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DHS Preparing for Civil War In US?

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And yet the ACLU gave no indication it feels civil war is likely to occur and none of the incidents involved state let alone federal agencies // END COLBY




ACLU requests documents on police use of military-grade equipment

March 6, 2013 11:24 pm

Read more: http://www.post-gaze.../#ixzz2Mynwvy2n


The American Civil Liberties Union on Wednesday requested documents from police departments across the country in what leaders described as an effort to learn when American police are using federally subsidized, military-grade equipment generally used in a war zone.

The group sent 255 requests in 23 states asking for data on SWAT team call-outs and use, if any, of GPS tracking devices, drones and select other equipment.

Locally, the Pennsylvania ACLU office requested records from the state police, Allegheny County SWAT, Beaver County Emergency Services Unit and the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, among others.

Alexandra Morgan-Kurtz, the attorney who completed the paperwork for the state ACLU office, said she sent the requests to local agencies that she knew had a SWAT team.

"At this point, we're mostly just gathering information," she said. "The more information we have, the more we can suggest better policy changes."

Ms. Morgan-Kurtz said she expects to get at least some of the documents she requested under the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law and hopes to have more information in about a month.

She said she is especially interested to see how the Pittsburgh police department has been using the Long Range Acoustic Device, a sophisticated speaker system capable of sending out a recorded message that can be heard a quarter-mile away.

The LRAD, used here during the G-20 Summit a little more than three years ago, has been used on open seas against pirates and to disperse crowds of bar patrons on the South Side.

Reggie Shuford, executive director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, said in a statement: "Pennsylvanians deserve to know the extent to which our local police are using military weapons and tactics for everyday policing. The militarization of local police is a threat to Americans' right to live without fear of military-style intervention in their daily lives,**** and we need to make sure these resources and tactics are deployed only with rigorous oversight and strong legal protections."

Representatives for local agencies reached on Wednesday declined to comment.

Read more: http://www.post-gaze.../#ixzz2Myo76GHc


QUI ?? QUI ??? military-style intervention in their daily lives,****

ANSWER CIVIL UNREST POSSIBLE. DHS preparing for possible civil war ??


Seems Colby never saw question mark in thread title.

(spelling corection edit)

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And yet the ACLU gave no indication it feels civil war is likely to occur and none of the incidents involved state let alone federal agencies // END COLBY




ACLU requests documents on police use of military-grade equipment


Sorry still no evidence the ACLU even suspects the US is facing civil war.

Seem [sic] Colby never saw [sic] question mark in thread title.

That was 47 posts and 7 months ago.

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  • http://www.informati...n.com/?id=43076
  • MSM (Colby's great love) may not give best insight into DHS actions.
  • The militarization of local police is a threat to Americans' right to live without fear of military-style intervention in their daily lives,****
  • WHY ?? WHY ?? Why is this happening ??
  • I think my explanation is as sound as any.

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No, the orders are consistent with previous one and reflect quantities used primarily for training. It is pistol ammunition not what the ZoG will use to put down the great uprising.


  • link for those who read (and here is the difficult part for some ..... understand)
  • http://www.informati...n.com/?id=43076

The majority of the bullets purchased by the DHS as part of its 2 billion round ammo buying spree were hollow point bullets (one order alone amounted to 450 million of them). Hollow point bullets just happen to be completely unsuitable for training purposes because they cost significantly more money compared to standard firing range bullets. This debunks both the ‘saving money’ argument and the ‘for training purposes only’ claim in one fell swoop.

Thirdly, the fact that the Associated Press also treated a DHS statement as the gospel truth, when the agency has been caught lying innumerable times, particularly on TSA body scanner issues and most recently with Janet Napolitano’s erroneous claim that the sequester debate was causing delays in airports, also serves as another reminder as to why distrust in the mainstream media is at an all time high.

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The majority of the bullets purchased by the DHS as part of its 2 billion round ammo buying spree were hollow point bullets (one order alone amounted to 450 million of them). Hollow point bullets just happen to be completely unsuitable for training purposes because they cost significantly more money compared to standard firing range bullets. This debunks both the ‘saving money’ argument and the ‘for training purposes only’ claim in one fell swoop.

AP Debunks Daily Caller Op-Ed Warning Of Obama Plot To Kill All Americans

Blog››› September 4, 2012 4:37 PM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

The Associated Press has published an article debunking the conspiracy theory that a recent ammunition purchase by the Social Security Administration (SSA) signaled an attempt by the Obama administration to impose tyranny upon the American people. AP reporter Stephen Ohlemacher identified conspiracy website InfoWars.com and the right-wing online publication The Daily Caller as prominent pushers of the theory.



Hollow-point bullet (Wikipedia)

A hollow-point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target. It is also used for controlled penetration, where over-penetration could cause collateral damage (such as on an aircraft). In target shooting, they are used for greater accuracy and reduction of smoke, fouling, and lead vapour exposure, as hollow point bullets have an enclosed base while traditional bullets have an exposed lead base.


The manufacturing process of hollow-point bullets also produces a flat, uniformly-shaped base on the bullet which increases accuracy by providing a more consistent piston surface for the expanding gases of the cartridge.


Despite the ban on military use, hollow-point bullets are one of the most common types of civilian and police [4] due largely to the reduced risk of bystanders being hit by over-penetrating or ricocheted bullets, and the increased speed of incapacitation.

In many jurisdictions, even ones such as the United Kingdom, where expanding ammunition is generally prohibited, it is illegal to hunt certain types of game with ammunition that does not expand.[5][6] Some target ranges forbid full metal jacket ammunition, due to its greater tendency to damage metal targets and backstops.[7]



And yes Federal, state and local law enforcement use hollow points for training because it's what they use in the field:

Each FAA contract security officer will qualify with the firearm assigned to them, by serial number,
using the same ammunition carried on duty and stored for emergency use



According to GRCA law enforcement staff, policies at Grand Canyon National Park specifically require that qualification for law enforcement officers be accomplished with the exact same ammunition that is carried on duty...While there is no prohibition against shooting non-service ammunition, it does not replicate the functioning and shooting characteristics of service loads.


In demonstrating firearms proficiency, Protective Force Officers shall use firearms of the same type and barrel length as firearms used by Protective Force Officers while on duty, and
the same type of ammunition as that used by Protective Force Officers on duty
. Before a Protective Force Officer is qualified in the use of firearms, the Officer shall complete a review of the basic principles of firearms


The following agencies are not Federal but the principle is the same

The Purcell Police Department tries to qualify with the same type of ammunition they carry on duty


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

All qualifications shall be conducted using the same ammunition that is used in duty performance.




Only “factory” ammunition (ie., Remington, Federal, Winchester, CCI, etc…) will be utilized for qualification and that same ammunition will be carried in the handgun upon successful completion of the program.


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The Militarization of Policing in America


American neighborhoods are increasingly being policed by cops armed with the weapons and tactics of war. Federal funding in the billions of dollars has allowed state and local police departments to gain access to weapons and tactics created for overseas combat theaters – and yet very little is known about exactly how many police departments have military weapons and training, how militarized the police have become, and how extensively federal money is incentivizing this trend. It’s time to understand the true scope of the militarization of policing in America and the impact it is having in our neighborhoods. On March 6th, ACLU affiliates in 23 states filed over 255 public records requests with law enforcement agencies and National Guard offices to determine the extent to which federal funding and support has fueled the militarization of state and local police departments. Stay tuned as this project develops.

Consider these ten chilling stories. If the anecdotal evidence is any indication, use of military machinery such as tanks and grenades, as well as counter-terrorism tactics, encourage overly aggressive policing – too often with devastating consequences:

http://www.aclu.org/militarization (SEE LINK FOR ALL TEN)


Two SWAT Teams shut down a neighborhood in Colorado for four hours to search for a man suspected of stealing a bicycle and merchandise from Wal-Mart.

Read more »


An Arizona SWAT team defended shooting an Iraq War veteran 60 times during a drug raid, but had to retract its claim that the veteran shot first.

Read more »


A company in Arizona submitted a patent for shock cuffs, which can be used by cops to remotely administer a Taser-like shock to detainees.

Read more »


The New York City Police Department disclosed that it deployed “counter-terror” measures against Occupy Movement protesters.

Read more »

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Surveillance Society

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court disemboweled the Fourth Amendment. In a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that citizens cannot challenge government wiretapping laws, in particular the unconstitutional Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 and, more recently, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008

It’s Official, the Fourth Amendment is Dead, 2/28/13

According to a Request for Information (RFI) posted on the FedBizOpps website on January 18 (PDF), the DHS, in tandem with the Secret Service, “Is seeking information on commercially available gunshot detection technologies for fixed site surveillance applications. Typical coverage areas are expected to be from 10s to 100s of acres per site, located within urban areas. Due to the secure nature of these sites, a high gunshot detection rate (>95%) is strongly desired while daily, operational monitoring of the system by external parties is undesirable.”

DHS Looks To Install Microphones In “Urban Areas” That Can Listen to Conversations, 1/21/13

If you're not doing anything wrong, then you've got nothing to worry about, right? That seems to be the pervasive logic of an increasing number of government officials and agencies that have forgotten the uniquely American legal principle of being presumed innocent until proven guilty. How else to explain the acceptance and widespread employment of technology that gathers potential evidence on everyone indiscriminately, whether they've been suspected of creating a crime or not?

Rapid DNA analyzers coming to every police station and TSA checkpoint in America, 1/10/13

New York’s “Journal News” ignited a fierce debate Sunday after publishing the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in two New York counties. They are actively working on acquiring data for a third county.

Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York, 12/24/12

US cell phone service providers could be required to log personal text messages for upwards of two years if a proposal submitted by a group of law enforcement professionals can successfully plead with Congress.

Cops demand that Congress force telecoms to archive all text messages, 12/3/12

Just when you thought it was impossible for surveillance to get any creepier, a company has announced it has created mannequins with cameras installed inside that can be used to spy on shoppers and record their conversations – and that they’ve already been rolled out at numerous fashion stores across the world.

Cameras Inside Mannequins Spying on Shoppers, 11/21/12

The Petraeus scandal is receiving intense media scrutiny obviously due to its salacious aspects, leaving one, as always, to fantasize about what a stellar press corps we would have if they devoted a tiny fraction of this energy to dissecting non-sex political scandals (this unintentionally amusing New York Times headline from this morning - "Concern Grows Over Top Military Officers' Ethics"

FBI Abuse of the Surveillance State is the Real Scandal Needing Investigation, 11/13/12

The newest version of the popular video game, "Assassin's Creed," is set in 1775, "a time of unrest in the American colonies." The theme is, of course, the Revolutionary War and it evokes thoughts of the colonists' struggle for freedom and independence from Great Britain.

Massive surveillance nation: Police now using license plate scanners to collect intelligence on cars, no crime necessary, 11/10/12

The surveillance society continues to grow unabated, as the city of Baltimore becomes the latest governmental entity to trample civil rights in the name of "public safety."

Baltimore announces city-wide surveillance roll out that records passenger conversations on city buses, 11/5/12

A privacy rights watchdog is suing the Department of Homeland Security for information relating to the agency’s practice of loaning out Predator drones to law enforcement agencies in the US.

Big Sis Loaning Out Military Style Drones To Sheriffs Departments: Privacy Group Sues, 11/1/12

A federal judge has ruled that police officers in Wisconsin did not violate the Fourth Amendment when they secretly installed cameras on private property without judicial approval.

Police allowed to install cameras on private property without warrant, 10/30/12

Verizon customers should be ticked off about the company's practice of selling user data to marketers. Customers' geographic location, app usage, and Web browsing habits are quite literally for sale. Verizon's defense is simply that users can opt out if they want to. Here's how to do it.

Verizon Is Selling Your Data–Here's How To Opt Out Of It, 10/23/12

Soon after the Senate Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Investigations issued a report stating that fusion centers not only violate the constitutional rights of Americans, but are also a colossal waste of tax payer money, the committee issued a statement trashing the report.

Fusion Centers Are Designed to Spy On the American People, 10/11/12

Apple's launch of the iPhone 5 in September came with a bunch of new commercials to promote the device. But Apple didn't shout quite so loud about an enhancement to its new mobile operating system, iOS 6, which also occurred in September: The company has started tracking users so that advertisers can target them again, through a new tracking technology called IFA or IDFA.

Apple Has Quietly Started Tracking iPhone Users Again, and It's Tricky to Opt Out, 10/11/12

The first line to a recent story on Buzzfeed is enough to make anyone break out a tinfoil hat ... or at the very least buy a new App designed by Navy SEALs. "The first rule," Buzzfeed staffer Russell Brandom writes, "former Navy SEAL Mike Janke tells me, is that you have to assume the worst: 'Everything you do and say — email, text, phone — is monitored on some level.'"

Former SEALs Market iPhone App that the Government Hates, 10/10/12

Sheriff Gregory Ahern wants to put Alameda County on the map as the first jurisdiction in California to use surveillance drones for law enforcement purposes, turning to technology previously used to hunt insurgents in Afghanistan that would allow police to peek inside buildings to detect heat sources of people or the lights of indoor pot growing operations.

Sheriff Wants Drones To Peek Inside Buildings, 10/10/12

Don’t be surprised if you catch a federal fleet of sneaky spy drones soaring over your head in the near future, but don’t be too terrified — it’s all in the name of public safety. The US Department of Homeland Security is asking the makers of small unmanned aerial vehicles to submit their crafts for consideration as the agency ramps up the construction of a full-fledged surveillance state across America. The DHS plans to soon conduct drone tests over the Fort Sill, Oklahoma US Army base, and they’re already soliciting spy planes from the private sector so they can select what kind of UAV to use.

DHS to start testing drones over US for 'public safety', 10/9/12

Informational clip

Smart Card Alliance (Endorsers of Obama) Outlines U.S. Move to Chip-based Payments, Real ID Iowa, 10/5/12

Remember “fusion centers”? Under the Department of Homeland Security’s aegis, their bumbling bureaucrats unabashedly spy on taxpayers while painting anyone who opposes Leviathan in even the smallest degree as a terrorist. Or, as the DHS puts it, “State and major urban area fusion centers (fusion centers) serve as focal points within the state and local environment for the receipt, analysis, gathering, and sharing of threat-related information between the federal government and state, local, tribal, territorial ... and private sector partners.”

Doggone, They Lied to Us AGAIN, 10/4/12

You are being watched. The control freaks that hold power in the United States have become absolutely obsessed with surveillance. They are constantly attempting to convince the American people that we are all "safer" when virtually everything that we do is watched, monitored, tracked and recorded.

19 Signs That America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into a Giant Surveillance Grid, 9/28/12

It is easy to be lured into the techno sphere of walled gardens. After all, who wouldn't like a user experience that keeps out the cyber riff-raff of undesirable malware or offensive and questionable material. The problem is that the safe and cozy atmosphere of walled gardens can become a prison of censorship. Who draws the line for what is acceptable and what is not? Add to this features like the app lock on Apple iOS 6 along with the possibility of politically driven blackouts of photo/video functions for iPhones and it does seem as though an Orwellian world really is upon us.

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DHS blacks out information on firearms-related contract with Heckler & Koch




Blacking out information on a government document is illegal without permission from Congress or in response to a national security issue.

No, citation

Might not ammunition purchases by DHS be considered "a national security issue"

These seem to be minor redactions in lengthy proffers

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The Militarization of Policing in America


LOL as previously noted send conversations in circles is one of your tactics, we've been over this already see posts 45 - 9, there is no evidence the ACLU sees a civil war on the horizon.

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