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The Whitaker Hoax?

Could someone send me the title of ( or link to ) the thread or separate essay which credibly explains and reveals Ford Motor employee George Whitaker's interview with Doug Weldon and Whitaker's " bullet through the windshield front to back" written memoir repeating this claim 8 years later soon after his death regards the glass of JFK's limo as a "hoax?"

I'll read this with an open mind.

However, I always felt Whitaker's story was an honest one...partly because I could see no financial gain by anyone in it's public exposure.

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On ‎09‎/‎02‎/‎2017 at 8:32 AM, George Sawtelle said:

How do we know that the note "History of Evidence" was written on 22 Nov 1963? The writing is not consistent, some is written and some is printed. I don't see a signature on that note do you? The note on the right has a signature and date but it seems to conflict with the note on the left.


I don't recall David indicating/stating that the note page "History of Evidence" was actually written on November 22, 1963. In truth this particular page is one torn from one of SA Robert Frazier's lab notebooks, a listing prepared by Frazier in conjunction with his multiple testimony sessions before the Warren Commission. If you read this page completely you will note that Frazier indicates just when specific pieces of evidence were initially obtained by the FBI lab, returned to Dallas, and then returned again back to the FBI. As far as consistency is concerned, having handled and/or read several thousand original documents [which this page most certainly is] produced by members of the FBI, in particular handwritten notes and notebooks of various FBI lab employees, I can say with confidence that all of the  writing/printing on this note page is the work of Robert Frazier. And the "conflict" of "notes"  right and left is the point David was trying to make - how can the same piece of evidence [Q1, C1, or as it will become known, CE399] be introduced by members of the FBI theoretically into evidence one hour apart? While I would agree that mistakes are made, innocent or otherwise, the  concept that everything produced by the FBI et al - "evidence" if you will - is somehow "faked and manufactured" is repetitively annoying and can only lead the CT community down tunnels with no light at the other end. If I might ask you a question: Have you ever  been to the archives to personally see, handle, or read any of the materials that you at times have questioned?


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On 9/2/2017 at 5:56 AM, Chris Scally said:

Unfortunately, despite many years – and I do mean “years” – of searching, I could never fully and completely document the chain of possession of that Rowley Copy of the film after it arrived in Washington - or indeed, of any of the other first-day copies either. 

By now I am sure you are familiar with my POV on the film(s) that night.  The Phillips memo is pretty hard to misconstrue 

Zapruder had a "best copy" which he kept and ultimately gives to LIFE as well...  If Zap has original & 1 copy, Sorrels has 2 copies and 
"The third print in forwarded" - there's a missing copy now... Zap didn't have Sorrels hold HIS best copy... there's a 4th copy floating around and I believe we are talking about the Rowley film...  (Again Chris - didn't DeLoach and/or the FBI Sr. Staff claim to see a zfilm between 2-4am Fri/Sat?) 

My only point is that the film Dino gets is already altered...  not as thoroughly as the Homer film the next night, but altered.  As you mentioned, how many 8mm versions of the film include side A versus the 16mm copies you saw?  The three copies 0185, 6, & 7 basically discards the side A and pre-motorcade frames...  

.... "Zap has the "master" film(quotes in original).  and "Disregard personal scenes" either means all of side A is attached or the Hesters in DP test footage... thoughts?

The disappearance in the COE of this film and the creation of CE399 at the hands of Chief Rowley are but two of the most obvious examples of how the SS Chief influenced the evidence.  When we add in the creation of the Postal Money Order and the finding of it 4 different times....    https://statick2k-5f2f.kxcdn.com/images/pdf/JosephsRiflePart1.pdf 
it becomes clear how much the SS was involved in the creation/alteration of evidence...




The quality of the National Archives' photographic copy of this hand written report is so poor that many of its words cannot be made out in a scanned copy. Consequently, we have provided below a typed copy ]

CD - 87 Folder 1
CO2 34030 11/22

To: Chief Rowley
From: Max D. Phillips
Subject: 8mm movie film showing President
Kennedy being shot

Enclosed is an 8mm movie film
taken by Mr. A. Zapruder, 501 Elm St., Dallas
Texas (RI8-6071)

Mr.. Zapruder was photographing
the President at the instant he was shot.

According to Mr. Zapruder, the position of
the assassin was behind Mr. Zapruder.

Note: Disregard personnel scenes
shown on Mr. Zapruder’s film
.. Mr. Zapruder
is in custody of the "master" film. Two prints
were given to SAIC Sorrels, this date
The third print is forwarded.

Max D. Phillips
Special Agent - PRS

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On 10/6/2017 at 9:46 AM, David Josephs said:

This is definitely worth a read if you have not...

But I am having a tough time finding Whitaker....

JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS100X.docx

That's an archived version of my limo website.  It is at www.ss100x.com.  

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