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Actor James Franco's thoughts about the Warren Commission

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Who wrote it for him?

Seriously - does anybody think celebrities solicit publication in the HuffPost, or write their own pieces?

I don't doubt he wrote it, see his Wiki bio in Lifton's post.

OK - then who solicited this piece? Who influenced Franco to toe the party line of "Oswald small + Kennedy big = no real conspiracy, just paranoia?" The ghost of Norman Mailer?

No one solicited the piece, David. There is no "piece." Franco is but one of hundreds of celebrities who contribute content to the Huffington Post--basically blogging about whatever comes to their minds. The vast majority of this content is leftist or progressive in orientation.

Pat beat me to it. Why would someone have to have put him up to it? Isn't it possible that he actually believed what he wrote? 'Who influenced [Lamson, Baker and DVP] to toe the party line' here? Don't you think they really believe what they post and do so at their own behest?

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In retrospect if you segregate out the essays from the research notes, the notes do not look so good today. In my new version of Destiny Betrayed, I think I used maybe two footnotes from there, out of over two thousand.

In my new version of Destiny Betrayed, I think I used maybe two footnotes from there, out of over two thousand.

I was referring to my book, not the other one.

Hopefully, Jim has retained the services of a good editor.

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I agree with you about "JFK: The Book of the Film," Michael. It's a very revealing read. Stone first offered the role of Garrison to Harrison Ford, who turned it down because, not surprisingly, he didn't like the conspiracy slant.


Actually Stone did not offer the lead in JFK to Ford. I asked him about this and he actually made fun of Ford as an actor and said no, he never asked him to play Garrison.


I had always heard he offered the part to Ford- I'm glad you cleared that up. I've never thought much of Ford as an actor, and wondered about Stone's supposed first choice.

Oliver Stone told Lawrence Grobel a different story than he told Jim DiEugenio: http://books.google....one jfk&f=false

The 2002 edition of The Films of Harrison Ford had Ford's "blessing" and the cooperation of his agent. According to the book, Ford was offered the role: http://books.google....one jfk&f=false

Finally, on page 220 of JFK The Book Of The Film is a reprint of Sam Anson's Esquire article. Anson wrote that "Stone's first choice was Harrison Ford."

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