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Math 101

Chris Davidson

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If you look at the Station No and Elevation in this document and compare it against the CE 884 entries for frame 161, do you see the problem?



Thank you Tom Purvis for this one.

I cannot say that I do see the problem.

If what I am looking at is a survey plat for frame 168 which appears to be at station 3+29.2 but that is the station assigned to frame 161.

I do see that the height of the SN window is 60.25 feet or 63.28 feet which is a number I have been looking for.

What does H.I. stand for?

What is the problem Chris?

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Yes of course that is a problem. But what exactly is in error? It could be the plat has the wrong frame number or it could be CE884 could be in error. You have studied this, I have not. I am waiting for your explanation.

Here is a link to a page which has links to all the re-enactment photos. Scroll down to exhibit 888.


Station C described by Shaneyfelt. Station C is on a line that follows the west curb line of Houston Street...

Mr. SPECTER. And why was that location selected for the position of the car?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. This location was selected as the first point at which a person in the sixth floor window of the Book Building at our control point could have gotten a shot at the President after the car had rounded the corner from Houston to Elm.

Mr. SPECTER. And what position is station C?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Station C is on a line drawn along the west curb line of Houston Street in a direct line, and station C is at a point along that line that is in line with where the car would have turned coming around that corner. It is on a line which is an extension of the west curb line of Houston Street.

Mr. DULLES. Where is position A on that chart?

Mr. SHANEYFELT. Position A is here.


Based on the above description I have marked two possible locations for Station C.

Station C is on a line which is an extension of the west curb line of Houston Street where the limo would have turned coming around the corner.


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That is a difference of 7 frames. 161-168.

Do you know how many frames are missing from the Towner film and at what position?

Here's something from Meyers to help you.

After the 7 frame splice, JFK within the limo is aligned with the TSBD corner.

No coincidence there either!!!


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Meyers has Towner's camera running at 22.8 frames per sec in order to get his multisyncing to work.

Towner's camera actually ran at 18.3 frames per sec, same as Zapruder's, much more in line with what it's supposed to be.

How much faster does Meyer's have the camera running in terms of time.

22.8/18.3=1.25. So 25% faster.


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The pre-limo Zfilm consists of 132frames.

The time for that sequence is:

132/18.3 frames per sec=7.21sec

7.21 seconds reduced by 25%(22.8/18.3 frames per sec) in time =1.8 second reduction over 132 frames@18.3 frames per sec.

1.8 seconds x 18.3 frames per sec = 33frames.


9.12 x .25 = 2.28sec

9.12 - 2.28 = 6.84sec

167/18.3 = 9.12 sec.

167/22.8 = 7.32sec

Difference = 1.8 sec.

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By the way, referring back to CE560, where the document shows the limo traveling 90ft in 5.5 seconds=100frames from Shot1 to the 313 headshot.

If you incorporate the previous post's formula into the above scenario you would get this:

1.8 + 1.8 +1.8 = 5.4 seconds

33 + 33 + 33 = 99frames

Why is this important?

Well, in Myers sync, he has "JFK aligned with the TSBD" to frame157(splice) occurring in 5.41seconds.

Think about that for awhile and I'll help you out in a bit.


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Chris, one can always find number patterns in almost any non-random process, and even in random processes as well, but they do not necessarily mean anything. They just happen.

I know your work well enough to know that you usually have a very good point at the end. Can you please just cut to the chase.

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There is nothing random about this.

It was preconceived to make it fit the official story.

For instance:

85ft + 15ft = 100ft

85ft + 15ft =100ft

85ft to end it

That is a total of 285ft.

There's your 30ft difference

Look back at post 7 on the plat shot document I provided.

How far(straight line distance) do they have shot 3 at? Remember this is not the 313 headshot, this is 30ft farther down the street near Altgens.

Distance between "JFK in the limo" and the "front of the limo" is 15ft.

Sorry if you're getting impatient but this scenario needs to be explained and that's what I intend to do.


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There never was a survey done for frame 161.

The measurements actually apply to frame168.

Look at CE884 apply the distance and frame count from frame 168 to frame 255.

168-255= 87 frames

The distance is 87.2ft.

= 1ft per 1frame. Easier to work with!!!


Just a quick reminder for the 1ft = 1frame equation.

In terms of 5.5 seconds (100 Zframes) that would be:

5.5 sec x 5.5ft per sec = 30.25ft.

5.5ft per sec = 3.74mph

See the Vehicle Speed document in post 11.


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Bottom line that people are still trying to understand Chris...

Intermixing the position of 1) JFK seated, 2) the front of the limo and 3) the back of the limo one can easily hide 30+ feet of CALCULATED movement..

The limo was about 21.25 feet long (a normal lincoln is 17.75ft long)...

Ford Motor Company assembled the car at its Lincoln plant in Wixom, Michigan in January 1961. Hess & Eisenhardt of Cincinnati, Ohio was responsible for customizing the car to function as a presidential parade limousine, literally cutting it in half, reinforcing it, extending it 3 ½feet in length, and making numerous other modifications.

Chris, you wrote:

"Distance between "JFK in the limo" and the "front of the limo" is 15ft."

This seems more than a reaonable estimation.

By measuring to the FRONT of the limo before 161 and JFK's position after, we lose 30 feet. (Chris - correct?)

ie... at 161 the FRONT of the limo is 15 feet in front of JFK

as JFK moves thru those 15 feet we can measure again and find JFK at the exact same DISTANCE FROM A FIXED POINT as the first measurement, yet 15 frames higher in the Zframe count (10mph = 14.667 feet/second)

So depending on what you are measuring... JFK, at z161 is approximately 1 second or 15 feet or 18 frames behind...

It is not until z179 that JFK is at the same place the FRONT OF THE LIMO IS at z161. at 10mph

If we now begin again with the calculations by placing JFK's position at z161... he is actually 15 feet/18 frames behind, or z143

JFK is first moved BACK 15 feet prior to z161, and then moved forward 15 feet from z161 forward

Total = 30 feet....

Let me know if I am understanding this correctly.... if one looks at Z161 and the plat, it is obvious that the FRONT of the limo is at 3+29.2 and JFK is 15 feet and 18 frames behind and will not reach that spot until z179... addtionally, at z179 JFK does not reach the location for the FRONT of the limo until z197...

If you measure from the FRONT of the LIMO at z161 and where JFK is in Z197, and subtract... you've lost 30 feet.




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