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Internet Article Transcripts Suggestion

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Internet Article Transcripts Suggestion

.... Good Day All.... A sensible suggestion for each researcher

for when you provide the Internet link for an article that you want to

share for the members of this (and any) forum, newsgroup, etc....

If, along with the link, you take a few moments to also provide for

everyone that article's transcript, it will then be readable within the

forum, and, most importantly, permanently preserved within the forum

for everyone. (some/many Internet articles are deleted by the

publisher, after time) Providing the transcript for our forum also

ensures that researchers doing future searches for names and/or

words that are in the article will successfully obtain future hits for their

search results within our forum.

Just a thought.

(forum moderators may want to consider pinning this suggestion)

Best Regards in Research,


Donald Roberdeau

United States Navy

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, plank walker

Sooner, or later, The Truth emerges Clearly

For your key considerations....

Homepage: President KENNEDY "Men of Courage" speech, and Assassination Evidence, Witnesses, Suspects + Outstanding Researchers Discoveries and Considerations.... http://droberdeau.bl...ination_09.html

The Dealey Plaza Map Detailing 11-22-63 Victims precise locations, Witnesses, Films & Photos, Evidence, Suspected bullet trajectories, Important information & Considerations, in One Convenient Resource.... http://img835.imageshack.us/img835/3966/dppluschartsupdated1111.gif

(new info, 2012 updated map)

Visual Report: "The First Bullet Impact Into President Kennedy: while JFK was Still Hidden Under the 'magic-limbed-ricochet-tree' ".... http://img504.images...k1102308ms8.gif

Visual Report: Reality versus C.A.D. : the Real World, versus, Garbage-In, Garbage-Out.... http://img248.images...ealityvscad.gif

Discovery: "Very Close JFK Assassination Witness ROSEMARY WILLIS

Zapruder Film Documented 2nd Headsnap: West, Ultrafast, and

Directly Towards the Grassy Knoll"....


T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore

For the United States:



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Good thought Don, but some forums have in the past, have found that articles have taken up too much resources within any given month, so have restricted such to a degree,to links and a caption of some lines... i am presuming the administration will decide, thanks and take care, best b

Edited by Bernice Moore
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I agree with Don, as I've found that most links don't work after a few weeks, and if this forum is to be a serious research tool in the future, it should contain at least a copy of the original article that is linked and being discussed, and sometime in the future the links will be useless.

I have even started a second blog JFKCountercoup2

just to archive important articles and sources that I refer to in my main blog, so even if the original links don't work I will have a reference link to the article I refer to.

Nor do I think the text of articles take up much space, like photos and graphics do, so that should not be an issue.


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I concur. I want to tell Don R. that I am studying his map, looking at Dal-Tex and TSBD. In front of the garage of the Dal-Tex building exist 2 photos of Phil Ochs. It is definitely him. Everything matches up, especially his ears. I've read that a group was supposedly going to save Kennedy. When did they get there? As Kennedy's limo was on Houston St. There are what looks like 2 men on the South Knoll by the Y shaped tree. Somehow I think Ochs was involved in this scheme, if it really exists. They were going to be where the snipers were and stop them from shooting at Kennedy. They were too late. It was like the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight. Years later Phil Ochs "committed suicide" by hanging. Friends say he was very depressed. His career was going nowhere. But I find his death very suspicious. There were a whole lot of strange deaths of these prominent left-wing people. Abby Hoffman took 100 Xanax. Jerry Rubin got killed jay-walking. Hunter Thompson - a shot to the head. Friends said he was depressed. His son was in the house (Hunter on the porch) and never heard a thing. His wife was on the phone and heard a weird noise and Thompson didn't answer her. She rushed home and found him dead. John Lennon is another example. Reagan elect was in. Forces were changing. I don't think Reagan had anything to do with John's death. It's just the forces around him were taking charge. Who killed John Lennon on Dec.8,1980? The man in charge of the Lennons' safety was Jose Perdomo, aka General San Genis, a survivor of the Bay of Pigs. The CIA kept him on to do jobs. He might have worked there years waiting. Who killed John Lennon? In my opinion George HW Bush, the new Vice President-elect. These were the forces swirling around Reagan. Reagan himself was shot in the chest. I believe George HW Bush tried to have Reagan assassinated so he would become President and start the New World Order, which is against our Constitution. They'd been working towards this from Nov.22, 1963 on. The sniveling, faggy, sensitive, all-welcoming man was just the opposite. A son of a Nazi.

None of these dead left-wing men died from natural causes. And that includes Congressman ® Sonny Bono, who was told by a private detective that the higher ups were trading in drugs from Southeast Asia. Sonny said he was going to bring it up soon as Congress convenes. He wound up dead from blunt head injuries, not a skiing accident.

Kathy C

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