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Mike Rago's " When Governor John Connally was wounded"

Mike Rago

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This thread should be deleted.

I did not create this thread. This thread was created by moderator Tom Scully. He put my name in the title of this thread and created the false impression that I started this thread.

He has no right to create a thread and put my name on it.

He is abusing his power.

If Tom Scully created this thread then Tom Scullys name should be on it.

It should be clear that Tom Scully is trying to harass and censor me.

Edited by Mike Rago
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I cannot reply to you anymore. Tom Scully has gone off the deep end again.

I read your article James.

And I brought attention to your theory.

That was my sole intention when I replied to your post.

There was no baiting and none of the crapola that Tom likes to accuse people of.

So there can be no more discussion of your theory by me.

Here is a link to toms crapola...


Edited by Mike Rago
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