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Cuban Missile Crisis 50th sploitation quote thread: Purpose is get new interest in new but neglected

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new research which threads new light on to what degree some parts of the National Security State were pushing envelope independent of the Commander in Chief and or get more views to great articles, sites and books. Please post good quotes with their reference and a link if possible. I will spread them wherever I can , and I encourage others to do so too. We should not let the court historians cover up this pivotal glimpse into the nature of the national security state.

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From www.boston.com

Kennedy Library in Dorchester to release seven boxes of Robert Kennedy papers on Cuban missile crisis

by Brian Bender

October 10, 2012

WASHINGTON -- After years of difficult negotiations with Robert F. Kennedy’s heirs – and growing pressure from researchers – the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum has been granted approval to release seven boxes of the former attorney general’s papers on Cuba, according to two sources directly involved in the deal.

The papers, amounting to more than 2,700 pages, will be made available to researchers at the Kennedy Library in Dorchester on Thursday and will also be posted on line, they said.

Full story: http://www.boston.co...rTnJ/story.html

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