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Joan Mellen’s new book: Our Man in Haiti: George de Mohrenschildt and the CIA

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Mike Joan has asked me to email you and thank you for posting this but I do not have an email for you, actually she wanted to thank you via email herself. I cannot contact you via the fourm either I get a "can't receive messages" message.

Would you send me your email address, if that is not too bold of me.I believe the rule here is not to post someone else's and that it is ok to post your own. So I am thanking you publicly. Joan is busy with three books and does not go on forums. Apparently someone told her about this. I woke up to an email from her this am asking me for yours. Thanks Mike.


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Guest Tom Scully

In a very recent interview, Joan Mellen discusses and describes her new book. She reveals that she has been in contact with Joseph F. Dryer, Jr. and describes him as "a wonderful person." She said all of the characters in her JFK Assassination books are not evil, Jim Garrison was a hero and in her new book, DeMohrenschildt is a terrible person but she speaks extremely favorably of Joseph Dryer and Jacqueline Lancelot.

I hope Joan will agree to answer questions here on the forum after the release of her book on the first of November. I am very familiar with the background and associations of Mr. Dryer and I believe he has much explaining to do. Unfortunately, he is 90 years old and Joan Mellen may have had the last, best opportunity to question him in a more adversarial manner than I am now concerned that she may have done.

In this post, I've included information about Dryer's partnership with Herbert "Peter" Pulitzer, brother-in-law of Charles Bartlett's brother David.:

More on Joseph F. Dryer, Bob Kleberg's family background and his sister's spouse and son.


JFK''s and Cord Meyer's close friend, Charles Bartlett is said to have introduced JFK to Jacqueline Bouvier at the Bartlett - Pulitzer wedding. Dryer presented James "Jake" K. Cogswell to the HSCA and had dealings with CIA asset Michael JP Malone and with Rionda Braga.

I have a high opinion of Joan Mellen and I intend to carefully check what she has learned from Dryer and ask her whether there is the possibility that he is able and willing to answer additional questions. Joan stated that Dryer was uniquely positioned and was acquainted with CIA, US military, and other intelligence figures, but she did not say how he established those connections.

BTW, I stumbled on these comments, yesterday.:



Was Jackie a CIA Mole?

Saintly Oswald

......And, George De Mohrenschildt was certainly in with this crowd, doing favors for the CIA and being paid with juicy business deals. Jackie's family was also in with this crowd, and she even knew De Mohrenschildt from when she was a child. Is it so unthinkable that she might have taken a job in this private government and have been assigned to keep an eye on John Firepants Kennedy? I recently heard some taped interview from the Camelot days where the interviewer said something like, "You really do love him so!" And Jackie respond, extravagantly, "No, not really...Oh, I said 'No,' didn't I?" Does someone in love ever joke like that?......

They mesh with some of these observations:


......Ask Not: The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy and the Speech That ...

books.google.comThurston Clarke - 2010 - 272 pages - Google eBook - Preview

... Bartlett and Bradlee were ignorant of important facts of Kennedy's life: Author's interviews with Bradlee and Bartlett,

The facts are that Bradlee and Charles Bartlett and his brother, David, has their own backgrounds and alliances, and they seem to conflict with their friendship with JFK, The two "journalists" had blinders on, by choice, and have been silent all these years on a bunch of issues.

Consider that Bradlee was once the son-in-law of Leverett Saltonstall, and that he has lived in the house of the son of assassinated president, Abraham Lincoln, since 1983, and that he has known Charles Bartlett, and presumably his brother, all of his life. Both are 90 years old, now.

Bradlee's cousin married Charles Clucas shortly after Clucas divorced Phyliss Washington DeMohrenschildt.

Bradlee had to have some awareness that Joseph Dryer was produced by Jake Cogswell for the HSCA and that Dryer testified to knowing and meeting with DeMohrenschildt. He also had to be aware that Cogswell was close to Veciana and Godoy and had been a V.P. of a nickel mining company in Cuba.

He was probably aware that Dryer had hosted half a dozen Bay of Pigs survivors in his West Palm mansion after they were repatriated. He probably knew how well and how long Bartlett's brother, David's brother-in-law, Peter Pulitzer, knew Joe Dryer before Dryer parternered with Pulitzer in the Hotel Amsterdam. (See Linked page at bottom of this post.)

David Bartlett and his ex-wife Gladys Mumm Pulitzer had two daughters before Gladys divorced him and married, in 1959, the future chairman of JP Morgan and later, president of the World Bank, Lewis T. Preston. Gladys died last fall, so now we can see that she started a company I can find almost nothing about (Bell Cane Co.) except that it seemed to be involved in Asian imports, so maybe it is related to David Bartlett's mystery friend, Hal Korda.

David and Gladys's daughter, Linda, somewhere along the line, married Leverett Saltonstall Miller, 19 years her senior. Miller is the nephew of CV Sonny Whitney, of Pan Am Airways fame, and Miller's mother, Flora and CV were first cousins of Jock Whitney.

With such a growing and interesting set of his brother's family and friends, is it any wonder Charles Bartlett gave half of his syndicated column space to Cord Meyer and then gradually disappeared?

History seems to be telling us that the Kennedys and widow, Jackie, were too deeply involved with the people who have the most explaining to do, to ever be in a position to ask for explanations, Everywhere I turn, a Kennedy is too close to the people who should be interrogated. RFK's son, Joe, was the Milton roommate of John Ellis, son of Nancy Bush and Alexander Ellis. George Bush described Charles Bartlett, as "my good friend." It is a liability to dismissive or partisanship when all of the suspects you consider your friends are intensely partisan and to the right of you, politically.



Gladys Pulitzer Preston, granddaughter of the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, dies

Gladys Pulitzer Preston of Palm Beach, the granddaughter of the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, died on Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in New York ........


Pulitzer and Dryer


Joan Mellen's choice of a book topic has the potential for subject matter intersecting on many levels. For instance, she did not mention George McMillan and Priscilla Johnson who went to Haiti to "visit" DeMohrenschildt. She did describe Demohrenschildt's and Clemard Joseph Charles' interaction with Thomas J. Devine in New York in April, 1963, Devine's CIA affiliation, and his partnerships with GHW Bush, and how Bush came to know DeMohrenschildt through Bush's Andover rooommate, Edward Gordon Hooker. The intersections have recently been boosted by the new awareness that Devine's M.I.T. Sigma Chi fraternity housemate, Lew Garrison Coit, Jr., aka "Gary" Coit, became Priscilla Johnson's CIA contact officer by 1964.

Almost in passing, she mentioned that Mohamed Al-Fayed nearly came to control Hatian shipping. She went into some depth about a false CIA OP inaccurately linking the Hunts to the JFK Assassination plot and Harold Weisberg became aware that the CIA had copies of his correspondence with Lamar Hunt security specialist Paul Rothermel who had deceitfully gained Weisberg's cooperation against Garrison's investigation, but was selling everyone out on behalf of the CIA. She stated that Weissberg was surprised to discover this but took no retliatory action.

I thought I heard her say, "Lamar was wonderful." I assume she was referring to Hunt.

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Gladys Pulitzer Preston, granddaughter of the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, dies

Gladys Pulitzer Preston of Palm Beach, the granddaughter of the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, died on Friday, Oct. 28, 2011, in New York ........



"The page could not be found"

--Tommy :sun

P.S. Do you test the links you put in your posts after you've posted them? Just an idea.

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Guest Tom Scully

Begging your pardon, Tommy. Here is a live link to the obit of Gladyts Pulitzer Bartlet Preston, at the same website as the link displayed in my post of nearly five months ago

and requoted by me without rechecking the validity of said link.

I do not make it a habit to click on links displayed in posts I quote part or all of to ascertain whether the links still resolve.

BTW, I found the live link I've now provided by simply copying and pasting the title of the obit article, Gladys Pulitzer Preston, granddaughter of the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, dies , in the google search box.

Is the tone in your post really as antagonistic as it seems?

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Joan has asked me to post this for her:

"I would be happy to answer any questions to which I know the answers. Tom, please read the book to see whether or not I mention George & Priscilla McMillan, and other matters"


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Joan Mellen’s “Our Man in Haiti” – George DeMohrenschildt and the CIA in the Nightmare Republic (Trine Day, 2012)


JFKcountercoup: Joan Mellen’s “Our Man in Haiti”

As we approach the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy we can expect a slew of books on the subject and Joan Mellen’s “Our Man in Haiti” is one of the first out of the gate. .

This book is not about the assassination of President Kennedy, but it does add some interesting pieces to the puzzle of Dealey Plaza – the Haitian intrigues of the accused assassin’s “babysitter” George DeMohrenschildt, who many believe assisted in setting up Lee Harvey Oswald as the patsy to take the fall for the murder of the president.

Nor is this book about “our man” in Haiti in the sense that Win Scott was “our man in Mexico” or Gram Green’s comic spoof “Our Man in Havana,” as Mellen herself attests – “our man in Haiti” in this story could be DeMohrenschildt, Haitian banker Clem Charles or even the greaser I. Irving Davidson, all featured characters in what also turns out to be a somewhat sad but comic and frustrating spoof on everyone.

While most of the action takes place in Haiti from the time of the assassination up until the strange death of DeMohrenschildt in 1978, it does often refer to the crutch of the matter - the earlier association in Texas between the regal, distinguished and shifty DeMohrenschildt and the repatriated ex-Marine defector Lee Harvey Oswald.

When Oswald first arrived home from behind the Iron Curtain he was befriended by the charismatic baron George DeMohrenschildt, who recounts his relationship with Oswald in the unpublished manuscript “I’m a Patsy,”

As noted by Mellen, DeMohrenschildt sought out Oswald and in the company of Col. Lawrence Orlov, a equally mysterious character who subsequently seems to just disappear. DeMohrenschildt then became a mentor to Oswald and introduced him into a unique network of friends, who provided Oswald with places to stay, jobs, gifts and even took care of his family’s dental needs.

Then, shortly before DeMohrenschildt moved on to Haiti, he “passes” the responsibility for caring for the Oswalds off on to Ruth and Michael Paine, who assume the same “babysitter” and patron role as DeMohrenschildt previously played leading up to the assassination.

Since I am of the belief that Oswald didn’t shoot anyone on November 22, 1963, and was framed as a patsy as he himself claimed, he also plays the distracting role of the “rabbit,” who leads investigators astray while the real assassins slip by unnoticed.

If Oswald actually did shoot the President, DeMohrenschildt would have been a primary “person of interest” and suspected as a collaborator or facilitator in the crime, but as Mellen accurately describes him, DeMohrenschildt is one of those who helped frame the patsy for the crime of the century.

While the real assassin(s) would lead directly to the sponsors of the Dealey Plaza operation, Oswald and the detractors, including DeMohrenschildt, also lead to them, but in a more roundabout way, one with many detours and dead end alleys, which is one of the reasons why Oswald was designated as the principle patsy in the first place.

As his son-in-law told the Warren Commission, no one had more influence over Oswald than DeMohrenschildt, but putting a trace on the shifty and smooth operator is not an easy thing to do. Since he had so many secret and powerful associations, it’s difficult to know which intelligence agency was running him at any one time. George was associated with the Polish, German, Mexican and French intelligence services during World War II, and applied for a job with the OSS, while his brother Dimitri was even more influential. Having served in OSS, as did their father, Dimitri helped found the CIA’s Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, edited the Russian Review, was a professor at Dartmouth and worked at the Hover Institute at Stanford at the time of the assassination. .

Before George DeMohrenschildt met up with Oswald, and set him on the path to Dealey Plaza, he had worked for a number of major players - mainly Colorado, Texas and Louisiana oil men, and had three rich and influential wives, all of whom are colorful characters in Mellen’s book.

In 1957 DeMohrenschildt went to Yugoslavia on behalf of the US government International Cooperation Administration (ICA, aka CIA), but was asked to leave the country, accused of drawing secret military fortifications, just as he came to the attention of authorities in 1941 for photographing and drawing the Coast Guard facility at Corpus Christi, Texas.

Back home DeMorhrenschildt was interviewed by J. Walton Moore, the head of the Dallas Domestic Contacts Division of the CIA, which routinely debriefed American businessmen when they returned from abroad.

But DeMohrenschildt filed ten separate reports with Moore, and later said that Moore gave his okay and encouraged his association with Oswald, a point later denied by Moore, although he too was a friend and handball partner with Col. Lawrence Orlov, who accompanied DeMohrenschildt when he first sought out Oswald. Although not mentioned by Mellen, Moore was also a OSS agent who served in China with Charles Ford, the Princeton man who later took a leave from the CIA’s office of training to be RFK’s liaison with the mobsters involved in the JMWAVE plots against Castro.

Although Gaeton Fonzi and Dick Russell came close, Bill Riley, when he was a young and hungry TV reporter in Texas in the late 1970s, almost got the elusive interview with DeMohrenschildt’s CIA contact J. Walton Moore, but came away without a cigar. [see: David Talbot review of Riley’s book].

After taking care of the material needs of Oswald and his family for about a year, DeMohrenschildt introduced them to Ruth and Michael Paine, who then fulfilled the Oswald’s needs previously taken care of by DeMohrenschildt, while he took off for a new mission in Haiti.

What was George up to in Haiti while his squire Oswald was getting tangled up in the assassination of the president in Dallas? It was pretty much the same game – as DeMohrenschildt was involved in an attempt to take over the presidency of Haiti in a coup that could have also included assassination. While Oswald is generally recognized as a pawn that was put into position to checkmate the president at Dealey Plaza, DeMohrenschildt was a more powerful and maneuverable rook or bishop in the same game, though an equally dispensable one.

According to Mellen George DeMohrenschildt was “a tall, comely man, who spoke with a pronounced accent that to some sounded German. There was nothing straightforward about him…He was a handsome man who used his sexuality as a weapon to dominate and degrade people…an easy man to discard when his usefulness expired. His life illustrates how CIA treated its assets and contacts when their activities rendered them inconvenient.”

While Mellen and others keep saying Oswald, and DeMohrenschildt were being run by the CIA, from my readings of the same material, they could have just as easily been operating, knowingly or unknowingly with Army Intelligence or the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), as both were heavily involved in these nefarious affairs, as the recently released government records attest.

Besides meeting with CIA officers, DeMohrenschildt and his Haitian sidekick Clem Charles also meet with Dorothe Matlack, Assistant Director of the Office of the Domestic Exploitation Section, Army Chief of Staff for Intelligence. Mellen is the first to point out the significance of 66th Military Intelligence Group (MIG) and 902 MIG – “90 Duce,” the mysterious and secret units that kept track of all these nefarious activities.

Smack in the middle of things is our old friend Col. Sam Goodhue Kail, an office associate of Matlack who we know from his days as the Military attaché in the American embassy in Havana (June 3, 1958 - Jan. 4, 1961) when he worked with such Dealey Plaza luminaries as David Morales, Antonio Veciana and David Atlee Phillips.

In the course of her work Mellen also utilized the tenacious research of Bruce Adamson, whose chronology and dozen books on George DeMohrenschildt certainly makes him an authority on the man, and the cryptic files of the late J. Harrison, a former Texas policeman and JFK assassination researcher whose boxes of records she had access to. Mellen also draws extensively on the official files and records released under the JFK act, although many of the government’s records on DeMohrenschildt and his associates remain sealed for reasons of “national security.”

And Mellen has interviewed a few important characters who are still alive, especially Joseph F. Dryer, though few others live to tell their tales.

What I didn’t understand at first is why she left out some important well-known details, and figured, just as she wrote a follow up biography on Jim Garrison after “Farewell to Justice,” there was another book in the works. And indeed there is as I have since learned there are two more books on the way, all three of which utilize some of the same sources and general material, but focus on different geographical locations. Also in production is a book on the Texas Mafia, and a third - “The Great Game in Cuba,” which rounds out the trilogy and uses “the Cuban Revolution, as a backdrop to examine the CIA’s inner workings during the fifties and sixties.”

Besides Joan Mellen’s series of books, David Lifton, Russ Baker, Bill Simpich and Greg Parker are among the serious JFK assassination researchers who are also diving into these subjects and trying to make sense of it, and should be published in the coming year.

Thanks to Joan Mellen and the other researchers for helping to outline an accurate roadmap of the JFK assassination game board and the intelligence webs that operated on it, so we can follow the patsy’s mentor back into the guts of the intelligence network responsible for the assassination of the President.

Now we just have to get down to the nitty-gritty, fill out the map’s side roads, back alleys and gutters and shine some light in to the murky darkness to see what’s there.

You go first, I got your back.

William Kelly

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A fine review. Joan's book is relatively cheap inexpensive right now on Amazon, too. Don't know if the idea rings your bell William but you could post the above piece in its entirety (with a shout out to your blog) on Amazon as a product review and it would probably get major traffic and attention fairly quickly. I wasn't aware of the new book from Russ Baker, and it's good to be reminded of the other forthcoming titles. Does William Davy also have a volume coming in the nearish future?

I'm quite curious to see the contents of and responses to Joan's other volumes when they appear next year.

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A fine review. Joan's book is relatively cheap inexpensive right now on Amazon, too. Don't know if the idea rings your bell William but you could post the above piece in its entirety (with a shout out to your blog) on Amazon as a product review and it would probably get major traffic and attention fairly quickly. I wasn't aware of the new book from Russ Baker, and it's good to be reminded of the other forthcoming titles. Does William Davy also have a volume coming in the nearish future?

I'm quite curious to see the contents of and responses to Joan's other volumes when they appear next year.

TONY, you can cross post these links to Amaxon if you want or anywhere else.

thnks - bk

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Guest Tom Scully

Tom: She is working on two other books too, so I am not sure she will have much time to be on the forum... but you can ask...


I posted this here because I anticipated doing so would be a timely way to get your attention and maybe get a quick answer to this, through you.

Probe V7N6: James Jesus Angleton and the Kennedy Assassination ...


By Lisa Pease ......" In the previous issue, I had written that Gloria Loomis was Angleton's ... Joan Mellen called us after reading the last issue and said that she knew Gloria ...."

Can you ask Joan to share how she was informed that Robert Loomis's former wife was the Gloria Loomis who worked for Angleton? I have Robert Loomis's 1954 wedding announcement and CIA's Gloria Loomis Smith's 1996 obit.

I think we deserve to know who misled Joan, if she is willing to disclose the details. "The 50th" should be about who is committed to finding, vetting, sharing the most reliable details and transparently revising errors. My recent experience with Peter Janney reinforces this concern.

We are subjected to posted assertions of how reliable Marina's statements were up to and including the statements made to the HSCA by Marina Oswald and Priscilla McMillan and of McMillan's sincerity and transparency. Instead of arguing about how a "community joint statement" should read, it seems more important to challenge and expose the inaccurate and identify where it originated and who clings to it despite exposure to "hard proof" of inaccuracies.

The competition should be accuracy vs. inaccuracy. You are what you embrace. Posting 24/7, here, there, and everywhere until half of all the posts and comments on the internet are posted by one individual will still not confirm that LBJ masterminded assassination.

If Priscilla Johnson's first cousin David Davenport was involved with Priscilla and Marina on behalf of the CIA and William L. Mitchell is an associate professor emeritus in the California State Univ. system, the names and actual backgrounds of Davenport and Mitchell influence changes that cannot be rivaled by the influence of thousands of repetitive opinion posts in the comments section of every book review and every blog or forum. It would be more useful to pick one major point in one of the looming deluge of anniversary books or media presentations and challenge it if it is flawed or sponsor it if it is the real deal.

My research indicates Look Magazine publisher, Gardner "Mike" Cowles, Jr., formerly of the Office of War Information run by Tom Guinzberg's father, probably leaked the book manuscript McCone was trying to censor and that the source of the leak to the CIA was not Random House.

Book Stirs Teapot Tempest .

Evening Independent - Jun 23, 1964

"The book, The Invisible Govern ment, by David Wise and Thom as Ross, Washington reporters, hit the bookstores yester day- Look magazine, which print ed..."

Edited by Tom Scully
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