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What is Robert Blakey referring to when he says he pointed to

Mike Rago

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Yes, I should have included Harold Feldman and Fred Cook in the original article. They will appear in the revised version. Several researchers have sent me detailed comments. I found those from Peter Dale Scott and G. Robert Blakey particularly helpful. Robert said: “I wish I had seen this article when I was chief counsel of the HSCA. It certainly explains the favorable media coverage, especially from the Times, we got when we debunked the critics, but the shock and disbelieve, when we pointed to guys behind the grassy knoll. Thanks for running it by me. Let’s see if you can get it published state’s side. I’ll bet you have to go to the UK or elsewhere in Europe. Keep me in the loop. I would print it word-for-word if I were the editor of a major outlet in this country, but then, again, I doubt that I will ever get that sort of position in this go-around in life.”

When he says he pointed to guys behind the grassy knoll?

I suspect that he is referring to the fact that he was the Chief Counsel for the HSCA and approved the finding of fact that a shot did come from the Grassy Knoll.

Of course, he tempered that finding with the qualification that the shot from the Knoll missed.

But I would like to know which "guys" he is talking about in his response to John Simikin in the above quoted text.

The HSCA convened between 1976 and 1979. Mr. Blakey was Chief Counsel from 1977 to 1979. Gary Mack did not discover his "Badgeman" until 1982.

So who are these "guys" Mr. Blakey is talking about?

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