown to Emmett Hudson.

Mr. LIEBELER - Can you see yourself in that picture anywhere, can you mak yourself out?

Mr. HUDSON - No, sir; I can't , unless it is one of these two men right here - I can't tell - if I had that picture that was taken in the Times Herald paper - I can show you myself in it.

Mr. LIEBELER - Which one is that?

Mr. HUDSON - Well, it was in the Times Herald paper the next morning after, I believe, after the assassination, maybe the evening after the assassination.

Mr. LIEBELER - Look at this picture.

Mr. HUDSON - [Examining picture referred to.] I don't know - if that's one of them men myself or not up there.

Mr. LIEBELER - I have shown you Commission Exhibit No. 203 and you are not able to point to yourself in that picture at any place. Actually, Commission Exhibit No, 203 shows a different area.

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir

Mr. LIEBELER - That's a picture from the front of the Texas School Book Depository Building and you wouldn't be in that picture, according to where you placed yourself by looking at Hudson Exhibit No. 1.

Mr. HUDSON - No; I wouldn't be in that at all - I know. If they had that picture that was taken - a fellow was shooting from across Elm up toward those steps here, that showed my picture in it, I believe. Now, I could be one of those men standing right there - I'm not for sure - I wouldn't say for sure that I was one of them or not, but I can't see it well enough to tell.

Mr. LIEBELER - In this picture here you see the car is going down Elm Street, isn't that right, referring to Hudson Exhibit No. 1?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Mr. LIEBELER - And it is just about to pass a sign that says, "Stemmons Freeway, keep right." Do you think that the President could have been hit when he was that far back up Elm Street?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Warren Commission Exhibit 875 - Album of Photographs


Emmett Hudson Testimony


The lawyer could easily have introduced this picture and ask Emmett to identify himself, but he did not do that.

I think this was the picture published in the Times Herald that Emmett was referring to.( Credit Jack White/John Costella)


Can someone please tell me which exhibit number the Mary Moorman photo was given in the Warren Commission proceedings?

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Can someone please tell me which exhibit number the Mary Moorman photo was given in the Warren Commission proceedings?

I know there has been a lot of discussion about the altgens 6 photo , but I cannot find that photo as an exhibit in the Warren Commission Report. I did not find it in the HSCA either.

All I could find is CE 203 which is this crop of Altgens 6. It does not show the Daltex Building.

Was the full Altgens 6 entered as an exhibit in either the Warren Commission or HSCA hearings?


It looks like neither the Moorman photo or the Altgens6 photo were entered into evidence.

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