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OFF Bended Knee! Stop Pleading Big Media and, instead, raise the costs of their facilitating the coverup.

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Hi everyone. It is time to stop pleading with Big Media and, instead raise the costs of their collusion.

Now how can we raise the costs?

The problem so far is that the big media can GET AWAY WITH LYING without nearly enough cost in terms of the credibility among those who still watch it.

That is why, part of our prep work for the 50 th has to be, IMO, showing the Big Media that we have the ability to raise the question of their credibility.

Now why, for examples did JAMA jam their highly specialized -so people- will listen- to that small -but influential -opinion (specialized authority too) around -the -thanksgiving -chatter Journal?

Because they could.

They could repeatedly afford to lie about the doctor in Parkland because they knew that the only ones who would call their bluff would do so in highly specialized internet sites.

Time to up the costs of collusion.

EXAMPLE 1: RECENTLY I POSTED ON FB a picture of the Romney's cooking Big Bird for thanksgiving. along with said sillyness I posted this> "

Why Obama won: They need PBS to keep selling us specials on Oswald narrated by CIA hosts with long paper trails. [Oswald's Ghost] This is the only show I have ever seen on PBS that actually DISCOURAGED viewers from further study!! The only onehttp://www.spartacus...FKjohnsonPR.htm


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I agree that one of the most important things we as a community can do is document and call out the mainstream media for their lies, cover-ups and refusals to face deep seated government corruption. In the course of my reading over the past few years, I have come across many cases of bad behavior on the part of the main stream media. However, I am not aware of any comprehensive resource on this topic. I can see that John Simkin is beginning an effort document the media manipulation in the context of the JFK assassination. John's work is important and noble.

However, we need to do more to show how the media has deliberately turned a blind eye to high level government corruption over the course of the last 50 years and up until today. Ultimately, we need to call out this shoddy reporting and editing as it happens. And engage with the reporters and editors and let them know they are being watched and held to account.

Historycommons.org has some very useful tools for documenting this sort of media coverage as it happens. However, their tools are difficult to use and somewhat unwelcoming. I am hoping to be able to help them improve their tools so that the education forum community can more easily use them, but this is a long term software development project that will not show any results for a while.

I am also thinking about organizing a conference for the 50th anniversary of the Coup of '63 in New York City in Sept or Oct of 2013. If anyone is interested in helping with this conference, please let me know.



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