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Vincent Salandria: "Notes on Lunch with Arlen Specter on January 4, 2012"

Guest Robert Morrow

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Looks like Specter sought to interview Salandria, only it was Salandria who took the notes.

The notes of the meeting are for posterity, in the interest of historical truth. Looks to me like Specter wanted this meeting for his own peace of mind.

This is a beautiful thing.

Truly. RIP Arlen. You were just a patsy.

Just a patsy?

Arlen Specter was a criminal -- an accessory after the fact to the murder of President Kennedy.

That is the historical truth.

Mike, after giving this some thought it appears to me that Specter took the fall for the creation of the Single Bullet Theory.

He is generally credited as its author.

But the SBT was made inevitable the night of the autopsy when FBI SA James Sibert called the FBI Lab to inquire as to the existence of blood-soluble weapons technology ("bullet that dissolves after contact") and was told of the existence of the Magic Bullet.

It was determined the night of the autopsy that Q1 (if I recall the initial FBI designation correctly), a/k/a CE399 would account for all the damage that the other two shots couldn't explain.

The 3-shot scenario was baked into the official story from the get-go, and then Arlen was hired to give it specifics and do the heavy duty lying, standing there with a pointer inches above the wound location during the recreation. He looked like an idiot. A couple of years later Gaeton Fonzi made him look like an idiot again over the clothing evidence.

That Arlen Specter would reach out to Vincent Salandria and ask him if he thought the Warren Commission was a set-up seems to me like a tacit admission he suspected, at that point in his life, he was set up.

Yes, Specter played a knowing, key part in a criminal enterprise; maybe Oswald was a criminal as well, but he is primarily regarded as a patsy.

In 1999 Salandria wrote this to a friend:

You then go on: "Why did Specter concoct the single bullet theory? To ingratiate himself and prove his mettle as a team player. He knew the outcome the big boys wanted." You say that Specter "did not know then or know now who was really behind the assassination." And this Yale graduate and prosecutor continues even today to be questioned and ridiculed for his single bullet fantasy, but courageously and criminally continues to shoulder the blame for covering up for persons unknown to him and for a team which he cannot identify, never feeling free to express even a slight doubt about the truthfulness of his patent and criminal lies uttered in their interest?

From Michael D Morrissey's book, Correspondence with Vincent Salandria, page 216

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