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Heidi Rikan’s Black Book of Watergate Prostitution Clients

Douglas Caddy

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Author Phil Stanford is nearing completion of his lengthy research into the unique role played by Heidi Rikan in Watergate. Heidi was the madam who headed the prostitution ring that operated out of the Columbia Plaza Apartments near Watergate. There has always been an open question as to whether James McCord and the burglars were targeting through their wiretap operation the Democratic National Committee inside Watergate or the prostitution ring or both.

Phil has a major scoop on his hands because he has obtained Heidi’s Black Book that contains the names of the clients of the prostitution ring, which include persons prominent in politics, business and the Watergate scandal. Involved are some key Nixon White House personnel and campaign officials.

Because of the explosive nature of Heidi’s Black Book, Phil had provided copies to close and trusted friends in different parts of the country so that if some untoward event involving him were to occur before his work is published, the contents of the Black Book will then be made public.

Phil’s work represents a major step towards understanding key dynamics behind the scandal that have never before been disclosed.

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Just read Jim Hougan's article in the Garrison magazine you recommended "Hougan, Lidddy, the Post and Watergate.  Any knowledge about the escort service ran out of the Columbia Plaza apartments a block from the Watergate?

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