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Nixon's Darkest Secrets, a new book by Don Fulsom

Greg Kooyman

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Blind curiosity caused me to browse Lamar Waldron's book on Nixon. I found it to be an extension of his take on the JFK assassination , and hardly credible. AS luck would have it, I stumbled upon another tome about Nixon, by Don Fulsom. I bought the Kindle version and haven't been able to put the book down. It is an extremely well written documented and footnoted account. Don Fulsom was an investigative reporter during the Nixon Administration and has brought to light some frightening things I never suspected Nixon of being capable of doing.

It is one excellent read and I heartily recommend anyone who is interested in Watergate, and Nixon's presidency to get this book. Don also spends some time shedding some new light on the Nixon / Haldeman / Helms "Whole Bay of Pigs" reference to the JFK assassination.

My suggestion to John Simkin, can you possibly reach out to this author to see if he would be interested in joining the forum and commenting about his book?



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