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The role of the Mormon religion in Watergate

Douglas Caddy

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Peter Levanda is the author of a new book about the occult and Mormonism. Its title is “The Angel and the Sorcerer.”

Among the topics it covers is the role that Mormons played in the Watergate affair, the most notable person being Robert Bennett, the man chosen by the CIA to take over the Robert Mullen Company when Mullen retired. Bennett had long-standing ties to the CIA, which had employed Howard Hunt for most of his adult career. Hunt was working for the Mullen Company when the Watergate break-in was being planned and when the scandal broke. After the Mullen Company was exposed by Senator Howard Baker as being a front for the CIA, Bennett went to work for the Summa Corporation, which also was a CIA front. Later he was elected to the U.S. Senate, where his father had served during the Watergate scandal.

One of the longtime "public relations" clients of the Mullen Company was the Mormon Church. Robert Mullen was the author of a book about the Mormon religion.The CIA had a close relationship with the Mormon Church, which likely exists today.

The murky origins of both Watergate and the JFK assassination began when Nixon contacted Howard Hughes in June 1960 to undertake the assassination of Castro without the killing being connected to the U.S. Government. Hughes agreed to do so and at the time had surrounded himself with members of the Mormon faith.

Here is a link to Levenda’s new book:


Here is a link to the audio interview of Levanda on Dreamland on December 14, 2012. Although he doesn’t get into the discussion of Watergate in the audio program available free to the public, nevertheless his description of the founding of the Mormon religion is fascinating in itself and most worthwhile to listen to.


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