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The Livingston In the CIA decoy, Priscilla Livingston Johnson b. 1922 Stockholm

Guest Tom Scully

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Guest Tom Scully


In addition to Finney, ex-CIA Tom McCoy was hired and Herzog, who you cited in your post, seems kind of biased....


McCarthy's National Field Director Quits

Pay-Per-View - Los Angeles Times - May 19, 1968

Also appointed to assist McCarthy in his West Coast campaign Saturdaywas Tom McCoy 50 an other former CIA official Ile will travel with the sr in Oregon and ...

http://news.google.c...ney mccoy&hl=en

Inside Report ..Mccarthy Amateur Aides! Downgraded For New...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Jun 29, 1968

Moreover, Arthur Herzog, instant rapport with Finney," boycotted the Chicago meet and was ... Finney's men— official Tom mccoy and Herzog— will be upgraded. ...

Nathaniel, nice surprise to read a new post from you, you're contributions have been missed around here.

Eugene McCarthy & the Shadows of Time; A Maverick's...

‎Washington Post - Jun 2, 1987

Friends say they grew apart during the campaign as McCarthy enjoyed his celebrity. Larry Merthan, McCarthy's lawyer and first legislative aide, says McCarthy ...

Eugene McCarthy's lawyer and close friend was Lawrence Merthan, husband of Rita Chopwicki Methan. he spoke fluent German, was an 8th Air Force B-17 navigator during WWII, and was assigned to the US Consulate in Stutgart in 1946. He left his law practice and returned to Germany in 1959 to participate in a State Dept. Education program.

More on William King Harvey's and Rosalind Carter's aide, Rita Chapowicki Merthan, here:


This is confusing, I know, even for John Simkin to follow.:


Priscilla Johnson McMillan : Biography

Priscilla Livingston Johnson was born in Glen Cove, New York, on 19th July, 1928. As a student she was a member of the United World Federalists, an organization run by Cord Meyer. After graduating with a master's degree from Radcliffe College in 1952 she applied to join the Central Intelligence Agency. .....

John Newman writes.:

....The Case of the Two Priscillas

"Screwball," said a CIA employee who had known Priscilla Johnson at Harvard. "Goofy," and "mixed up," said an April 1958 CIA message characterizing Johnson at the time she had applied for CIA employment in 1952.1 These unkind, condescending words were accompanied, however, by "excellent scholastic rating" and "thought [to be] liberal, international-minded, and antiCommunist."

Priscilla Johnson came from a wealthy Long Island family and had a master's degree from Radcliffe College. Perhaps the general political inquisitiveness of this intelligent girl rendered her insufficiently malleable for work with the CIA, but it was her associations with left wing organizations like the United World Federalists (UFW) which, in the end, became the red flag that made her unattractive to the CIA.

"Security disapproved," wrote Sheffield Edwards, CIA security officer in 1953, at the end of an investigative process that lasted more than six months.' By this time-April 13-the point was moot because Priscilla had withdrawn her application. In fact, in April 1953 she was working for Senator John Kennedy.

While membership in organizations like the UFW were an obstacle to Priscilla Johnson's application for CIA employment, the same was not true for someone else she met in the UFW. He was Cord Meyer, a man whom Johnson says eventually went on to become "the brains behind the CIA program to fund left wing publications."' The umbrella organization for these publications, according to Johnson, was the Congress for Cultural Freedom, and the CIA was the "covert" source for its funds. Its publications were "respected Cold War liberal" journals, she recalls, like Encounter and Survey, which I did some writing for."

CIA interest in Priscilla Johnson was reopened in 1956. On August 8, Chief, CI/Operational Approval and Support Division (CU OA) submitted a new request to a Mr. Rice in the deputy director for security's office.' This was a standard CIA form asking for approval of operational use of Johnson, and it was accompanied by a CIA standard form 1050, Personal Record Questionnaire. The questionnaire listed Priscilla's previous work in 1955 and 1956 as a translator for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, and also her "freelance" writing for several publications, including the New York Times and the North American Newspaper Alliance.

On August 23-and in spite of the 1953 security disapproval-a CIA Security Office and FBI records check was completed without adverse comment.' This information was passed in a Security Office memo from Robert Cunningham back to the requesting counterintelligence element, CI/OA. The Cunningham memo partially illuminates the original CI/OA request. For example, it said, "Pursuant to your request, no other action is being taken at this time." In other words, the chief of CI/OA had specifically requested that no further action, which presumably included further investigation, about Johnson be carried out. It also said this about Johnson: "who is of potential interest [approximately four to five words redacted]." The redacted words were probably a name or element in the CIA's Soviet Russia Division, most likely SR/10, the branch that handled "legal travelers" to the Soviet Union.

We may surmise that SR/10 was behind the request for operational approval because of a CIA document five months later. On January 25, 1957, SR/10 sent a standard form to Chief CI/OA asking for cancellation of the approval for Johnson's operation use.' In Form 937's box "Reason for Cancellation" was this typed note: "SR/10 has no further operational interest in subject [Johnson]. Please cancel."

To understand the significance of this form, we must return to the 1956 Cunningham memo of August 23. There is something terribly wrong about the contents of this CIA document. It said that Security Office files showed Priscilla's middle initial was "L for Livingston and is not R."8 That the Security Office had uncovered this kind of error is perhaps understandable, but the next sentence was extraordinary: "She was apparently born 23 September 1922 in Stockholm, Sweden, rather than 19 July 1928 at Glen Cove, New York." The Cunningham memo made no attempt to explain this transformation. Instead, the memo rather matter-of-factly proceeded to explain the new history of Priscilla this way:

She was utilized by OSO in 1943 and 1944. Clearance was based on Civil Service Commission rating of eligibility which in turn was based on a favorable investigation and record checks. An FBI record check completed 21 August 1956 was returned NIS [Naval Investigative Service].

The 1928 birth date carried in Priscilla Johnson's CIA records for the preceding four years could not be reconciled with this new data unless a fifteen-year-old girl, not yet out of high school, had been working for the Office of Special Operations during World War Two.

The Cunningham memo is all the more incredible because it makes no attempt whatsoever to reconcile the incongruity between these two seemingly different Priscilla Johnsons, one an OSO veteran at the time the other was a child. Moreover, this time there was no mention of adverse information about Priscilla's left wing activities. There appears to be too many egregious errors by the Office of Security, and therefore this story does not sound believable. The bizarre story of the CIA's 1956 renewed scrutiny of Priscilla Johnson does not end with the Cunningham memo. If we back up one step for a closer look at the August 8 request for operational approval, we notice something weird about the CIA standard form 1050, Personal Record Questionnaire, which accompanied it. The questionnaire's contents purport to be about the Priscilla born in New York on July 19, 1928. Yet it is strange that Priscilla's memberships in professional and social organizations, her political affili ations, contacts, acquaintances, brothers, sisters, and relatives, were all listed as unknown. The form did manage to correctly name her parents, Stuart and Eunice Johnson. Priscilla's alleged signature, however, is now too faint to read, as are the date and the city and state where she supposedly signed it. Moreover, it was witnessed by someone who lived in Somerville, Massachusetts. Priscilla was in New York during August 1956. Perhaps the Office of Security has an excuse for why it failed in 1956 to furnish CI/OA with the same "derogatory" information on Priscilla that it furnished in 1953. That excuse might be that the second, Swedish-born, Priscilla Johnson — whether she was a real person or a cover story — had a good security record. Historians now have the unenviable task of trying to figure out whether the CIA was inventing a false Priscilla Johnson or whether it was incapable of telling the difference between two people born five years and three thousand miles apart .....

Oswald and the CIA: The Documented Truth about the Unknown ... - Google Books Result

books.google.com/books?isbn=1602392536... John Newman - 2008 - Biography & Autobiography - 669 pages

That man, who had known her since she was a small child, was F. Trubee Davidson. He worked for the CIA.9 Looking back on her experience now, Priscilla ...

Priscilla Livingston Johnson, born in Stockholm in 1922, is a real person, and she is not a Swede !

From http://www.Ancestry.com: U.S., Consular Reports of Births, 1910-1949

Name: Priscilla Livingston Johnson

David Kirkpatrick Este Bruce, Nelson D. Lankford - 1991 - Biography & Autobiography - 257 pages

Hallett Johnson ( 1 888-1 968) was the State Department's assistant chief, Division of ... His daughter, Priscilla Livingston Johnson, was a draftsman in the map division of R&A London. Here Bruce confused Johnson's and Norris's work at the London ...

  1. New Envoy's Career Lauded .Hallett Johnson Going To Costa Rica .
    news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1144&dat...id...sjid... In 1920 Mr. Johnson returned to Europe, serving in Brussels. Madrid Berlin. Paris, Oslo, The Hague and Stockholm, from where he left the post of consul general ...

  2. Official congressional directory - Google Books Result
    books.google.com/books?id=VGSHAAAAMAAJ...United States. Congress, United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Printing - 1922 - Political Science
    Ira Nelson Morris, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary, Stockholm. Hallett Johnson, first secretary. Norman I/. Anderson, commercial attache. Maj......

MISS PL JOHNSON WED; Daughter of Envoy to Costa Rica Bride...

New York Times - Apr 21, 1945



Thomas F. McCoy CIA officer, political consultant

5 December, 2009

Thomas F. McCoy, 91, a retired CIA officer who later had a long career as a political consultant, died Nov. 25 of heart disease at his home in Chevy Chase.

Mr. McCoy joined the CIA in 1951 and served as a political officer in Rome for six years in the 1950s. He had additional overseas assignments in Spain and Southeast Asia before he retired from the agency in 1968.

As a friend of Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy's (D-Minn.), Mr. McCoy joined his campaign for the 1968 Democratic presidential nomination and became national campaign co-chairman. He was primarily responsible for fundraising and campaign finance.

In 1969, Mr. McCoy opened Washington Information Associates, a political consulting firm with a specialty in fundraising. He worked on many national and statewide campaigns before his retirement in 1993. He was considered an expert on campaign finance and often testified before the Federal Election Commission.

Thomas Frederick McCoy was born in New Haven, Conn., and attended George Washington University. He served in the Army during World War II and was selected for the Office of Strategic Services, the wartime forerunner to the CIA. While serving in London, he met his future wife, another OSS employee.

After the war, he ran a frozen-foods business in Connecticut before moving to Washington to join the CIA. A daughter, Sarah McCarthy, died in 2005.

A son, David McCoy, was shot and killed in an unsolved slaying in Prince George's County in 2002.Survivors include his wife of 64 years, Priscilla Johnson McCoy of Chevy Chase; four children, ....

For 16 years, the CIA and State Department have been aware of what John Newman published in his book, related to the details and connections displayed above, and not one official word has been released on the Kabuki dance that was the alteration of Priscilla Johnson McMillan's CIA file. Recently, I sent an email to Priscilla pointing out that in the fullness of time, information in emerging obituaries will have an important impact on her long record of deception. I received no reply. Priscilla can be observed on the internet, a protestor against the corruption and secretive government of the city manager in Cambridge, MA. Priscilla's hypocrisy knows no bounds, and neither does the hypocrisy of the CIA and other involved government agencies and political deception and infiltration agents.

Priscilla Livingston Johnson's mother was Katherine Beeckman Steward, a daughter of Campbell Steward, and a niece of former Rhode Island governor Robert Livingston Beeckman, and of Mrs. Louis L. Lorillard. Katerine married U.S. diplomat F. Hallett Johnson in 1920 and daughter Priscilla was born in Stockholm in 1922.

I see little chance that this Priscilla's back ground details were merged with Priscilla R. Johnson's record at CIA as the result of an inadvertent clerical error, so what does this merge in the latter Johnson's CIA file actually indicate? The more we know, the better position we should be in to accurately determine what happened and why.


‎New York Times - Apr 27, 1951

Camden, S.C. April 26--Mrs.

Margaret Atherton Beeckman

Steward, widow of Campbell Stew-

ard, formerly a member of the

New York Stock Exchange, dies

here today in her winter home.

She would have been 90 years old

on Monday.

Born at 17 West Tenth Street,

New York, she was married to Mr.

Steward om Jan. 28, 1885, in Cal-

vary Episcopal Church, New York.

Her parents were Gilbert Living-

ston Beeckman and Mrs. Margaret

Atherton Foster Beeckman.


The Sun - May 22, 1920

J_ T the marriage of Miss Katherine Steward, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Steward, to Mr. Hallett John- son, first secretary of the American Em- bassy in Brussels, which will take place today at St.. Thomas' Church, Goshen, XY, Mr. John Sterett Gittings, son of Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gittings, of Ash- burton, will be the best man. The ush- ers will include Mr. Frederick Knobbe, Mr. Go orge Eustis Paine, Mr. Augustus G. Paine and Mr. Campbell W. Steward. A reception will follow at

at Grasslands, (he country home of the bride.

(The two ushers in Priscilla Livingston Johnson's parents 1920 wedding named Paine were brothers,

grandsons of Augustus Gibson Paine, Sr. born in Maine, 1839 - 1915. He allegedly was the son of Richard Paine, born in Standish, Maine in 1805, but the genealogy of this relationship is murky, IMO.)


‎New York Times - Jan 28, 1935



Peter Lorillard

Mrs. Peter Lorillard Sr. was a daughter of Nathaniel Griswold. Peter Lorillard Jr. joined his father and uncle, Peter and George Lorillard, in the tobacco business. He inherited $200,000 from his uncle, who was a bachelor. (Death of a Millionaire. Daily Cleveland Herald, Oct. 11, 1867.) He was a director of the Hudson River Railroad. (Commercial Affairs. New York Times, Jun. 15, 1858.) Their daughter, Mary Lorillard, married Henry I. Barbey. She died in Paris. Her brother, Pierre Lorillard, was the founder of Tuxedo Park. Their daughter was Mrs. Alfred Seton. (Mrs. M. Lorillard Barbey. New York Times, Apr. 11, 1926.) Mrs. Lorillard's cousin, Frank Gray Griswold, was "an important executive of the Lorillard Tobacco Company from 1879 to 1893." Dorothea Anne Lorillard (1798-1866) married John David Wolfe.

Louis Lasher Lorillard Jr., grandson of Katherine Griswold and Peter Lorillard, graduated from Yale in 1898. His mother was the daughter of Gilbert Livingston Beeckman. He was an engineer with Swasey, Raymond & Page Inc. in Boston. His brother, George Lorillard, graduated from Harvard in 1903. (Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale University Deceased during the Year 1937-1938, p. 182.) "Unlike most members of his family, Louis L. Lorillard had spent little of his time at Tuxedo Park, N.Y., the colony founded by the late Pierre Lorillard. For many years he had been a summer resident of Newport, R.I." He was a nephew of Rhode Island Governor Livingston Beeckman. His son was Louis Livingston Lorillard. His brother, George L. Lorillard, lived in Paris, France. (Louis S. Lorillard Is Dead in Pomfret. New York Times, May 1, 1938.) Gilbert Livingston Beeckman was a Royal descendant of the Livingstons of Livingston Manor. (Distinguished Families in America, descended from Wilhelmus Beekman and Jan Thomasse Van Dyke. By William Benford Aitken, 1912, p. 25; and: Americans of Royal Descent. By Charles Henry Browning, 1891, p. 165.)

Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale, 1937-1938 / Yale University Library (pdf, 305 pp)

Distinguished Families in America, p. 25 / Google Books

Americans of Royal Descent, p. 165 / Google Books

Frank Gray Griswold

Frank Gray [b.] Griswold was born in New York, but spent much of his youth in Vienna and Dresden, where he graduated from the Handelschule in 1875, and in France and England, where he became a devotee of foxhunting. "A friend of Pierre Lorillard, Mr. Griswold was a director and an important executive of the Lorillard Tobacco Company from 1879 to 1893." He was the son of George Griswold [Jr.] He married Josephine Houghteling, the widow of A. Cass Canfield in 1907, and left three stepchildren, including Cass Canfield, president of Harper & Bros., publishers. (Frank G. Griswold, Noted Sportsman. New York Times, Mar. 31, 1937.) His estate was reimbursed $19,030 for money seized in World War I under the Trading With the Enemy Act. He was trustee for the estate of his mother, Lydia Alley Griswold, who left a life interest in a trust fund to her daughter, Lydia Griswold von Hammerstein, the principal to go to Max von Dziembowiski after her death. (Griswold Estate to Get $19,030. New York Times, May 28, 1938.)


Gen. Samuel Thomas

General Samuel Russell Thomas was a director, manager, or president of numerous railroads and foundries, and power, gas and electric companies, including the New York, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad (the Nickel Plate Line), the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railway, Lake Erie and Western Railway, The Canadian Pacific and the Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic Railway, and the Marquette, Houghton and Ontonagon systems. He was also a founder and director of the Bowling Green Trust Company, director of the Seventh National Bank, and a trustee of the Metropolitan Trust, Westchester Trust, and and Manhattan Trust Companies. He was born in Ohio, and began as a manufacturer of pig iron ans railroad supplies in Zanesville. He disposed of his holdings and retired from the Chase National Bank in 1899, and was succeeded by Oliver H. Payne. (Samuel Thomas Dead. New-York Daily Tribune, Jan. 12, 1903.) He was a member of the Jekyl Island Club. (Gen. Samuel Thomas Dead. New York Times, Jan. 12, 1903.) His estate was estimated at $10 million, but he cut off one of his sons, Harold Edgell Thomas of Chicago [who was an auto racer], with only the income from $100,000. (Gen. Samuel Thomas's Will. New York Times, Jan. 29, 1903.)

Samuel Thomas Dead, N.Y. Tribune / Library of Congress

His son, Edward Russell Thomas, Yale 1894, was publisher of the New York Morning Telegraph, and a director of the Mercantile Bank, Bowling Green Trust and Metropolitan Trust Companies, and the Provident Savings Life Assurance Society. (Obituary Record of Yale Graduates 1926-1927, p. 150.) "Mr. Thomas was a man of some matrimonial experience, having been first married to Linda Lee, descendant of the Lees of Virginia. Linda seceded from this union to marry Cole Porter, song-writer. Then Mr. Thomas married his sister's best friend, Elizabeth Finley, but this union did not measure up to expectations and she cast him off in favor of Livingston Beeckman of Newport, R.I." His third wife and widow, actress Lucy Cotton, was married at least four more times.....

Obituary Record of Yale Graduates 1926-1927 / Yale University Library (pdf, 346 pp)

His daughter, Eleanor, married Robert Livingston Beeckman. Edward H. Bulkley was best man, and the ushers were Stuyvesant Le Roy, Joseph Stevens, Edward L. Potter, Alphonso de Navarro, Theodore Havemeyer, and J. Borden Harriman. (Beeckman-Thomas. New York Times, Oct. 9, 1902.) Beeckman was a son of Gilbert Livingston Beeckman and Margaret Atherton Foster, and a descendant of Robert R. Livingston and Philip Livingston. He was employed by a stockbrokker at age 16, and became a member of the Stock Exchange in 1887. He was a state legislator, and was Governor of Rhode Island from 1915 to 1921. One of his sisters was Mrs. Louis Lorillard. Mrs. Eleanor Thomas Beeckman died in 1920. (Robert Beeckman, Ex-Governor, Dies. New York Times, Jan. 22, 1935.) Gilbert Livingston Beeckman was a Royal descendant of the Livingstons of Livingston Manor. (Distinguished Families in America, descended from Wilhelmus Beekman and Jan Thomasse Van Dyke. By William Benford Aitken, 1912, p. 25; and: Americans of Royal Descent. By Charles Henry Browning, 1891, p. 165.)

Distinguished Families in America, p. 25 / Google Books

Americans of Royal Descent, p. 165 / Google Books

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Guest Tom Scully

I intended to verify the lead I found at Ancestry.com that led me to believe that Priscilla Livingston Johnson, b. 1922 Stockholm, Sweden, was the daughter of a U.S. diplomat. Until now, I had not verified her D.O.B. more closely than the year, 1922. Now

I can post an exact match, 23 September, 1922.

U.S., Consular Reports of Births, 1910-1949 > Alphabetical > Jamieson - Johnson


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Tom, I think you may be onto something here. I wish I could add something of substance, but I cant; so I hope you'll accept my encouragement to keep pursuing this avenue of research. Looking forward to more on the topic.

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I have noticed Tom's work in this area, but don't personally know anymore than anyone else.

However, I do believe he is on to something. The first thing that jumped out at me as a memory

of an interesting area is that Michael Paine once worked for a Griswold Manufacturing Co., which,

I believe traces back to what appears in the URL immediately below.

http://www.cowtownco...old History.htm

The following account written by William M. Harned of, Pennsylvania, examines the long history of the manufacture and sale of Griswold Hardware products. Rather than rewrite or edit this fine account, we are publishing it as written by William Harned.

Matthew Griswold, born, Old Lyme, Connecticut, June 6, 1833, son of Matthew and Phoebe (Ely) Griswold. Matthew spent the first 30 years in Old Lyme, Connecticut, on the family farm. In 1865 when Matthew Griswold came to Erie, Pennsylvania, from Old Lyme, he joined with J. C. and Samuel Seldon; forming the Seldon-Griswold Manufacturing Company. Their specialties, at first, were separable door butts (hinges) and other items of light hardware. Then they also manufactured stovepipe dampers, thimbles, and other stove furniture. It wasn’t until the 1870's that they included skillets, pots, grinding mills, waffle irons; and added a tobacco cutter to their line in 1883. At this time Matthew, Jr., was added to the business. In 1884 Matthew Griswold bought out Seldon, forming The Griswold Manufacturing Company....

.....In 1951 Griswold Mfg. Co. had a float in Erie’s bicentennial parade. Two thousand small paperweight #30 pups were handed out to the crowd. In all about 3,000 of these pups were made. About 1,000 were made as giveaways to large distributors nationwide. In 1950 Griswold Mfg. Co. was turned over to two men from New York; and then in 1957 the company closed its doors. Of the many reasons as to why the Griswold Mfg. Co. closed down, this writer can only theorize; productions costs and competition with what is called pretty cookware, i.e. stainless, copperclad , and designed porcelain finishes. How ironic it is, cast iron is still unbeatable as cookware! To date we have 526 pieces catalogued, photographed and priced, as well as including the 92 years of history relating to the Griswold Mfg. Co. My wife Denise and myself have been researching for the past six years; and I have been collecting Griswold for thirteen years. Our forthcoming book, Griswold Cast Collectables should be available late in the spring.

- William and Denise Harned


Dealey Plaza Echo, Volume 13, Issue 2 pg 36

"3 Men and a Book Depository," by renowned Education Forum member Francesca Akhtar

report also listed Paine as working three months at "... Griswold Manufacturing Company Route 30 Wayne (state not given) as a machinist from March 1956 to June 1956. So it seemed he did work........


Just Griswold Won't Get You Desired Party;

(AP) September 3, 1951

If you telephone Yale University and ask to speak

with Mr. Griswold, the operator will ask you to be more

specific. Do you want the man who runs the university’s housing bureau

the man who runs the personnel department, the man who runs

the entire university, or some other Griswold?

A. Whitney Griswold is president of the 250 year-old school.

Arthur R. Griswold runs its housing and accident prevention bureaus

Dr. Matthew H. Griswold of Kensington is an official of the state health

department, but he comes down to Yale regularly to give public health


Mrs. Lura E. S. Griswold is administrative assistant of Osborn

Zoological Laboratory. And whom do you think Yale has just appointed

as its personnel director? George H. Griswold

Dr. Matthew and President Griswold are distant cousins.

Otherwise the Griswold’s are unrelated.


The general theme in past JFK research regarding the Paine's and Oswald of course, has to do, at least in part

regarding the rumor that Lee Oswald had actually registered to attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio,

the same college that Ruth Paine attended......


ANTIOCH COLLEGE, ----- ----- Sources: CD 46, p. 15; "ONI", p. 182-183

Mary's Comments: Unconfirmed rumor that LHO attended Antioch College, using his true name, for a short period of time in 1957 and was dismissed because he could not prove his graduation from high school. (Ruth Hyde Paine graduated from Antioch, Class of 1955.) (See rumor about Pennsylvania university and Ruth Paine knowing LHO - CD 212, pp. 1-2)

Also see p. 286-87; A Certain Arrogance: The Sacrificing of........George Michael Evica

On that note there is the book, extremely important, or even beyond that accolade entitled

Unitarianism in Dallas:

An Outline History of the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, Texas, in Its First Seventy Years, 1899-1968

Wayne Gard


First Unitarian Church, 1973 - 77 pages

some names

Linus Pauling

Frederick May Elliot

Dr. Robert Jules Raible

Mrs. Elbert (Melissa) Rice, Jr


note: Pauling and Eliot are not only mentioned in Evica's groundbreaking work, but even in WC documents.....


Edited by Robert Howard
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