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Brian mckenna jfk documentaries?

Edwin Ortiz

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Guest Robert Morrow

I don't know where to get those documentaries, but Brian McKenna gave a super speech at JFK Lancer in 2010 where he said H.L. Hunt was behind the JFK assassination. I agree H.L. Hunt was involved.


JFK Lancer welcomes filmmaker Brian McKenna as the Keynote Speaker at the November In Dallas Conference Banquet Saturday, November 13, 2010. The event will be held Saturday night at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas.

McKenna has won a lifetime Gemini award from the Academy of Canadian Television. Canada's History Society awarded him its gold medal for his innovative ways of bringing history to television. He has three times been honored as Canada's top documentary filmmaker. His films are famous for being provocative, but grounded in profound research. His film on the Holocaust is honored with a place at Jerusalem's Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. His film on torturers was used by Amnesty International in their campaign against torture. His film on the CIA brainwashing project MK-Ultra won a Gold Medal for Investigative Journalism at the New York International Film Festival. He is the founding chairman of the Canadian Committee to Protect Journalists. He is a Penguin Books author. His film on the Second World War bombing campaign in Germany provoked a $500,000,000 lawsuit which he and his producers successfully defended against all the way to the Supreme court. McKenna has written and directed four documentaries on the JFK assassination broadcast in Canada on the nations's top investigative show, The Fifth Estate. The films were also seen around the world. Currently he is planning a 26 hour film series on the 1000 days of the JFK presidency."


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