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Guest Tom Scully

There are just nine open slots for threads under discussion to be displayed in the front page of the JFK Debate forum area. IMO, this thread is not going to be one of the nine.

I left a link to this thread as a courtesy. It is the most I could do. There are other ways this grievance could have been introduced and advanced. Predictably, the most sensational approach was taken.

I have no idea what happened with regard to this complaint. I expect an administrator can check logs and trace down the source of the edits/changes.

Since this is a conspiracy minded group, I expect I've made myself a target of some sort.

BTW, all of the posts of Charles Drago seem to be available via an IP search, at least the ones where he used the IP he used most often when posting. There are about 25 pages of posts in the search results. Charles Drago has posted in all of the threads in the search results at this link.:


Click on any of the threads, make sure the search box in the upper right hand corner is displaying "This Topic", type in Drago, click on search, and you

should be able to find Mr. Drago's old posts in the threads on the list.

This is a link to the most recent one.:


I suspect there is some sort of back date limit built into the forum software that restricts searching conventionally for older posts. Just a guess. The point is that the posts seem to still be archived and they show up in the threads they were posted in. This appears to be vandalism via a hack or a result of the warped humor of an irresponsible member with advanced forum privileges.

I have a track record of strong participation in the JFK Debate forum, with a number of new and recent research related contributions. I defend the nine front page slots at the JFK Debate forum because I strongly feel those front page slots should be about matters unrelated to what this thread is about.

Edited by Tom Scully
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LOL that's hilarious though I obviously wouldn't think so if it were directed at me or one of my friends. It really is as a Brit might say is spot on; till he blessed us with his absence he was the forum's most egomaniacal blowhard.

My money's on Andy for the 'culprit', he is one of only a handful of administrators, is (or was) the techguy, its his sense of humor and he had (and I imagine still has) a particular dislike for Drago.

Edited by Len Colby
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This is beyond juvenile, and whoever is responsible should be outed and chastised for it. This doesn’t mend fences, but keeps a counter-productive vendetta alive.

All that said, if this is the handiwork of Andy Walker or Evan Burton, it should hardly come as a shock to Charles Drago, who has used the DPF as a soapbox to continually denounce Walker and Burton (and others here) for past sins, real and imagined. But now indignant outrage exudes from the DPF over this “moral, intellectual and physical cowardice.” Quelle horreur!

What is it they say about people who can dish it out, but cannot take it? The word “bully” springs to mind. Cue the usual complaints about “false equivalence.”

The saddest part is that this contretemps isn’t even about anything meaningful. It’s not JFK related, it’s not about differences over research protocols, or anything pertinent. It’s a race to the bottom by two individuals who through mutual antipathy cannot resist proving who is the bigger idiot.

It shouldn’t need saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Grow up and focus on the tasks at hand.

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