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So when did the bullet strike JFK in the throat

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So when did the bullet strike JFK in the back and transit his throat, if you are a SBT believer? Or when did the bullet strike JFK in the throat if you do not believe in the SBT.

If you are Dale Myers, the moment was between Z 223 and Z 224. I understand the WC decided it struck around Z 190.

Well they are both wrong. It struck just before Z 211, and probably around Z 209 or Z 210.

And how can one be sure of that. Jackie’s changed head position.

See image below:-


In Z 211 we can see Jackie looking to her right. The bullet has struck by this point, but she is not aware of it

In Z 212 she is now looking towards JFK. It is a major turn she has made, maybe even around 90º. She is aware that something is going on with JFK, even if we are not.

Both Z 116 + 117 are a bit difficult to ascertain what is going on, but the shape of Jackie’s hat ( or what we can see of it ) make it clear she is still looking towards JFK.

In Z 220 not only is she looking at JFK she is even leaning forward.

In Z 221 we get a much clearer view of her. And in Z 222 is has moved a bit further forward to get a better view of what is happening to JFK.

This is one frame before, according to Dale Myers, when the bullet strikes both JFK and Connally. In this whole sequence Z 212 – Z 222 something is going on with JFK that has clearly distracted Jackie. We do not see what it is, but clearly it is JFK reacting to the impact of the throat wound. The position we see Jackie at Z 222 is essentially the same position she remains in, with some changes, until Z 313 when JFK is killed.

And finally at Z 222 we see Connally begin to turn to his left, as he said he did after hearing a shot.

We may not actually see JFK during this sequence but the reactions of Jackie are such that there is only one explanation: JFK’s reaction to the throat wound has attracted her attention.

So when did JFK receive his throat wound? He received it around Z 209 – 210.


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