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Kris Millegan of TrineDay Books interviewed on Black Ops Radio

Douglas Caddy

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Trine Day is, in my opinion, the most courageous publisher on the planet. I was on the research list with Kris and Daniel Hopsicker back in 1996, along with Catherine Austin Fitts and David Guyatt. I have since met all of them in person and feel they are among my closest friends. Also through Kris I have met Ed Haslam and Judyth Vary Baker and others, including Doug Caddy. Kris has amazing instincts about what truth is, and he's not afraid to publish it, even though he has had to defend his writers in two lawsuits, both of which he dug deep into his own pockets to litigate and eventually win. His integrity is unquestioned. After listening to the interview, it would be a good idea for listeners to review some of Kris' photos, which he put online a few years ago while promoting Butch Merritt's book about Watergate (written by Doug Caddy). Look first at

The Third Rail – Part Three

Then start at the beginning and follow Kris' outline of the history of drugs in the CIA and the Skull and Bones management of their revenue in the control of the government of the United States. These began with the overall title: Allegations regarding "Butch" Merritt, Watergate, Intelligence Agencies and "Crimson Rose." Doug, of course, posted these on the Education Forum back in March 2011.

Vol I begins here, and the indexes can be found starting here.

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