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Has ANYONE EVER seen another Kleins order for C20-T750?

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No Gary, you cannot WHAT IF yourself to death… only into the realities of this case.

The BYPix are NOT legit when you cannot find 2 of the three negatives, when one of the negatives is LOST by the DPD and additional photos are recovered in the strangest of places …

I’m not talking Roscoe White Gary… I am simply asking that the ordering records of the company that shipped HIDELL the wrong rifle, or the rifle they say they did, SUBSTANTIATE IT WITH EXAMPLES OF SIMILAR TRANSACTIONS..

That you would FIGHT ME over your not wanting to see these docs is hilarious…. Kleins is not Santa Claus buddy… Kleins was a real business with REAL RECORDS the FBI choses to hide from us…

True or False Gary… and please keep it simple:

#1 - If Kleins shipped FC rifles and recorded the serial #’s like the HIDELL order… on other C20-T750 rifle orders…

seeing any one of these would HELP PROVE that Kleins shipped FC rifles for C20-T750 orders and SUBSTANTIATE your argument. T or F?

#2 – If there are orders for FC rifles with DIFFERENT ITEM #’s – that wouldn’t help you T or F?

#3 – If there are orders for C20-T750 without a single FC rifle sent, but the TS rifles ordered – that also wouldn’t help you T or F?

This is not some deep dark secret… the microfilm is Cadigan Ex #1… No researcher in the past 50 years has been interested enough to request and see these orders? Really?

The sum total of all CT researchers have been willing to accept that ONE KLEINS ORDER was representative of ALL C20-T750 orders

and that seeing the rest of the printed orders from that same microfilm cannister would not resolve the shipping claims of the LNer crowd and WCR?



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Gary wants to know what I've done to find these orders....

What have I done?

I have found that the curator of the 6th floor propaganda machine could care less if these were other orders that can substantiate or refute the claim about Kleins and what they shipped on THAT and other orders like it.

That he cannot see the Intelligence Connection and wishes Oswald had a “I work for the FBI/CIA” T-shirt in his closet so he can be satisfied.

I have identified a means for questioning the integrity of the FBI once again in this case… If the FBI could have produced an order that showed the identical thing occurring with the shipment of C20-T750… CASE CLOSED

but they can’t, didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t…. and the proof was in their hands THAT NIGHT….

So sorry that is too much for you to follow Gary…. that you need to copy/past your required responses rather than think independently.

Someone LOST one or two negatives….

So What… right Gary?

All the evidence that went to the FBI that night… included the Camera, photos and negatives… no records were kept, no idea what occurred to these items…

and on that evidence alone, the WCR concludes Oswald shot and killed JFK using that rifle…

So this direct testimony from the FBI EXPERT… So what again, right?

No one sees him in the window, he is seen on the 1st/2nd floors, others are seen on these floors, there is not residue on his cheek, and his fingerprints are not on anything related to the rifle…

How again does the FBI tie this rifle to Oswald at the time of the assassination? A photo supposedly taken in March that Marina says was taken at the end of February?

You must sell an awful lot of Brooklyn Bridges there at that museum if that’s what you want people to believe….

So Gary, if Oswald’s prints were not on the rifle after he assembled it, transported it, reassembled it, loaded it, fired it 3 times, and then hid it… all after owning it since March…

How can it be used as evidence against him related to THAT DAY’S use?

Mr. EISENBERG. We will get other evidence in the record at a subsequent time to show those were the prints of Oswald. Mr. Latona, you were saying that you had worked over that rifle by applying a gray powder to it. Did you develop any fingerprints?

Mr. LATONA. I was not successful in developing any prints at all on the weapon. I also had one of the firearms examiners dismantle the weapon and I processed the complete weapon, all parts, everything else. And no latent prints of value were developed.

Mr. EISENBERG. Does that include the clip?

Mr. LATONA. That included the clip, that included the bolt, it included the underside of the barrel which is covered by the stock.

Mr. EISENBERG. Were cartridge cases furnished to you at that time?

Mr. LATONA. They were, which I processed, and from which I got no prints.

Mr. EISENBERG. Therefore, the net result of your work on Exhibit 139 was that you could not produce an identifiable print?

Mr. LATONA. That's correct.

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Forum policies prevent the posting of email exchanges. Therefore, to remain in compliance, Mr. Josephs cannot post the emails from Mr. Mack.

Mr. Mack IS a member of the forum. If he wishes to comment publicly, all he has to do is post in the manner that everyone else does. But I commend Mr. Josephs for complying with Forum rules, and NOT becoming a Gary Mack "sock puppet." If Mr. Mack has information he wishes to share with the Forum, he has every right to post as a regular member.

HOWEVER...once Mr. Mack posts as a "common" forum member, the Pope of Elm and Houston yields his cloak of infallibility...so I can understand why he would be reluctant to do so.

Edited by Mark Knight
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Yes - I miss Garys INPUT to understand fully your OUTPUT, David

As Mark states... I dont post Gary's emails to me without asking, and rather than asking this time, I posted my side of the conversation...

GMACK's POV is that only Oswald/HIDELL's Kleins order matters... same with DVP who he is CC'ing on every email.... (see my other thread on the topic for DVP's post which basically shows us Gary's position) http://educationforu...57

GM does not think that finding these documents, or proving what Kleins was doing with FC and TS rifles during this period is important enough... as opposed to proving Oswald was Intelligence...

which as we all know was proven years and years ago.

Jim/Karl/Mark... who I've repected and read for many years....and all the wonderful researchers and authors here...

In the 50 years there has not been a single researcher who has requested and seen these HUNDREDS of Kleins orders on D-77?

I am now looking at connecting the seriel numbers on Waldman 4 with the seriel numbers on the 10 packing slips... which in turn matches to VC #'s.

I've also need to request some of these orders I guess... any assistance with that would be appreciated

I honestly think it is amazing that NONE of the rifles from the 10 cartons have not been found... or at least the orders on which they were ordered and shipped....

That not a single person has come forward who ordered a C20-T750 and got the same rifle as Oswald

That not a single person who ordered a C20-T750 and got a TS rifle has not come forward...

And finally that ALL the D-77 orders were not printed or reviewed for other C20-T750 orders and the PATTERN of shipping FC rifles in their place.



Edited by David Josephs
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