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Lee Harvey Oswald...a U.S Intelligence Agent; The Evidence

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Lee Harvey Oswald---a U.S. Intelligence Agent: The Evidence

Presentation by Hal Verb

Debate between Lee Harvey Oswald, and Ed Butler and Carlos Bringuier


Edited by Bernice Moore
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Guest Robert Morrow

Key point: Lee Harvey Oswald was U.S. intelligence and he shot NO ONE on 11/2263. Re: Oswald's intelligence connections read:

1) "Oswald and the CIA" book by John Newman

2) "Spy Saga: Lee Harvey Oswald and US Intelligence" book by Philip Melanson

3) "History Will Not Absolve Us" by Martin Schotz (Chapter 5 "Oswald and U.S. Intelligence" by Christopher Sharrett)

4) "Me and Lee" book by Judyth Vary Baker (Oswald's mistress in New Orleans, summer 1963)

5) "A Certain Arrogance: U.S. Intelligence's Manipulation of Religious Groups and Individuals in Two World Wars and the Cold War - and the Sacrificing of Lee Harvey Oswald" book by George Michael Evica

6) "Accessories After the Fact" by Sylvia Meagher, Chapter 19 "Oswald and the State Department'"

7) "Coup D'Etat in America: The CIA and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy" by Alan Weberman & Michael Canfield, Chapter 3 "Was Oswald a CIA Agent?"

8) "Oswald in New Orleans: Case for Conspiracy with the CIA" by Harold Weisberg

9) Chapter 9 "Fingerprints of Intelligence" in "Reasonable Doubt" by Henry Hurt

10) Chapter 14 "Oswald and the CIA" in "Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy" by Joachim Joesten

11) Chapter 12 " Was Oswald a Government Agent" in "Breach of Trust: How the Warren Commission Failed the Nation and Why" by Gerald McKnight

12) Google “Lee Harvey Oswald’s reading habits summer 1963” by Judyth Vary Baker

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