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Stratfor.com: The Mystery of Marina Oswald

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Thank you Doug, Contains some very good, old i may say, reiterated questions, that have been asked so manys a time, on manys a board, down through the years, and still no real answers, it simply all comes off as being all too easy, the actions surrounding the courtship, the marriage, the leaving Russia, the easy entrance to the U.S..his re-entry,the loan of money's paying for the trip, the job given to him, by the TSBD that then just happens to be a building the POTUS is driven under,the only 3 shots for too many wounds, and numerous misses, his arrest, Ruby's entrance, LHO's death, Washington grabbing the evidence, the conclusion of the ''Lone Nut W/C theory, the restriction of the documentation etc etc etc.....all too ruddy easy wasn't it?? thanks interesting...take care b

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