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The Evolving Frame of the Unofficial 50th by the Official 50th: Unless you help restore the true narrative!

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Unless you help restore the true narrative!

Hello. Do you know what projects are being undertaken to explain the significance of the assassination to new younger generations. So much is done to moat the wider historical significance from them, and turn it into triviality. If the 50th is without this component, it will be a disaster IMO. If it is merely seen as a visual battle in Dallas it will be a crushing defeat. I can already see that they are planning to frame it in terms of "Alex Jones Types" v. "The Left" etc.

While I personally could care less about these labels, it DOES MATTER because it will prevent millions from seeing the history accurately and the implications for today accurately.

Do you know of any people specifically interested in this angle?

To too many of us it seems absurd to NEED to explain the significance. It is absurd, but it is also necessary. This is because most of post WWII history has been entirely exterminated from public consciousness in current, fascist America. There is no sense whatsoever, of the EVOLUTION of the national security state.

If there is not an educational plan, and if the 50th just becomes an all the eggs in one basket One Day Media Event, it will fail dramatically, IMO, because we will be allowing the corporate eye to frame and win. The 50th must involve a massive educational effort to educate NEW People who DO NOT ALREADY UNDERSTAND ITS SIGNIFICANCE. This effort must place the assassination in an arc of post war history that ends in right now and explains it. Because the MSM is so profoundly compromised in the story of the assassination and coverup, any true counterattack must involve making the EYE itself (the MSM) the issue. This can only be done with a mass based internet plan with hubs serving as bases of operation.

Just to provoke discussion about what I mean here, i will say the following, possibly annoying thing on account of Im good at it:

I cannot understand anyone who can possibly take these current corporate elections , and Obama , the most efficient Republican president in the land right now, seriously.

I mean, how can you on the one hand have a coup d'etat be denied from the public as actionable intelligence, and at the same time act like elections 49 years later will change anything at all.

This disconnect amazes me.

It is a disservice to uncovering the political truth of the assassinations, because being serious about the assassinations importance while at the same time taking the fake elections literally represents a political double life which hides the importance of the political killings in the rightward turn of the democrats, which has facilitated our current one party, good cop bad cop corporate selections.

The Democratic party has moved right for 49 years in a row. Say it, or you are not helping anything.

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