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Black Dog Man is a woman with a baby...

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While I am setting the record straight I might as well do the Black Dog Man as well.

First, the theory that Black Dog Man is really a woman and baby is not my theory. But I have confirmed it.

Here is the Willis Photo..

I have enlarged the area inside the red circle.

And yes I know the images are blurry but sometimes that is all we have to work with.

However, I am confident of the truth that it portrays. I can see it.

The two people are African-American.

There are two copies of the same picture side by side.

In each picture the baby is in white and is on the left and the mother is in black on the right.

They are staring into each others eyes. The baby is being sat down on the retaining wall by the mother.


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As I recall, there was a black woman holding a child on the grassy knoll after the shooting. She's in one of the photos. Did she run there with her child after the shooting, or was she already there (and perhaps ducked down behind the retaining wall when shots were fired)? Anyway I believe this possibility has been discussed before, and is perhaps the most plausible explanation of Black Dog Man.

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Once you know what to look for, a baby dressed in white and a woman dressed in black, they are easily seen in both the Betzner photo and the Moorman photo at essentially the same exact spot. This is to be expected because the time interval between all 3 photos(willis, betzner and moorman) is only 7 seconds.

Here they are in the Betzner photo.


And here they are in Moorman


And here they are in willis( Yes to some it is so indistinct as to be a Rohrsach but once you see it there is no doubt in your mind what you are looking at)


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Marilyn Sitzman referred to this couple twice as kids and once as a boy and girl. She estimated their ages to be between eighteen and twenty-one. As far as who or what they had with them, she only mentioned "little lunch sacks" and a couple of Coke bottles. They were kids, younger than Sitzman who was only twenty-three. Emmett Hudson, however, said the "young fellow" standing next to him on the stairs was in his late twenties. Everything this man told Hudson, as well as what he did prior to the shots, was indicative of someone who was there alone. He had no connection whatsoever to Sitzman's kids who were also there by themselves.

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Duncan: hi the small photo showing the officer behind the wall and whatever on the floor of such on the left, is not a known real photo, taken at the time is it?? it has been made by you or someone, in showing what you or they think happened, am i correct on this information ?? if so, then whomever has created that it is an altered phony photo for research, which, i have always been led to believe in the research is never allowed as it is creating disinformation.....i am not being mean here, but i do want to know for researchs sake, we only use what is real not what is created...or supposed.....thank you for the clarification ..take care..b

Ken ; hi, correct sitzman never mentioned any other than the two young people, no baby, she had much to say when first interviewed by Josiah, and later sdded and changed some info as she was quite put out, that she had been ignored..she mentions that the young women were at that time, not interviewed by the authoritys..in another short interview....and she made many a change within her info as time went by....the one bit of info that has never been cleared, but only by supposition, is her remark whereby the couple threw their coke, pop bottles down and they broke making a very loud noise, in fact she tried to relate that they made as much or more noise than the shots at the time, trouble was in all the film taken of that area after, there was and never has been any broken glass pop bottles found or shown or mentioned by the photographer or, if she told the truth they would have only broken on the cement sidewalk, and clearly shown in the film...but imo they would not have broken hitting the ,dirt the ground which at that time was the floor of said patio....good to see you best b...

snip; from Marilyn's interview with Josiah;<p>""And another thing that I remember this day: there was a colored couple. I figure they were between 18 and 21, a boy and a girl, sitting on a bench, just almost, oh, parallel with me, on my right side, close to the fence.

  • Thompson: In other words, between you and the fence, there's a tree right next to the ...
    • Sitzman: There's a tree, and there's another part of the marble or concrete, whatever they call it, slab, fence, whatever they call it, between that and the wooden fence.
      • Thompson: Which direction was the bench facing when you ...
        • Sitzman: It was facing towards the street.
          • Thompson: Towards the street. Parallel? Down street? Facing forward?
            • Sitzman: And they were eating their lunch, 'cause they had little lunch sacks, and they were drinking coke. The main reason I remember 'em is, after the last shot I recall hearing and the car went down under the triple underpass there, I heard a crash of glass, and I looked over there, and the kids had thrown down their coke bottles, just threw them down and just started running towards the back and I ... Of course, I don't see anything unusual in that because everybody else was running that way, 'cause when I look over on my left side, the people on the hill were all running back the same way too. ""

          [*]Thompson: Could I ask you something about your gaze and actions immediately after the head shot? On the trailer of Mr. Zapruder's film, we noticed that he turned to his right and photographed the general area of the stockade fence, the trees and the stockade fence and that particular area. Did you turn in that direction after the head shot too?

          [*]Sitzman: In a way, I have a feeling this: He might have heard the kids throw down the coke bottles and heard that crash or else maybe it was just what he saw could have caused a reaction where he'd jump, but I don't think it was the sound of bullets, because I didn't jump.

          [*]Thompson: No.

          [*]Sitzman: Because the pop bottle crashing was much louder than the shots were""


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IMO the breakage noise of 2 pop bottles would never be louder than the noise of a shot flying past her from behind the pedestal.....

A snip from Zapruder's testimony . which he also gave to the fbi immediately after the assassination...b

Moreover, Zapruder described what he meant by the shots coming from

behind as where the cops went who ran up the grassy knoll and behind him.

No, not at the time of the shots. And Zapruder explained what he meant

by behind him and the area the shots came from when he said that the

cops ran behind him up on the grassy knoll looking for the shooter.

> The important point, noted by both Zapruder and Bill Newman, was that

> they felt the bullets passing near them, which would have been from the

> knoll area.

Just the phrase passing them could mean from any direction which makes a

straight line between their positions and the limo.

Zapruder explained in his testimony that he thought the shots came

from behind him for two reasons:

1) the right side of Kennedy's head exploded in gunfire

2) cops went up the grassy knoll

Mr. LIEBELER. Did you have any impression as to the direction from

which these shots came?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. No, I also thought it came from back of me. Of course,

you can't tell when something is in line it could come from anywhere,

but being I was here and he was hit on this line and he was hit right

in the head - I saw it right around here, so it looked like it came

from here and it could come from there.

. . . .

Mr. LIEBELER. As you were standing on this abutment facing Elm street,

you say the police ran over behind the concrete structure behind you

and down the railroad track behind that, is that right?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. After the shots?


Mr. ZAPRUDER. Yes - after the shots - yes, some of them were

motorcycle cops - I guess they left their motorcycles running and they

were running right behind me, of course, in the line of the shooting.

I guess they thought it came from right behind me.

Mr. LIEBELER. Did you have any impression as to the direction from

which these shots came?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. No, I also thought it came from back of me. Of course,

you can't tell when something is in line it could come from anywhere,

but being I was here and he was hit on this line and he was hit right

in the head - I saw it right around here, so it looked like it came

from here and it could come from there.

. . . .

Mr. LIEBELER. All right, as you stood here on the abutment and looked

down into Elm Street, you saw the President hit on the right side of

the head and you thought perhaps the shots had come from behind you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. Well, yes.

Mr. LIEBELER. From the direction behind you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. Yes, actually - I couldn't say what I thought at the

moment, where they came from . . . I assumed that they came from

there, because as the police started running back of me, it looked

like it came from the back of me.

When Zapruder was asked if he himself could tell as an earwitness

where the shots came from, he said no, he could not, there was too

much echo.

Mr. LIEBELER. But you didn't form any opinion at that time as to what

direction the shots did come from actually?


Mr. LIEBELER. And you indicated that they could have come also from

behind or from any other direction except perhaps from the left,

because they could have been from behind or even from the front.

Mr. ZAPRUDER. Well, it could have been - in other words if you have a

point - you could hit a point from any place, as far as that's

concerned. I have no way of determining what direction the bullet was


Mr. LIEBELER. Did you form any opinion about the direction from which

the shots came by the sound, or were you just upset by the thing you

had seen?

Mr. ZAPRUDER. No, there was too much reverberation. There was an echo

which gave me a sound all over. In other words that square is kind of

- it had a sound all over

the TSBD some say was also behind him, but...

If one stood on Zapruder's Perch, and counted that to be in the middle of

the clock, with Zapruder facing his direction of shooting, the TSBD's

sixth floor SN would be about ten or eleven o'clock. Nine o'clock which

would be parallel to his left side might take you to the complete west end

of the building. Any which way, that is not even close to being behiind

him..he also in any interview never mentioned a couple on the bench nor

in anyway pop bottles crashing,

....never mind louder than the sound of a shot...imo...b

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HI The Duncan; hope all goes well, thank you ,it is always very appreciated when a researcher clarifies his information so clearly,and willingly. i did the studies well i followed you and , on the forums,when the research was done in this area, so i had or have a pretty good idea, of what was what. if recall is still working that is.. :rolleyes: .now here is a snippet from marilyn sitzman's interview with Josiah,for you that makes clear neither of the couple whom she saw on the bench moved, during the assassination, not him running up to the bench,from the steps, nor either moving towards the wall...you should look into it, as what she relates does not fit within your research,of their actions, fwiw...thanks and take care.best b

''No, just the two colored people running back.

  • Thompson: I see. They were already ... they'd gotten up from the bench and were now running around into the gap made between the stockade fence and the pergola.
  • Sitzman: Either in the gap there or back in the alcove. I don't recall which way they went. I saw ... I heard the bottles crash, and of course I looked that way, to my right, right away, and they were getting up and running towards the back. And I turned back to see if there was anything in the front street, because then they didn't affect me one way or another.


  • Thompson: To see if anything else was going on. Had you seen them sitting on the bench before you stood next to them?
  • Sitzman: Oh dear, yes. Everybody is ... oh, ten or fifteen minutes before, everybody was milling around down there, trying to find a place to stand and everything, and I know when we went over to get up on the marble thing, they were already sitting there.
  • Thompson: Well, did you notice at any point whether either of these two moved up to the end of the, to the point of the wall?
  • Sitzman: No. They may have. I don't know.

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Thompson never asked Sitzman, "Did either of these two move up to the end of the wall?" He asked her, "Did you notice (if they did)?" Her answer was, "No." In other words, "No. I didn't notice." She went on to elaborate: "They may have. I don't know." That is to say, "They may have moved up to the end of the wall. I don't know." She allowed for such a move but didn't notice it because her focus had obviously been elsewhere. Thompson responded immediately, "Of course, you were looking at the parade at that point, and you wouldn't have seen what they did." Sitzman never said that the kids on the bench did not move up to the end of the wall at some time prior to or during the shooting.

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Just a thought involving the perception that bottles were broken near the wall corner. Remember that in 1963, glass nursing bottles for babies were still being sold and widely used, though plastic was on its way in.

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HI Ken: Correct, she did acknowledge that she did not notice if they did move towards the wall, she does state they were there when she and Zapruder first arrived to climb up on the pedestal, the fact is from what she does say is that her impression was they did not move in anyway from the bench, after she and Abraham had arrived.except she did notice when they finally did and ran up to the back of the pergola, .personally i do wish she had been asked many more questions, enlightening us, but not to be, we are fortunate we have what we do have, she should have imo been called by the w/c here she was the closest witness to perhaps the most important witness who filmed the assassination, and not called, nor even interviewed by the fbi nor authouritys in Dallas....... :rolleyes: b

Yes David baby bottles in use were still mainly glass, but there were no broken baby bottles either at the scene, nothing within the films shown on the sidewalk or in that specific area except the melted snow cone, as many think it was, or spilt whatever,nor did she ever mention a baby...thanks..b

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